GalaxyOnline Partnership Proposal

Galaxy Online Partnership proposal to Free TON

Hello everyone!

Can you imagine a free online game where each game race is a separate blockchain, and all the players of this race are the community of this blockchain? At the same time, each race has its own galaxies, corporations, clans, alliances, space stations, and plays under the flag of its own blockchain?

And also a game in which the player can earn cryptocurrency from different blockchains just by playing?

Or one where there is a united Galactic Market where players trade all the game values among themselves for cryptocurrency using a market model based on supply and demand?

Then meet us!

Russian video trailer

Galaxy Online is a grandiose space MMO strategy with a huge universe consisting of many galaxies, with ruthless battles between players of different races for dominance over the planets and rich territories of space

The unique feature of the game is a multi-chain. Every game race is a real blockchain connected to the game, and the players of the race are the community of said blockchain. At the same time, players of all races interact within a single game universe, creating new galaxies as they develop.

Players can: capture planets, build planets, extract minerals, upgrade skills and technologies, build fleets, trade with other players, wage wars, hold blockades of planets and Space Stations, plunder planets and caravans, play together in Corporations, Clans and Alliances.

In addition to the engaing gameplay, players have the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency from different blockchains without investment, just by playing!

Main project components

:jigsaw: A single game world for all players:

  • :alien: 2 races (blockchains: Minter and Tron, Free TON will be added after the partnership is signed ). It is planned to connect more than 10 races: Free TON, Ethereum, Cosmos, Waves, and dozens of other blockchains.
  • :star2: more than 13 galaxies, 50K planets and stars. Galaxies are created by players and their number is growing.
  • :ringer_planet: 7 types and 3 sizes of planets.
  • :pick: 8 types of minerals, technical drawings and modules.
  • :building_construction: 10 types of buildings, 30 upgrade levels.
  • :flying_saucer: 8 classes of ships.
  • :balance_scale: Corporations, Clans and Alliances.

:jigsaw: Strong market economy:

  • :shopping_cart: United game market. Exchange and sales of in-game valuables between the players themselves
  • :+1: 2-level Referral system that gives bonuses to both referrals and referrals.
  • :moneybag: Free game with the ability to earn cryptocurrency just by playing!

KPI (initial commitment)

What can a partnership with Galaxy Online give Free TON?

A new project in the Free TON ecosystem, which aims to continuously and gradually increase the number of Free TON user via the game shell by attracting:

  1. Users of other blockchains: Minter, Tron (and in the future: Ethereum, Cosmos, Waves, Polkadot, Ripple, Monero and dozens of other blockchains).

  2. Crypto enthusiasts using the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT, ETH, and hundreds of other tokens.

  3. Members of crypto communities and crypto bloggers.

  4. Crypto exchanges traders.

  5. Players who don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Tools for achieving the goal:

  1. Connecting new races (blockchains) to the game is a direct involvement of their community in the game.
  2. Creating new corporations in the game (related to crypto communities, crypto exchanges, crypto bloggers) is a direct involvement of their community in the game.
  3. Creating game quests with rewards for completing them in TON Crystal tokens and game valuables (Solarium) using a smart contract on Free TON.
  4. Mandatory familiarization of players of other races (blockchains) with Free TON and the need to create an account in Free TON for crediting TON Crystal tokens received upon successful completion of game quests.

Obligations that we undertake in the framework of the partnership, according to Stage 1 (Initial integration):

  1. Creating a new Free TON race and base galaxy in the game.
  2. Improvement of the current game economics specifically for the initial stage of integration.
  3. Initial integration of Free TON for easy registration/authorization of Free TON users in the game.
  4. Addition of TON Crystal tokens to the Galactic Market for trading with players of other races (blockchains).
  5. Writing a smart contract that will generate and give out daily rewards in TON Crystal for completing quests in the game.
  6. Increase the gaming community and popularization of Free TON technologies and TON Crystal tokens via the game.
  7. Publishing weekly progress reports for the Free TON community.

How many players do we expect in 2021? This is difficult to predict, but we can say one thing, we are targeting hundreds of thousands of active users of dozens of blockchains!

