Improvement suggestion. Concealed submission of applications for contests

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Short description
Add a mechanism to the contests that will prohibit viewing applications until the end of the competition
Improvement suggestion
What for
Contests are events on a competitive basis.
Therefore, many participants want to get an advantage by filing a bid at the end, having previously studied the bids of their rivals.
The dumbest people use the copy / paste method.
But other participants (who are more cunning) use completely or partially other people’s ideas, but do so using different words.
And this is not fair.
Before submitting an application, I study the work of other participants.
Next, I select ideas that I like. Then I add something from myself, combine it into a bright mix and make a beautiful design. I am the winners) easy katka
Or for someone it will be clearer: you write the test, you are smart and know the answers. But the guy who sits behind you isn’t stupid but doesn’t waste time learning. But he is tall and sees your answers. -only in this case you both get good marks, and not only him. In competitions, “good grades” have a limit.
Solution ways.
1)so that all competitions are held in secret: participants submit applications, applications are visible, but you cannot see the content before voting
2)Divide contests into open and closed:
-Surely there are contests in which it is impossible to steal an idea - they can be held openly.
-Contests in which participants can use someone else’s idea - let them be held in a closed type
3)Do it voluntarily: if a person thinks that his idea is very good and unique and can be used by someone - let him hide the content (the application for the contest is visible, but the content can be seen when the application process is over and the voting process begins)
Positive points:

  • no one steals unique ideas
  • Participants do not need to wait the last hour to submit their version
  • The jury, when considering, does not need to divert attention to looking for unscrupulous participants.
    Negative points
    As I understand it, an open system should ensure the transparency of the contests. But such a system has a big drawback (the actual reason for the proposal).
    Therefore, I believe that if the content of the applications will be open for public review when the admission is over, then this is enough for transparency.
    Well, if there are several applications with the same ideas, then the first, or the most complete (at the discretion of the jury) will win, but here you can no longer accuse anyone of stealing.
    I’m submitting this proposal to the community. Therefore, if you are not indifferent, be sure to comment, express your thoughts on this matter. Maybe I’m wrong about something, and maybe a closed system has even more reasons to vote for it

Полностью поддерживаю !

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This is a good idea.

But proposals may require additional discussion. This will take additional time.

I think if there are similar ideas in proposals, then the proposal that was submitted earlier should have a higher priority.

But that shouldn’t be the deciding factor. Since a later offer can be better and of higher quality.

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We can close the public viewing of works until the deadline for accepting submissions.
And after the deadline, will make them public and give some time for discussion before voting.


But most likely it will require significant changes in govermens


Everything takes the right shape over time )