Global Community Sub-Governance closure

Global Community Sub-Governance was originally created by an initiative group of people to conduct a series of marketing activities for the global promotion of the Free TON project (now Everscale).

Sub-Governance successfully completed the first phase of approved plan back in January-February 2021, after which progress report were published and plan for the second phase, which was also approved for implementation.

Second phase included a number of announced events that yielded an influx of new community participants. The results of the Phase II contests can be found at these links:

#7 Renewal Contest: Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 1: Ambassadors Selection)

#8 Contest: Free TON goes to TikTok

#9 [Contest] Free TON Activity and Support on Forums (Stage 2)

#13 [RENEWAL] Free TON Activity and Support on Forums (Stage 2)

#15 Continuous Contest: Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 2: Program Implementation)

#16 [RENEWAL] Free TON Activity and Support on Forums (Stage 2): 14.08.-14.09.

#17 Continuous Contest: Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 2: Program Implementation - 2)

Our last Phase II contest ended in December, which was outside the scope of the previously approved contest plan, but it was requested by the participants themselves, and through a general discussion it was decided to extend the deadline.

However, at this point, we have come to the realization that with our current lineup we can no longer benefit Everscale project as a Sub-Governance, and therefore, it has been decided to disband the Sub-Governance completely, with returning remaining funds in the multisig to the main giver.

We thank the Everscale community for supporting and working together, it has been an exciting adventure and we are sure there are more achievements to come!

Most of our Sub-Governance members will be actively following and participating in the development of the project, but no longer as members of the Everscale Global Community Sub-Governance, but as members of the Everscale community.