What do we have today?

:white_check_mark: The game is 11 months old, and it is already in the stage of OBT (open beta testing).
:white_check_mark: There are about 1,400 beta testers in total, and more than 800 active beta testers today.
:white_check_mark: The game already has 2 races based on connected blockchains: Minter and Tron
:white_check_mark: The game already has 13 galaxies, 10 of which were purchased by Corporations. The cost of one Corporation is 1400 USDT
:white_check_mark: Bonus payments issued to beta testers for all time amount to more than 10K USDT
:white_check_mark: More than 100k USDT invested in development

The game will not be reset and beta testers rightfully have tangible advantages over players after launching the game in production due to almost 11 months of rebuilding, testing, and balancing game mechanics and economics.

Why haven’t we launched massive advertising so far?

  1. We believe that the right way to develop is to first make a high-quality finished product, which the current 1400 players are enough to test.
  2. We consider it important to start a large-scale advertising campaign only after the game is released from Beta status.

Token allocation

- Stage 1. The initial token request: 39 000 TON Crystal:

1. 10,000 TON Crystal - Initial integration works described in KPI for 2 months.

2. 8,000 TON Crystal - advertising expenses for 2 months.

  • Tokens use: TON Crystal will be used gradually, and the emphasis will not be on paying for advertising to bloggers and owners of crypto communities themselves, but mainly on a barter scheme: a blogger publishes ads, and TON Crystals allocated to him go to his subscribers as rewards and are distributed in small amounts among a large number of people.

  • Reporting: At the end of Phase 1, a detailed report on the use of funds will be provided to the Free TON community.

3. 3,000 TON Crystal - for bug reports and rewards for testing.

  • Tokens use: encouraging programmers among players to search for bugs and vulnerabilities, help in testing game mechanics on the PTA server, etc. If the tokens are not fully used at the end of Stage 1, then they go to item 2 (advertising expenses) and item 4 (the game Airdrop Fund).

  • Reporting: At the end of Phase 1, a detailed report on the use of funds will be provided to the Free TON community.

4. 18,000 TON Crystal - the game Airdrop Fund for 2 months.

  • Tokens use: daily generation of gaming quests, completing which the player will get a virtual TON Crystal token that the player should eventually be able to take to a Space Station (but he may be robbed by other players) and process it on the SS so that the virtual TON Crystal token is destroyed in-game and its real equivalent in TON Crystal is credited to the balance of the player’s account with the possibility to use it on the Galactic Market or to withdraw to player’s wallet linked to the game.

  • Distribution: prize pool of 300 TON Crystal tokens every day.

  • Reporting: public, based on Free TON transactions.

Stage 1 - reporting: Publishing weekly progress reports for the Free TON community.

- Stage 2. At the end of Stage 1 and reporting to the Free TON community, based on the effect of the work done, tasks, goals and KPIs for Stage 2 will be formulated and additional TON Crystal tokens will be requested for the next Stage 2.

Motivation & Goals

The game’s new economics (described below) is specifically tailored to a partnership with Free TON. Players who complete quests in-game and receive TON Crystal tokens can use them in-game (purchase valuables for them on the united game market) or withdraw them to their personal wallets. However, the player, in addition to his main wallet of his native race (another blockchain), must create and link a Free TON wallet (Surf Communicator) to his account. Thus, all current players and all subsequent players of other races (blockchains) will be required to familiarize themselves with the Free TON blockchain through the game.


Localization in the new markets, so that more countries will learn about it and, accordingly, interest in Free TON will increase. We plan to implement the project in Chinese, Korean, French, German and other languages.

Other game features

We plan to gradually and constantly connect more and more blockchains to the game. And connecting every new blockchain means bringing a part of its community into the game, which members gets acquainted with players of other blockchains and the blockchain technologies, including Free TON.

About the team

Today, blockchain games are one of the fastest-growing segments of the gaming industry in the world, and our team is focused on creating a high-quality advanced space MMO strategy.

We are a young and strong team, and we have a vision of how the Galaxy Online project will develop, and where we will be in a year.

