Free TON & TON Crystal useful information and links (English)

(V 1.26)
This section publishes (updates) up-to-date information about the Free TON project.
This topic was created to inform new participants from different regions of the world. Here you can find links to external resources, useful articles, and necessary tools.

Information resources
TON Surf (Wallet) Blockchain Communicator
Get TON Crystal by participating in contests
Cryptocurrency monitoring
Chatex BYU/SELL (telegram bot)

Fast, convenient way to buy / sell TON Crystal :gem: к USDT/BTC/ETH/XRP

  • Chatex - Instruction manual (EN) (RU) (…)
Trading exchanges
The exchange of cryptocurrency
Cryptocurrency calendars
Cryptocurrency forums
  • Altcoinstalks (RU) (EN)
  • Bitcointalk (RU) (EN)
  • Cryptotalk (RU) (EN)
  • Mmgp (RU)
  • Cryptoff (RU)
  • Minecrypto (RU)
  • Bitalk (RU)
  • Kriptovalyuta (RU)
  • (RU)

Suggest ideas for the development of the project (community) Free TON
Join existing Sub-Governance teams or create your own effective group.
The Free TON community welcomes all new active participants from different regions.

Sub-Governance (priorities)

A&S (Analytics & Support) Vote / Forum / Telegram RU-EN
W&D (Web & Design) Vote / Forum / Telegram EN
Wiki (Articles & Translations) Vote / Forum / Telegram
SMM (News & Blog) Vote / Forum / Telegram RU
DeFi (Development & Testing) Vote / Forum / Telegram EN
DGO (Decentralization & smart contracts) Vote / Forum / Telegram
eSports (Development & games) Vote / Forum / Telegram RU
DevEx (Development & smart contracts) Vote / Forum / Telegram
Global (Partnerships & Competitions) Vote / Forum / Telegram EN
Influencers (Promotion & Attraction) Vote / Forum / Telegram RU-EN
Voice (PR & media) Vote / Forum / Telegram EN
Korea (Governance) Vote / Forum / Telegram
Mexico (Governance) Vote / Forum / Telegram
L&M (Listing & Market Making) Plans Vote / Forum / Telegram
DevOps (Integration & Software) Vote / Forum / Telegram EN
China (Governance) Plans Vote / Forum / Telegram
India (Governance) Plans Vote / Forum / Telegram
French (Governance) Vote / Forum / Telegram

Any community member who wants to add information or make adjustments.
Can make a (ready-made) offer in this topic.


I dont see chatex or will there be a separate section for the bot?

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I’ll make a separate chatex. I plan to add more information on SG

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This is really informative. Thank you for taking your time to collect all of these information and sharing it with the community.


Hey, I have a spreadsheet with some useful links as well. There is a page for the Free TON in general and separate page with all the info and links of the Free TON Global Community Sub-Governance (currently on voting).



Great, I’ll add the necessary ones.

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Trading exchange added TON Crystal to the trading terminal.
Information updated. :+1:


Updated information on new subgeneres. Added a Mexican forum.


Can someone tell me full detail about free from because I want to earn alot in this free tron and haven’t explain anything to me

Hello. Check out the contests, they are updated regularly.

Sir what will I be earning if I created a post or topic because I don’t know were to link my account for payment guide me

You can start earning tokens by participating in contests. The Forum has competitive topics in different Sub governance. Search for topics of active contests