Garantex Partnership Proposal for Free TON


Garantex is a simple and straightforward way to buy cryptocurrency using a bank card. We have made the most convenient service, removing everything that can take your time. Moreover, all payments are protected by all standards of the world’s leading payment systems.

Garantex on web and

Knowledge center in Russian:

User base is ~ 10 000

Trading volume ~ $5 000 000/day


We propose to:

  1. Promote TON Crystal to our users. We’ve integrated Free TON to our system and are ready for marketing initiatives.

  2. Traders reward program

  3. Advertising initiative

  4. Affiliate/cashback program for our users

  5. Targeted Free TON airdrop

Token request

150 000 :gem:, upfront:

  1. Traders reward program:
  • 40 000 :gem:
  1. Advertising initiative:
  • 30 000 :gem:
  1. Affiliate/cashback program:
  • 60 000 :gem:
  1. Implementation expenses:
  • 20 000 :gem:

Implementation plan

  1. Traders reward program

We’re going to start a TON Crystal trading event. Event will last for 10 weeks.
Top TON buyers will get rewards each week:

  1. 1 500 :gem:
  2. 1 000 :gem:
  3. 700 :gem:
  4. 500 :gem:
  5. 300 :gem:

We will count only withdrawn TONs

  1. Advertising initiative

Consists of three components:

  • main page banner, announcing TON for 2 weeks
  • additional coloring of TON trading pair for 1 month
  • surf page in help sources
  1. Affiliate/cashback programs
  • Affiliate program. For every invited user with trade not less than $100 in any currency for next two weeks, inviter will get 4 :gem:. Invited user will get 1 :gem:.
    Total budget is 20 000 :gem:
  • Limited cashback program. 1 :gem: for every 200$ purchase. Not more than 5 tokens per account.
    Total budget is 40 000 :gem:

These programs will last until the last token is distributed.


  • 5 000 new Free TON users (addresses) through affiliate/cashback program

A user can be considered active for at least one transaction from Garantex’s sender address to an unactivated (yet) address and any other transaction from/to new address.

GEO: mostly EMEA

Additional reward

  • Extra 15 000 :gem: for every 5 000 new users. Until: 200 000 users or 600 000 :gem:
  • Proof is transaction from Garantex exchange to new account

If accepted, Garantex wallet address for token distribution:



Good. It’s market have pairs USDT\BTC\RUB\UAH\DAI and OTC platform for p2p trading. Good way for cash and OTC traders over the world.

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Sorry for questions, but:

  • what you mean about “simple exchange”? Not have many pairs?
  • and “not unique” ? Its unique exchange with OTC platform for cash\fiat RUB\UAH + USD now
    And have real persons whom cash over the world. What about chatex, whom have p2p low vol then garantex ofc.
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Giving TONs to an exchange to be distributed among its own userbases looks like Free TON supports and promotes that exchange, mostly. Sorry, but its my opinion not only about your partnership proposal. We need some partners who bring values to Free TON in response to the budget requested.

CEX.IO: Free TON Partnership Proposal.

P.S. I was surprised when I realized that this proposal has got its first support from a user who had joint 3 days ago. For sure, it is free and every user can express his/her opinion. But for such an important section (partner things) we should behave more carefully and being suspicious sounds OK to me.

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Is this domain still under development?
Links to social networks don’t work. The IOS app doesn’t download.

Its domain just for fiat rub gate, yes its under development. All exchange on main domain with p2p OTC and markets with 0.1 commisions

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Note: Don’t fall in these types of proposals more, which are really much harmful for Free TON community as well as for our aim of decentralisation. Budget is most important thing and even community can use these types of budget more effectively and efficiently to promote Free TON.

Alternate: Community-powered campaign for more user-adoption.

I think every active user of Free TON can also made a proposal for growing active userbase.
These types of parterships doesn’t work well as we think for but trusting current active community can fulfill Free TON Userbase requirement very easily and even in no time.
If we want to grow active userbase even within a limited budget, then please try to understand this proposal that can made the community much alive as well as activate new users just after their joining.


@india, of course I am sorry, but I think that this way it will not work to attract attention of the community. You are undoubtedly enthusiastic, but spam will not help matters. I think every active participant has already seen your message - there is no point in publishing it multiple times.

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Then tell me how you understood this proposal and what may happen if it will be implemented.

I’m very surprised about community vision towards Free TON userbase. Everyone here is have a greed for TON Crystals not love for TON Crystals.

Userbase of FreeTON is something which may empower voice of community and also an important drug for decentralisation.
Some community members already raised questions regarding available option for average user to stay in community.
Without more active community members there are bright chances of market bleed, everyone should be aware about market statistics too.