Every team member has a rich experience of working with various HI-Load projects for at least 5 years, such as a federal-level news aggregator, a high-turnover tender platform, servers, the largest regional call center and many other projects.

Game resources

:link: Official website -
:link: Video clip in English -
:link: Video clip in Russian -
:link: English chat - @GalaxyOnline_en
:link: Russian chat - @GalaxyOnline_ru
:link: English Channel - @GalaxyOnline_news_en
:link: Russian news channel - @GalaxyOnline_news_ru
:link: Roadmap
:link: Guides for the game
:link: How to play?
:link: Galactic Market
:link: Fan club of the game


Our ultimate goal is to build the game entirely on the Free TON blockchain. Make the game so that the player does not even suspect that there is a blockchain under the hood and does not have to know all the details of working with the blockchain as a technology. If you can sign up to the game with one click (e.g. by linking Telegram ID) and play immediately play, while TON Crystal tokens received in-game you will be able to withdraw not only to the crypto-wallet but to your card in fiat in one click (using built-in payment gateway), then the game is totally fair and transparent, and we potentially get the entire global gaming market and not just a small part of players who are familiar with blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies.

Starting from November 7, the Free TON community will have its own race and the race’s base galaxy, where members of the community will be able to start playing under the Free TON flag, and starting from the date of the offer publication, everyone in the community will be able to start playing in the Galaxy Online training Academy and form their future corporations. Upon graduation from the Academy, players should send us their nickname, after that, we will be able to export player accounts to the galaxy of the Free Ton race, where players will be able to build and master the base galaxy of their race.

:rocket: To connect to the “Galaxy Online Academy” game mode and start playing, follow the link - registration does not require submitting email and wallet.

Important! The player must come up with a username and password and save it in a safe place, if you lose your account data, it is impossible to restore it! In the future, after integrating account registration in the Free TON blockchain, players will be able to change the password and re-link their account independently and at any time.

:moneybag: :shopping_cart: The Galaxy Online Economics

Galactic Bank is a center for issuing Credits (stablecoins), where Credits are issued and burned, and funds for backing Credits by USDT are stored.

Credits - in-game currency for making transactions in the Galactic Market. 1 Loan = 1 USDT with 100% collateral and liquidity. Credits are linked to the player’s account and cannot be robbed in the game. Credits can be fractional with 5 decimal places. All products on the Galactic Market can only be bought and sold with Credits.

Galactic Market is a game store where players can use Credits to buy/sell in-game valuables (Energy/Solarium/ships/modules/planets/accounts) to other players or buy in-game valuables (Points/Corporations/Clans/Space Stations/Transfer of Space Stations) from the team.

Read a detailed description of the game economy

On the Galactic Market, you can always see the number of Credits issued in circulation and their collateral in USDT.

Issuance, circulation, backing, and burning of Credits

Credits can only be purchased in the Galactic Bank for USDT only at the price of 1.1 USDT (10% fee goes to the development of the game). The Galactic Bank issues X Credits for the purchased amount of USDT (excluding the 10% fee).

Any player can instantly hand over Credits for USDT at any time (at the rate of 1 Credit = 1 USDT), while the deposited Credits are burned, and their collateral in USDT is transferred to the player’s balance with the possibility of withdrawal to their linked USDT wallet.

All in-game valuables (from the team or other players) can be purchased on the Galactic market only for Credits:

The team has Points, Corporations, Clans, Space Stations, and Space Staion transfer to another star to offer.

When a purchase is made from the team, Credits are burned, and their USDT collateral is withdrawn from the Galactic Bank to the team’s account for project development.

Players trade Energy, Solarium, ships, modules, planets, and accounts.

When buying from other players, the seller is charged a fee of 10% in Credits, which are divided into 2 parts of 5%:

  • 5% of Credits are burned, and their USDT collateral is withdrawn from the Galactic Bank to the team’s account for project development.

  • 5% of Credits are credited to the Airdrop Fund.

Players can exchange USDT/BIP/TRX/TON Crystal/Credits with other players at their own set prices without any exchange rate limits. The exchange is carried out instantly, without fees, with transfers of tokens between the game accounts of users and with the ability to withdraw tokens to wallets linked to the account at any time. For withdrawing tokens, a fee is charged to cover the transaction, which is individual for every blockchain.

