Author of the year

Short description

Many authors have published articles that have helped with news coverage and promotion of Free TON, it’s time to select the best and award them.


Competition between Blog authors

Contest dates

December 20 - December 26 2020, UTC day.

The procedure for submitting works

  1. The author must prove to the jury why he should be the best author of the year.
  2. The author must provide references to his works, which in his opinion are considered the best.
  3. The author can submit only one application.
  4. Submissions are accepted only from those participants who helped in the SMM Subgovernance from May 7 to December 7.


  • Submissions cannot be edited (special for contest) in order to improve the quality of the application.
  • Work used in other contests from main governance won’t allowed this contest, e.g Essay, etc.


1 place……………………….….5,000 TONs

2 place……………………….…3,000 TONs

3 place………….………………1,000 TONs


  • Each of the Free TON SMM jury member can vote on your submission.
  • Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 0 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting if they feel unqualified to judge.
  • Jurors will provide feedback on your submissions.

Jury rewards:

An amount equal to 25% of the sum of all actually awarded tokens will be evenly distributed among all jury members who voted and provided feedback. Both voting and feedback are required to receive the award.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or entities.


Nice contest! Full support!


SMM Sub-governance submission

Name: Sergey

Telegram ID: @elagai

Address: 0:91dc4ad407c8b6dc24f5d86a0a8cce45ca7da6aa41ed73ab99eeffe65c8eb4cd

Первая заявка для почина!


Hi! Sent all information in the proposal. Good luck to all participants!


SMM Sub-governance submission
Name: Artem Yudin
Telegram ID: @yudinao
Address: 0:bc878da99e0dc2aedd5ec5edee6c05d9fce1bca7d185775a6189d55a20b19f28


Ekaterina Malysheva @katemama1

Chief Editor in

The best materials written by me on December 7th I consider these:

Oracle in the world of blockchain: what it is and what it is for


Merkle tree in the Free TON ecosystem


Multisig technology and its implementation on Free TON


Classification of blockchains by architecture


What is zk-SNARKS and why is it in Free TON


Full list of my materials about FreeTON

In Russian:

In English:

In Spanish:


Виталий Романов @vitalrus

Редактор русскоязычной версии

Мои лучшие работы:

Виртуальный герой Free TON: мисс “трусики”, серьезно?


Выбираем фаворита конкурса Virtual Hero of Free TON


Proof-of-Work или Proof-of-Stake. Что лучше?


Полный список моих материалов о Free TON:

На Русском:

На Английском:

На Испанском:

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Hello! I’m glad to participate this contest. Added my submission in PDF. Thank you all! Cheers!

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