Large request for tokens for the exchanger. Do you plan to issue crypto cards? So that people can pay with cryptocurrency, and not just buy it

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Crypto Cards and Crypto ATMs are the future in which community beleive , but Free TON is in its nascent stage of developing and all integrations with various services can’t be done overnight.
Hope community will do it for different services adoption campaign leading by merchants accepting TON for their products and services.

Each community has its own unrique users. It is fo the sake of unique users and community expansion that all proposals are created. Therefore, I consider this proposal appropriate and the requested number of tones is not large

Good evening!

It’s not just spending\wasting. The main goal is to add value to Free TON with our userbase.
To achieve it, it would be great to add additional attractiveness to the new pairs with TON Crystal.

We know, that Free TON community is against listings, but everything goes better with affiliate programs. Listing will happen anyway.

15.000 TON for 5.000 users (3 TON\user) is cheaper than accepted proposal from Chatex: 40.000 tokens for 10.000 new users (4 TON\user)


Good evening.

It’s about active users. We include in KPI users, who send tokens from exchanger to unactivated before account. Sometimes there is no need to have an account outside exchanger for trading certain pair. So it’s a challenge for us.


It’s not a 1-day nor next day program. Planning of such things in advance - good choice. Add more flexibility to traders, holders is a great opportunity to all of us.

Validators are almost in mainnet: already more than 150. So everything in Free TON goes very well!

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Is there a way to provide proofs about userbase and trade volume?

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We can publicly share only GA screens.

Share admin view screen with latest added users with:

  • users IDs
  • hidden personal system IDs
  • cropped e-mail addresses
    Only to well known persons privately: @Roman_D @XLR25t

Trade volume will become visible to everyone; we are in stage of connecting to CMC; we cannot share screens until that moment.

Additional updated bilingual info

Garantex cryptocurrency exchange - Estonia licensed, largest in Russia.

The key feature of Garantex is the ability to deposit and withdraw the balance without commission using cash. Our own offices operate in Moscow and St. Petersburg, partners’ offices - in the regions of Russia, Ukraine and around the world.

The Garantex user base is more than 10,000 people, the trading volume is $ 10,000,000/day.

Garantex features:

• Deposit and withdrawal of cash without commission

• Fiat currencies - RUB, USD, UAH. Cryptocurrencies - USDT, BTC, ETH, DAI, TON, TRX

• Fee 0.1-0.2% per trade

• Fiat withdrawal to Russian bank cards without restrictions

• Any ways to replenish the balance through the OTC platform of the exchange, transactions are protected

• Referral program 33% of attracted clients

• Favorable conditions for arbitrage and earnings on exchange codes

• Complete API for integration


Official telegram group: @garantex_io

Support in carts: @garantexbot


Knowledge Center:

Phones: +7 495 292-00-00 / +372 634-62-85

Биржа криптовалют Garantex – Лицензированная Эстонией, крупнейшая в России.

Ключевой особенностью Garantex является возможность пополнения и вывода баланса без комиссии с помощью наличных средств. Собственные офисы работают в Москве и Санкт-Петербурге, офисы партнеров - в регионах России, Украины и по всему миру.

Пользовательская база Garantex – более 10 000 человек, объём торгов - $10 000 000/день.

Возможности Garantex:

• Пополнение и вывод наличных без комиссии

• Фиатные валюты - RUB, USD, UAH. Криптовалюты - USDT, BTC, ETH, DAI, TON, TRX

• Комиссия 0.1-0.2% за сделку

• Вывод фиата на карты российских банков без ограничений

• Любые способы пополнения баланса через ОТС-площадку биржи, сделки защищены

• Реферальная программа 33% от привлеченных клиентов

• Выгодные условия для арбитража и заработка на кодах биржи

• Полноценный API для интеграции


Официальная группа в телеграм: @garantex_io

Поддержка в телегам: @garantexbot


Центр знаний:

Телефоны: +7 495 292-00-00 / +372 634-62-85


3 ton/user otc exchange is ok. what is the volume is another question


You are right. So why we should pay for it? If Free TON is different from other usual cryptocurrencies, exchanges will finally list it for free and we don’t need to pay for every single exchange to list TON crystals.

Distributing really free (not Free) TONs among your userbase has value for you. You will earn more users and your already users will be more happy with you. It is like you are giving your user a gift for free (for both you and your userbase). Good for you, but what will come to Free TON?


Unfortunately, I don’t see the benefits of this partnership.
This is beneficial only to speculators (10,000 people).
Media and news coverage is minimal.