Let’s imagine the following in the game:
Galactic Bank = 0 Credits (0 USDT). Airdrop Fund = 0 Credits (0 USDT).
2 purchases were made:
Player A bought 100 Credits for 110 USDT (10 USDT - the fee used for game development)
Player B has bought 50 Credits for 55 USDT (5 USDT - the fee used for game development)
Then the Galactic Bank received 150 USDT, and the development fund took 15 USDT. As a result, the indicator will show that
In the game: Galactic Bank = 150 Credits (150 USDT). Airdrop Fund = 0 Credits (0 USDT).
Player A (who has 100 Credits) bought 10 Credits worth of ships from player B.
In total in the game will remain: 140 Credits secured with 140 USDT:
0.5 Credit will be burned, and 0.5 USDT will be removed as a fee for game development
0.5 Credit backed with 0.5 USDT will go to the Airdrop Fund
Credit ownership will be reallocated:
Player A = 90 Credits, Player B = 50 Credits, Player C = 9 Credits
In the game: Galactic Bank = 149 Credits (149 USDT). Airdrop Fund = 0.5 Credits (0.5 USDT)
Player A (who has 90 Credits) bought Points worth 10 Credits. 10 Credits will be burned, and their collateral in the form of 10 USDT will be withdrawn from the Galactic Bank for the development of the game.
Ownership of the Loans will be:
Player A = 80 Credits, Player B = 50 Credits, Player C = 9 Credits
In total in the game will remain:
Galactic Bank = 139 Credits (139 USDT). Airdrop Fund = 0.5 Credits (0.5 USDT)
Player A (who has 80 Credits) decided to withdraw 10 Credits. 10 Credits will be burned and their security in the form of 10 USDT will be withdrawn from the Galactic Bank to the player’s wallet linked to the game.
Ownership of the Loans will be:
Player A = 70 Credits, Player B = 50 Credits, Player C = 9 Credits
In total in the game will remain:
Galactic Bank = 129 Credits (129 USDT). Airdrop Fund = 0.5 Credits (0.5 USDT)

Airdrop Foundation

The Airdrop Fund is a daily Bank formed from Solarium and various free tokens (BIP-TRX-TON Crystal-Loans) which is dropped once a day on random stars in all galaxies in the form of virtual tokens for PvE quests and is available for players to take them when completing quests.

The Airdrop Fund is replenished with virtual tokens (secured by real non-distributed tokens) at the expense of:

  • Credits that are obtained froms sellesr as a 5% fee for selling Energy/Solarium/ships/modules/planets/accounts to other players on the Galactic Market.

  • 5% of the value of the Corporation sold by us.

  • Daily allocated TON Crystal tokens.

  • Tokens allocated by other blockchains connected to the game.

PvE Quests

Daily quests of different sizes appear on the stars, with different rewards (Solarium and/or BIP-TRX-TON Crystal-Credits from the Airdrop Fund) and different interaction options (attack, research, and so on).

After completing the quest, the player can receive a reward in the form of a Solarium and/or a virtual token, which the player can deliver through space to any Space Station and process into a real token (BIP-TRX-TON Crystal-Credits) with automatic crediting to their balance. The SS can set a fee for processing a virtual token into a real token.

Virtual tokens are transported through space and players can be robbed of them.

Space stations

Corporations and Clans can build Space Stations on any free star and upgrade them.

SS process the minerals brought to them by players into Energy, and also produce Solarium in amounts that depend on the processed volumes of minerals. The less the SS is upgraded, the longer the conversion of minerals brought for processing takes, and often long queues for processing are formed.

Special structures can be built on the SS, including factories for producing Modules based on the studied blueprints and copies of blueprints.

Also, SS converts virtual tokens BIP-TRX-TON Crystal-Credits received from quests into real tokens with auto-crediting to the balance of the player who brought them for processing. The owner and manager of the SS can set their own % fee on imported tokens for processing, and such fee in real tokens will be deducted from the player and credited to the Corporation’s account.

