Free TON SMM Jury Selection


This proposal is suggesting to attract for the Free TON SMM subgovernance up to 7 jurors who will be able to objectively evaluate the work, analyze and help voting for participants work.


Jury contest

Contest period

November 4, 2020 – November 11, 2020 (UTC time)


To make the selection of the jury transparent, the community needs to be given openness in the selection of the Free TON SMM Subgovernance jury. It is completely open to everyone and you can apply.

Candidates requirements

You must fit one of these points:

  • You must be an active member of SMM Subgov and be of real benefit to the Free TON community
  • You should submit this apllication Google docs
  • You must provide your resume/CV

Winner rights and duties

A community member who wins and enters the Jury Free TON SMM Subgovernance will be able to evaluate current and future work within this Subgovernance. Also, in this case, you need to follow these elementary actions:

  1. Each juror should review each contest and its requirements under “Free TON SMM Subgovernance Contests”.
  2. All current applications should be considered in a pdf file and only after studying this information it will be possible to put any estimates.
  3. If a member of the jury is not competent enough in a particular issue, then he needs to click on the “Abstain” button
  4. If a jury member understands within the framework of the competition, then he must evaluate this or that work from 1 to 10. 1 - not professional work, but 10 - professional.
  5. The jury can reject the submission only if it does not correspond to the contest to which the participant is submitting
  6. The jury must give feedback on its own behalf in the comment field, why it was so decided and why he gave exactly this assessment.
  7. If you do not vote for more than a month (1 month), then you will be expelled from the jury without notice

Objective view on the voting process. Even if a colleague of the jury has a personal dislike for another, everyone should be polite for each other.

Voting for new jury

  1. Each current member votes for the application submitted on the forum.
  2. Each current member himself determines the result within his competence from reject to 10.
  3. The jury must comment on why he thinks the way he voted.
  4. In order for the current jury members to accept others, the result must be 50% +1 vote, then the submitting jury member falls into the current composition
  5. All current members of the Free TON SMM Subgovernance jury will retain to stay their positions as a jurors for this voting process

Procedural remarks

  • Your application must be correctly specified and correspond to the information that is requested
  • Participants submit applications only when the contest is available. If the competition is over, then all applications after the end will not be accepted.
  • All submissions must contain Telegram username for communication with you and further contact
  • Each participant can only submit one application

Special condition

The submission can be rejected if it does not meet the stated conditions of the competition.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TONs to US citizens or entities.


How many jurors do you need to attract with this contest?

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Hi, Nikolay. Up to 7 juror members will be enough

Good afternoon. Thank you for this opportunity to propose your candidacy. I will gladly do this as the contest begins. I hope to join the team and start helping to evolve a free TON!!!

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All greetings friends !!! My name is Igor and I am 33 years old.

I am a crypto enthusiast and got acquainted with the cryptocurrency world in 2017 and immediately realized that it was the future. I try to constantly develop, learn new information and only move forward. The Free TON community impressed me with its progressive structure and the tremendous work done. I want to contribute my own to the development of this project.

I consider myself an ordinary guy, hardworking and fair. Of course, perhaps my contribution to the crypto community is not as great as that of others, but I know for sure that I will be a good judge (fair, independent and hardworking)

Telegram - @lesnik13utsa

P.S. I filled out the form from the start message, but I am unable to apply for SMM Subgovernance. Do I need to do anything else?


Hello everyone!

My name is Maris (Telegram: @Maritis) I’m 23 years old and I’m logical as well as critical thinking driven young man. I live in a small country Latvia. I am a blockchain enthusiast and I’m following crypto/blockchain world for almost 4 years.

I am one of the Latvian community builders and I’m planning to popularise Free TON, also invite people over to take a part and contribute. Looking forward to grow this community even more.

This is a great opportunity for new and motivated people to be a real benefit to the Free TON community.
Good luck to all contestants. :muscle:t3:


My name is Konstantin. I am 35 years old: I am engaged in cryptocurrency. I have experience in writing thematic articles, articles on cryptocurrency topics in Russian and English. I am a legendary full member of the Cryptotalk cryptocurrency forum: In addition, I also have forums on fixed cryptocurrency. Participant of crypto forums: altcoinstalks, freeton,,,

10/16/2020 I was elected to the jury of the Free TON Ambassador # 1 competition: Results the choice of the jury, but, unfortunately, this Division has ceased to exist. I prepared two or more applications, but they were not accepted due to an incident. I want to be a full member of the jury in order to continue to accept and consider applications.


