«Mafia Free TON» game

Short description:

Every week or 3-5 days run a «Mafia FT» game in text format in the special group in Telegram. I will be the host.


Regular event.


Increase the number of active users and attract new ones by this game.

Rules of the game:

For each game, the host creates separate groups in Telegram: one for all players and one for mafia. Mafia’s group is called «Mafia Conference».

At the start of the game the host gives players the roles by random and writes to each of player.

All players have a vote, and the roles (mafia, policeman, doctor, killer) have one additional vote.

One game day is equal to one real day, from morning to 00:00 Moscow time, players discuss in the group and pass votes to the host in Telegram. If the player does not have time to pass the vote(s), then he dies automatically and is eliminated from the game.

It is forbidden in the chat:

  • Send screenshots, forwarded messages from the chat with the host;

  • Communicate on topics other than the game;

Victory conditions:

Civilians win if all the mafia members and the killer are killed.

The mafia wins if their number is not less than or equal to the number of civilians and the killer is killed.

The killer wins if he is left alone with any other player.

Role properties:

There are 13 players in total: 4 mafia, 8 civilians (6 ordinary civilians, 1 policeman, 1 doctor) and 1 killer (a killer for himself, he is not a civilian and not a mafia).

The ordinary civilian has 1 vote, which he gives for hanging one of the players (for whom, he decides himself, but it is better to proceed from discussions in the general chat).

Mafia - 2 votes, the first of them he gives for hanging as an ordinary civilian, and the second vote as mafia (the mafia in the «Mafia Conference» decides who to kill at night).

The policeman - 2 votes, the first of them he gives for hanging as an ordinary civilian, and by the second vote checks one of the players, and the next day he finds out whether the one checked was the mafia, civilian or a killer, but all the other players do not recognize the nickname of the checked one, only the policeman knows it. If a policeman checks the mafia, then he (the policeman) kills him.

The doctor - 2 votes, the first of them he gives for hanging as an ordinary civilian, and by the second vote he heals one of the players, if the mafia or killer wants to kill the healed one on the same night, then he will be healed and saved, respectively, will not be killed. A doctor cannot heal the same player or himself for two days in a row.

The killer - 2 votes, the first of them he gives for hanging as an ordinary civilian, and by the second vote kills one of the players.

Votes should be sent in this way to the host:

Ordinary civilian:

Hang @


Hang @
Check @


Hang @
Heal @


Hang @
To kill @


Hang @
To kill @

Financial part of the game:

Winner’s team will receive 30+ TON to each player.

The killer will receive 60 TON for a win.

The host will receive 100 TON for hosting one game.


Идея подобной игры неплохая, но навряд ли это возможно будет нормально организовать. В идеале это должен быть игрвой telegram бот в одной из групп Free TON.

The idea of such a game is not bad, but it will hardly be possible to organize it properly. Ideally, this should be a playable telegram bot in one of the Free TON groups!

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Игру буду проводить я, а для начала, мы можем провести тестовую игру.

Бот для игры в мафию в телеграме уже есть, но в нём игры проходят слишком быстро, а наша игра будет проходить несколько дней.

Я создал группу в телеграм для обсуждения игры. (Оцените аватарку😁)

Proposal for eSport Sub-governance. They have already launched this kind of activity. Find out the effect.

Если у них реализация другая, то это предложение будет уникальным.

Grigoriy is right, this is more related to e-sports.
If someone has a desire to organizing in offline, I can provide a free location in Moscow City.


Вы один из представителей eSports, да, это предложение можно отнести к этому.

Вы сами как думаете насчёт идеи или она не нова?

I like your ideas :+1: This and Contest proposal: Soundtrack for Free TON

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I am not a representative of eSports SG. The main thing is to have an audience.

It’s just the best option. Can transfer to their SG?

The idea of this game is not a competition, it’s a chill and relax for players.

And also an increasing the new users in Free TON.

I think, this game should be an independent event.

Move to eSports.

Contest proposal? But this proposal is not a contest, it’s a regular event for every week/weeks.

Набираем 13 игроков для тестовой игры, чат сверху☝️

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Let’s play! ) it should be interesting!

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The topic is updated.

The first test game is finished.

The results:

  • We have played for 3 days.

  • 12 players have played this game.

  • More than 900 messages are written in the gaming group and 200 messages in the discussion group.

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Thank you so much @aristotel for having a good time with other community members.

The game was held at the highest level. I believe that such games bring freetoners closer together and give them an opportunity to take a break from work.

I think that this game should continue and in this regard, I believe that the game should be funded to motivate the hosts and players.

Once again, thank you all for playing!


Мне нравится эта идея, в игровой форме продвигать FT. Мало у кого есть позитивные игровые проекты! А тут еще и очень неплохое предложение в виде мафии, да еще и с админом. Поддерживаю!



Idea is cool! Support and would like to join! Look, there is a free location in Moscow)) Can u organize it?

I think that we can make a request from eSports sub-g for this game, why not?