Read more about Space Stations here.


Solarium is a global game resource that is mined only in-game by Clans or Corporations on their Space Stations or received for completing quests.

Solarium can be used in-game or sold on the Galactic Market to other players for Credits.

Solarium can be used in-game to:

  • exchange for Points (1 Point = 1 Solarium)
  • learn skills and blueprints
  • produce modules
  • install Shields
  • upgrade Mines above level 20 (1 Solarium for 1 Mine level from level 20 to level 30)
  • speed up building process (in the future)
  • exchange for a game subscription (in the future)
  • perform a Hyper-jump by an Orbital Station (coming soon).

You can get Solarium:

  • by purchasing it from other players for Credits on the Galactic Market
  • on the Space Station for every 15 million units of minerals processed into energy. In this case, only the Corporation will receive Solarium in this way (only the SS owner or manager can withdraw it from the SS) and the Corporation’s players assigned to the SS.
  • by receiving it for the successful completion of a quest with Solarium reward.

Read more about Solarium here.


Each player initially has 2500 points out of the maximum 22,500 Points can be used to build or upgrade planetary structures. At the same time, each level of any building will take 1 Point, and when you delete a building, Points for all levels will be returned.

Points can be purchased for a Solarium or Credits at the rate of 1 Point = 1 Solarium or 1 Point = 0.1 Credits.

Read more about Points here.




Galaxy is a very interesting game, let’s support there move to Free TON


The game is good and deserves attention. I support partnership with Free TON.


Yeah, finaly we are here :slightly_smiling_face:
I can say, with some certainty, that Galaxy Online wiil not let you be indifferent.
That’s really great game


Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are gaining strength through practical applications and some fun games. Developers are using blockchain to create unique in-game economies in which rare items are extremely valuable, and players own digital assets so they can buy, sell and trade as they like. There are really games worth playing at the moment.


Good game for Free TON mass adoption


Galaxy Online - действительно очень увлекательная игра. Уверен, что партнёрство с Free TON пойдет на пользу комьюнити обоих проектов.


Партнёрство Галактики и Тон пойдет на пользу обоим сообществам, союз во благо развития крипто сообществ.


Good game. Good idea


Dear friends! Galaxy Online is a great case and in the future a business card for bolcheyn Free TON! The game is already sharpened for different blockchens, packing the game in the smart contracts we will be able to show the message of the potential blockcheyn Free TON to the world!


Excellent game and high profit potential.
This partnership (when signed) will allow the game to realize its potential.
The Free TON community will also be enriched from this partnership by a great MMO strategy game with an outstanding development team that consider the players experience.
It also has a referral system, so that the more partners you bring the more profit you gain.
We’re always ready to welcome new commanders who wants to join a live and kicking community


The first large-scale space MMO game on the minter blockchain. I’m waiting for integration with FREE TON. See you!

We will help you in the game, subscribe.


Отличная игра, не так давно начал в нее играть на базе блокчейна трон, с удовольствием перейду на блокчейн free TON 7 ноября, если открытие состоится по плану. Очень рад что добавят TON Crystal в игру.


Cамая крутая стратегия на блокчейне


Я в стратегиях не особо силён . Но понимаю что на это надо время . Его должно быть куча , для того что бы догнать тех кто уже на коне так сказать. А времени как всегда , не хватат .


Да нет тут не особо нужно много времени игре уделять, только по началу, когда будешь все изучать, лучше через академию. Я сейчас трачу минут 30 в день от силы. Хотя академию еще не прошел.


I am in the galaxy from the very beginning. During this time, the game has changed a lot. The idea with TON is very interesting and will make the game much better. I think that such projects should be given a chance to show themselves and their ambitions.


The game is 11 months old, and it is already in the stage of OBT (open beta testing). Domain creation Date: 2020-06-25T14:54:31Z < 11 months. Why?

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Obviously, the domain name has been changed. Why?
I suppose because the game has been developing to a cross blockchain strategy. The game deferment team can be asked for further details


Я в галактике около 7 месяцев все очень нравится, советую всем!