PartnerTrack: Idea for onboarding & supporting partners, Broxus acts as an angel

I am looking for a team to implement this project. I need two people, one of them knows front-end development, the other back-end development and has team lead experience. Payment for work with tokens.

Purpose of the proposal:

Help future partners get the minimum financial support for the first steps. To increase the chance of receiving the full amount for the implementation of the entire proposal for Governance

The solution in brief
We are creating a new resource where future partners can receive community support through TON Crystal to implement the first steps of their projects, in order to receive a stake for the full implementation of their project from Governance based on their results.

Looks like a Kickstarter, but only to support our future partners!

What will happen

  1. A separate domain for quick implementation of mechanics and process automation:
    Voting, discussion, news from partners, pleasant and intuitive design, fresh information about what is happening on the platform, it is convenient to submit proposals and easy to read, all important information is always in sight

  2. Standardize the partnership proposal submission process:
    We implement a form on the domain for the step-by-step creation of an offer

  3. Encouraging community members to evaluate proposed partnerships:
    To do this, we give the participants the opportunity to vote for projects. Voting mechanism: you vote with a token, depending on the outcome of the vote, you get a vote bonus

  4. Provide promising partners with community support to speed up the passage of the assessment on Governance:
    By voting, a partner can collect the amount needed to implement the first step of his plan or mvp. Together with the amount, the partner is given a pdf document which indicates how many votes he received and from whom. This simplifies and speeds up the appraisal for the next round of investments and reduces the risks for the governess

    I already have an agreement with Broxus, they are ready to finance the project!

Please write your contacts and a link to your resume if you want to participate in the implementation of the idea. Or share the publication if you know those who will be interested in it. Thanks!

Now you can see the pages of the resource, so far this is not a clickable prototype, but you can see how the resource will look and what will be on it.
I will post the finished prototype soon!

Detailed solution description:


Partnership incubator with interaction with community, and 0 budget from community on first step. Just do it!


Good proposal! At this moment kickstarter as must to the further ecosystem development, fully support such idea!


There is no a VC fund at all in this proposal) And no need to use bad words

Отличная идея. Желаю скорейшего воплощения и поддержки.

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Спасибо всем, друзья!

Я так же в поиске разработчиков, чтобы превратить проект в жизнь. Пишите, если заинтересованы

Thanks everyone, friends!

I am also looking for developers to bring the project to life. Write if interested


Perfect concept, allows to get involved more freetoners into active community development, with due rewarding for their efforts


Hey there! Great initiative, concept and description are thoroughly done, many kudos to ya. I think this is a very important thing since the FT has chosen a path of partnerships. So that’s a huge part of our bright and abundant future =)))

Completely agree! How can we help you, @Margos ?


You have all my support :slightly_smiling_face:

Margo have taken this issue very responsively and attentively! As far as I know, she have conducted several consultations, expert evaluations which resulted in the development of a very attractive concept. I hope that this project will attract a very strong and decent team!

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With pleasure. Thank you for your opinion. Please write me @margosukh or tell me how can I contact you

Hello everyone! You are done with how the pages will look. So far, this is not a clickable prototype, but you can see how the resource will look and what will be on it.
I will post the finished prototype soon!


Hello everyone!
Development is in full swing.

I need your help :raised_hands: I am looking for a lawyer to help describe the privacy and cookie policy.
Please write to me in telegram if you can help @margosukh

Всем привет!
Разработка идёт полным ходом)

Мне нужна ваша помощь. Я ищу юриста, который поможет описать политику конфиденциальности и куки, для ресурса
Пожалуйста, напишите мне в телегу, если можете помочь @margosukh


I assume that the resource will be ready in the second half of February.

In the first step, the resource will have only the necessary features:

  1. Ability to create and publicize projects using a convenient form
  2. Ability to view all existing projects and support any of them, except one you created yourself
  3. Creators will be able to write about the help they need from the community. For example, they can look for a translator or developer. For this sort of information, we create a separate section for each project
  4. You can track projects to see if they have community support
  5. In your profile settings, you can set up notifications or subscribe for weekly news from the resource

We already have done:

  1. Home page, where you can view all projects

  2. A page for separate project: how it will look like

  3. Authorization on the resource

We are currently developing a personal account, privacy policy and feedback forms.

I really need lawyers who will help with the correct writing of the privacy policy

Thank you for your attention, love you)


Looks like something interesting is coming soon)


Awesome tool! I think it will be useful!!!


Идея хорошая, нужно поддержать!


Good Idea :+1: useful for…


Good Idea for all FreeTON


Good idea! I fully support :pray:t3: