Galaxy Online Partnership proposal to Free TON v2

About the Galaxy Online

Galaxy Online is a multi-chain space MMO strategy with a huge universe consisting of many galaxies, with ruthless battles between players of different races for dominance over the planets and rich territories of space.

Every game race is a real blockchain connected to the game, and the players of the race are the community of said blockchain. At the same time, players of all races interact within a single game universe, creating new galaxies as they develop.

Starting from November 7 , the Free TON community will have its own race and the race’s base galaxy, where members of the community will be able to start playing under the Free TON flag.

KPI (initial commitment)

What can a partnership with Free TON give Galaxy Online?

Creation of a new playable race based on the Free TON blockchain. Involvement of the Free TON community in the game. Transferring some of the game mechanics to the blockchain, for example сreation of game quests based on smart contracts.

What can a partnership with Galaxy Online give Free TON?

A new project in the Free TON ecosystem, which aims to continuously and gradually increase the number of Free TON user via the game shell by attracting:

  1. Users of other blockchains: Minter, Tron (and in the future: Ethereum, Cosmos, Waves, Polkadot, Ripple, Monero and dozens of other blockchains).

Creation of 1400 FreeTON wallets for current players.

Connecting new races (blockchains) to the game is a direct involvement of their community in the game.

Scheduled connection to the game of Ethereum, Waves, Cosmos, Polkadot blockchains will begin in January 2021.

  1. Crypto enthusiasts using the following cryptocurrencies: BTC, USDT, ETH, and hundreds of other tokens.

A multi-chain game with the ability to use the player’s usual tokens without having to open a wallet in other blockchains. For this, an in-game exchange has been created. There are plans to transfer the work of this exchange to FreeTON smart contracts.

  1. Members of crypto communities and crypto bloggers.

Creating new corporations in the game (related to crypto communities, crypto exchanges, crypto bloggers) is a direct involvement of their community in the game.

A partnership agreement with the official Russian-speaking group TRON Foundation Russia (10,200 users) to familiarize the community with the Galaktika Online game.

A partnership agreement with TronGameCenter (about 5000 active players on the Tron blockchain), which includes the exchange of players through game quests with the issuance of bonuses through FreeTON smart contracts upon their readiness on our part.

  1. Crypto exchanges traders.

Negotiations are underway with two crypto-exchanges (in total, more than 10,000 active traders) about connecting their community to the game and issuing bonus codes of exchanges through game quests.

  1. Players who don’t know anything about cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

One of the goals of the partnership is to provide players who do not know anything about blockchains and cryptocurrencies with easy access to the game in 1-click registration mode based on FreeTON smart contracts.

Token allocation

- Stage 1. The initial token request: 39,000 TON Crystal :

1. 10,000 TON Crystal - Initial integration works for 2 months.

  • Tokens use: Creating a new Free TON race and base galaxy in the game. Improvement of the current game economics specifically for the initial stage of integration. Initial integration of Free TON for easy registration/authorization of Free TON users in the game. Addition of TON Crystal tokens to the Galactic Market for trading with players of other races (blockchains). Writing a smart contract that will generate and give out daily rewards in TON Crystal for completing quests in the game.
  • Developers : The integration will be carried out by the Galaxy Online team. Will be involved: backend programmer (php, laravel), frontend programmer (js, react), smart contract programmer (for FreeTON), project CEO, designer, marketer and advertising specialist.
  • Reporting: Publishing weekly progress reports for the Free TON community.

2. 3,000 TON Crystal - for bug reports and rewards for testing.

  • Tokens use: encouraging programmers among players to search for bugs and vulnerabilities, help in testing game mechanics on the PTA server, etc. If the tokens are not fully used at the end of Stage 1, then they go to item 4 (advertising expenses) and item 3 (the game Quest Bounty Fund).
  • Predicted result: prompt identification and elimination of vulnerabilities necessary for the subsequent launch of the game in production mode
  • Reporting: At the end of Stage 1, a detailed report on the use of funds will be provided to the Free TON community.

3. 18,000 TON Crystal - the game Quest Bounty Fund for 2 months.

  • Tokens use: daily generation of gaming quests (based on Free TON smart contracts), completing which the players can receive prizes including the TON Crystal token right in the game.
  • Distribution: prize pool of 300 TON Crystal tokens every day.
  • Predicted result: expansion of the gaming audience by 2-5 times and, as a consequence, the creation of new accounts in Free TON. Branding and popularization Ton Crysatls and Free TON.
  • Reporting: public, based on Free TON transactions.

4. 8,000 TON Crystal - advertising expenses for 2 months.

  • Tokens use: TON Crystal will be used to advertise the Free TON game race among bloggers and crypto communities, to involve their community in the game, and at the same time introduce with the blockchain Free TON and the Free TON community.
  • Predicted result: expansion of the gaming audience by 2-5 times and, as a consequence, the creation of new accounts in Free TON. Branding and popularization Ton Crysatls and Free TON.
  • Reporting: At the end of Stage 1, a detailed report on the use of funds will be provided to the Free TON community.

Stage 1 - reporting: Publishing weekly progress reports for the Free TON community.

- Stage 2. At the end of Stage 1 and reporting to the Free TON community, based on the effect of the work done, tasks, goals and KPIs for Stage 2 will be formulated and additional TON Crystal tokens will be requested for the next Stage 2.

Motivation & Goals

The game’s new economics is specifically tailored to a partnership with Free TON. Players who complete quests in-game and receive TON Crystal tokens can use them in-game (purchase valuables for them on the united game market) or withdraw them to their personal wallets. However, the player, in addition to his main wallet of his native race (another blockchain), must create and link a Free TON account (Surf Communicator) to his game account. Thus, all current players and all subsequent players of other races (blockchains) will be required to familiarize themselves with the Free TON blockchain through the game.


Our ultimate goal is to build the game with the transfer of some of the basic game mechanics to smart contracts of the Free TON blockchain. Make the game so that the player does not even suspect that there is a blockchain under the hood and does not have to know all the details of working with the blockchain as a technology.

And at the same time, the main game mechanics are transparent and honest for the players and they can always be checked through the Free TON blockchain.

About the team

Today, blockchain games are one of the fastest-growing segments of the gaming industry in the world, and our team is focused on creating a high-quality advanced space MMO strategy.

We are a young and strong team, and we have a vision of how the Galaxy Online project will develop, and where we will be in a year.

Every team member has a rich experience of working with various HI-Load projects for at least 5 years, such as a federal-level news aggregator, a high-turnover tender platform, servers, the largest regional call center and many other projects.

Main project components

:jigsaw: A single game world for all players:

  • :alien: 2 races (blockchains: Minter and Tron, :soon: Free TON, Ethereum ).
  • :star2: > 13 galaxies, > 50K planets and stars.
  • :ringer_planet: 7 types and 3 sizes of planets.
  • :pick: 8 types of minerals, technical drawings and modules.
  • :building_construction: 10 types of buildings, 30 upgrade levels.
  • :flying_saucer: 8 classes of ships.
  • :balance_scale: Corporations, Clans and Alliances.

:jigsaw: Strong market economy:

  • :shopping_cart: United game market. Exchange and sales of in-game valuables between the players themselves
  • :+1: 2-level Referral system that gives bonuses to both referrals and referrals.
  • :moneybag: Free game with the ability to earn cryptocurrency just by playing!

Game resources

:link: Official website -
:link: Video clip in English -
:link: Video clip in Russian -
:link: English chat - @GalaxyOnline_en
:link: Russian chat - @GalaxyOnline_ru
:link: English Channel - @GalaxyOnline_news_en
:link: Russian news channel - @GalaxyOnline_news_ru
:link: Roadmap
:link: Guides for the game
:link: How to play ?
:link: Galactic Market
:link: Fan club of the game

Partnership proposal history

The first version of the partnership proposal (before the processing of all feedback from the Free TON community) is on the forum at this link.

Wallet address



Quite nice proposal, I love games. I hope this proposal will receive community support and feedback too, it will be good to have more usecases for the free ton.


The guys are trying very hard. we need to give them a chance!


I think tjis proposal is will grouing very quickly. I think games are popular support of our community is big, they must go on.

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Thank you, but this proposal has long been moved to another branch and was accepted - GalaxyOnline Partnership Proposal - #76 by Latest reports can be viewed starting from here - GalaxyOnline Partnership Proposal - #101 by

ребята большие молодцы! полезная информация,в отличной форме👍

Thanks for your efforts! I liked the idea! Modern and creative.

KPI report Galaxy Online
(as requested by the next round of funding)

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the «DeAnalytics Token Distribution Program» contest.

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KPl report:

You can find more analytical reports, transcriptions of AMA sessions, partner news on the first information & news website for FreeTON partners

Отчет о выполнении KPI Galaxy Online
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Отчет о выполнении KPI:

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