Initial members research and Main Governance proposal

On behalf of Ton Alliance we wanted to thank @Platon for the amazing job on tonswap research

All of the initial members of ton alliance are in effective communications with other initial members regarding moving to a new super exciting phase of FreeTON with new rust validator node and its ground-breaking speeds and scalability potential shown on the testnet, new approach to consensus and governance, more defi, nft and other types of projects launching in the ecosystem, coming listings on coinmarketcap and binance, new wallet integrations and many other exciting things to come.

But unfortunately as we can see, not all the initial members are active participants in this coming phase and probably some are already tired and want to quit. At the same time we see many governance and institutional players bringing a lot of value and adoption to the network and ecosystem despite being part of the initial governance, but who seek for a deeper participation in the future of FreeTON.

Thus Ton Alliance proposal is to ask Platon make a similar research on the work of initial members. Based on this research we propose to make a new Main Governance, including those who actively participated in the development of FreeTON, excluding those who failed for some reason to contribute to the network and adding those who on the contrary helped the network adoption despite being the initial member. Moreover we’d like to establish more clear rules for the next inclusions and exclusions to the main governance and get rid of the initial governance as it would serve no purpose anymore.

P.S. We are of aware of going to SMV contracts and governance 2.0 phase but to have better traction before we reach this crucial point, we’d like to make some changes now. And at this time we can’t say for sure that there won’t be elections for initial and other governances when Governance 2.0, so having a list of active initial members might be a nice thing to have when the transition happens.


Brave initiative that makes a lot of sense

предстоящие листинги на coinmarketcap и binance - когда ? )))

working, mate. It’s one of a hell binance monopoly to break through but it seems we found the way and are on the finish line.

Great idea! The ecosystem evolves and demands to get rid of everything that slows down this development.

На coinmarketcap уже залистены)! А на Binance сразуже как Чанпен Чжао зарегается на форуме Free TON и опубликует предложение о партерстве)!

На coinmarketcap не верное отображение, нужна правильная капа, про зарегится на форуме тоже хорошей дело

yeah you are right, I mean getting the rating and correct market cap on coinmarketcap

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are negotiations under way with binance?

Better not ask such question, not to get answer. it is a top reason not to get listed

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Hello everyone! In this research, we have provided only the most objective information. We have a lot of additional information, clarifications and tasks that require more in-depth study. And perhaps we will publish it later. But it seems to us that this will not affect the overall picture much. According to our data, at least 8 of the 23 Initial Members did not actually bring any Value to the Free TON network.


Where did these guys get such a large number of tokens? (2-5 million)

Ordinary participants (who have 5-20k tokens behind their backs) do a lot of work from 24/7 to popularize the Free TON and strengthen the crystal course. It turns out that we are helping these guys to unload the crystals more profitably. Ehh. :confused:


What does a negative 3 million mean for CEX.IO? Contribution?

Yes, but more research is being done there. This result is associated with the mixing of the assets of this initial and their exchange.

great job, thanks once again! I still think it’s up to majority of initial members (and later to all ton holders via SMV) to decide whose gonna move to the new governance but the research would be very helpful in making balanced decision.


Platon, thank you for your research work. Very useful for the community.

Why we need main governance at all?

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The main governance should be governed unanimously by all other sub-governances.
The community can draft rules for the functioning of the main governance.

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agree, that’s the final goal, but to reach that goal we need temporary main governance. And I suppose even when we move fully to DGO 2.0 there will be elections of delegates as in real life, because people can’t participate in all activities at once but can delegate their votes to other active members.

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Sure. I agree. Change is inevitable. Growth must be accompanied by change. I support.