Andrey is 36 years old, I have been dealing with cryptocurrency in different directions for several years: I study, communicate on well-known crypto-forums, write content on them, trade, participate in projects and promote them.

I want to be accepted as a full member of the jury.

Responsible, I love order and careful study in my work.


Finally a form appeared at smm - I submitted my application. I wish all the participants good luck !!!


My name is Una, I am 22 years old, living in Latvia. Telegram - @unaatt. I am Free TON national leader of Latvia along with @Maris, currently working on setting up and monitoring social media pages for Free TON Latvia community (Facebook, Twitter, Medium, Telegram news channel and community chat).
I am quite new to cryptocurrency world, but since joining Free TON community my interest about it is ever growing. I have the qualities that a jury member should have - ability of being impartial, fair, transparent and well argumented. I want to be a full member of the jury and believe that I will be a good contribution to the team.

Good luck to the other participants! :muscle:t2:


Hi, dear colleagues!

My name is Evgeny, I am 23 years old. Currently, I’m living in Russia. I am working as a marketing manager in an IT outsourcing company. Our company implements various projects for the development of information systems, mainly in the areas of blockchain and web. And about it all, I write in a blog on our corporate website, social media, and others. I write from 3 to 6 hours per day, creating content, communicate with people, etc.

I am a certified linguist translator. Master’s degree in International Relations. I have been copywriting since I was 18. I wrote over 400 texts in various fields on a freelance basis. I am the winner of the Voronezh Professional Translation Competition in the French Publicism category in 2018.

I understand how the info text should work and be structured. How the text can provoke interest and how to use it in a promotion. Also, I have extensive experience with SEO, which will help in promoting articles in search engines.

With all my experience I want to help in promotion by creating content, helping other writers and our team with their texts and translations. Personally, for me, Free Ton is the coolest project I’ve seen in the last few years, that why I want to become a member of the jury.

I wish good luck to the other participants!

Telegram: @soundsond


Application for Jury

I am indicating my interest through this means. My name is Yamson Obed, I am 37 years old. A graduate of Physics. I joined Free TON May, since then I have been active in the forum. Contributing in my Little capacity. I was involved in surf testing although did not win any reward
The speed of the transaction and the versatility of TON captivated me into joining Free TON. I am one of the Initial member advocating for the creation of African subgovernance. We are almost through with the proposal document. I contested for the the position of juror in the disbanded Ambassador subgovernance which I emerge as one of those selected member before it was dissolve. I have worked in educational sector for 7 years, one of my work is analysing and assessment which I thing will be useful to SMM subgovernment in the capacity of jury. I also possess supervisory ability and team playing skills.
Telegram username: @kopyil
Free TON forum name: @Obetino


Greetings to all! My name is Andrey, I am 33 years old.

I am an active member of SMM Subgovernance. I’m working on adding timecodes for the free TON YouTube channel. Participated in creating transcriptions of AMA sessions.

I have extensive experience in analytical work, which I received in a state organization. I compiled reports and analytical materials (extensive experience with MS Word, MS Excel, Google Docs), tested new software and compiled instructions for working with it, and compiled technical tasks for programmers.

I am ready to evaluate works as a member of the jury honestly and impartially.

Telegram: @andmans


Hi there! I want to participate in jury selection. Here is my cv .

Our team is going to add value by accomplishing targeted advertising, analyzing and researching FreeTON related topics and users’ interests. I and my team are going to implement a creative perspective in order to create and execute the most effective campaigns, and project management and marketing are the methods in which these campaigns can come to life.

I have attached my submission as a pdf for the contest.

Telegram Id :

Thank You

Vyacheslav Semenchuk

33 y.o

I’m very glad to an opportunity to take part in the #4 Free TON SMM Jury Selection Contest!

Graduated of MGUPS (Jurisprudence), Moscow Institute of Technology (management), Plekhanov Russian Academy of Economics (strategic management), MBA of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo.

Business surgeon.

Serial entrepreneur.

Creator of over 30 successful businesses.

In the spring of 2020, I headed the commercial sector in innovations of the Rostec State Corporation in the position: Deputy Director of the Directorate for Digital Transformation for Interaction with Commercial Companies and Corporations.

In 2018, I launched the platform, an exclusive operator for the sale of advertising in the Moscow metro, and created the largest network of advertising screens (5000 screens) in Moscow beauty salons

Also for the last 7 years I has been engaged in fintech projects and blockchain projects.

In 2012 founded the service - the leader of the Russian market mpos.

23,500 client companies in 3 years (2.5 billion turnover in 2015).

In 2016, with partners, we implemented the project, which attracted more than 300,000,000 rubles.

Creator of BitCoen cryptocurrency, project and co-founder of project

Ex. business coach of the Skolkovo Business School 2014-2015 (startup academy).

Author of 5 books:

“The author of business” by Mann Ivanov Ferber (, the bestseller ozone and 101 ways to promote a personal brand (alpina) (, Mobile applications for business (2017, Alpina), Business Hacking (Eksmo 2018) (, 101 questions about cryptocurrencies 2019 (Ridero) (, “101 ways to create new sources of income” (2020, Alpina) (

Winner of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year competition (in the category Best Young Entrepreneur).

Finalist and Winner of GSEA 2013, Runet Award 2013, Best Telecom Idea MTS (2012), RBC 2019 Award nominee.

Mentor over 50 projects.

Provide consultations and consulting on the creation, development and improvement of the Business.

The author of my own methodology “Project Validation” - helping to very quickly validate your business ideas.

helped assemble teams for such companies as Philip Morris, QIWI, Yandex,, riot games, workle.

Mass media articles on topic:


telegram: @semenchuk



Here are my achievements:
— I’m an active member of Free TON SMM Subgovernance;
— I’m the author of the TL/DRs for AMA sessions. They can be found on this channel;
— I’m the creator of the catalogue of documents for all the resources of the Free TON ecosystem in Russian and English languages.
— with the assistance of Michael Shapkin, I have authored the instruction “How to prepare and submit a contest proposal in Free TON” in Russian and English languages.
— I’m a content creator at MOVETON .
– Was selected as a jury in the Ambassador Sub-governance, with a score of 8.7 points. You can verify this by looking at document. Submission no. 16.

I appreciate high moral principles, such as honesty, justice, and the “Golden rule” .

I would be delighted to be of use to the community as a jury member of Free TON SMM Sub-governance.

Telegram: @tgbauer
Forum: @SvetBauer


Вот мои заслуги:
— активный участник Free TON SMM Subgovernance;
— автор текстовых выжимок AMA-сессий. Они находятся на этом канале;
— редактор в MOVETON ;
— создатель документа-каталога по всем ресурсам экосистемы Free TON на русском и английском языках.
— при содействии Michael Shapkin, автор инструкции Как готовить и подавать конкурсное предложение в Free TON и How to prepare and submit a contest proposal in Free TON .
– Был избран в качестве жюри в Ambassador Sub-governance, с оценкой 8.7 баллов. Удостовериться в этом вы можете, посмотрев этот документ. Заявка №16.

Ценю высокие моральные принципы, такие как честность, справедливость, “золотое правило”.

Буду рад расширить пользу, приносимую сообществу в качестве жюри Free TON SMM Sub-governance.

Telegram: @tgbauer
Форум: @SvetBauer


Hello all! My name is Alina. At the moment I am the author of the and I am helping with its development. I write articles, make translations. I am very impressed with the development of the Friton project, as I have been following it ever since it was developed by Pavel Durov.

In my opinion, SMM is a very important direction that should be developed in Free TON, only with the help of this direction, it is possible to attract people, to convey information to ordinary users.

If I am elected as a jury member, I will help evaluate other participants’ work honestly and impartially.

Thank you for your attention!

Added my submission in PDF. Thank you so much!


Вся информация в моем пдф, изучите, пожалуйста)

Hi, my name is Artem. I’am 22 years old. I really exited about Free Ton projects and glad to be part of this community.

I am engaged in the promotion and filling of the blog, I participate in all SMM subgovernance projects. Extensive experience in translating technical articles, I will be happy to help translate publications of other users! I actively follow the development of the blockchain system in the world and can help in assessing the relevance of the article of other blog members. Good luck!

Telegram: @yudinao

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