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Bring millions of hyper-casual gamers to Free TON


QuickAppNinja (QAN) provides 230,000 developers of trivia-quiz games with a toolkit that lets them create games for Android. Developers then self-publish these games to the Google Play Store and make money from ads. Those games are installed at a rate of about 2 million times per month. Total installs so far: ~170 million.

QAN will bring hundreds of thousands of active users to Free TON every month by moving their operation from the Google Play Store to the web and integrating Free TON as the infrastructure for ad sales, accounting, and user motivation.

QAN will create its own website/store for gaming, which will have Free TON as the main infrastructure element. Each game will be HTML5-based with no need to download and open them through Android or iOS. This alone will greatly expand the market for gamers.

The system will create Free TON wallets for each user transparently. However, to take hold of their tokens - winnings, and ad display compensation for developers, they will have to install TON Surf and become active Free TON users. Only these installations will be counted towards new Free TON users.

Basic system arithmetic - a rough estimate based on current levels of user acquisition + retention + involvement:

  • 500 new developers daily, each creating 1 new game
  • Each game attracts 300 players on average
  • Average gameplay involves 2 levels and 3 displays of banners/video ads
  • Which gives us in total around 5003002*3 = 900,000 transactions per day

Note, however, that opening the system to Apple users will give it around 40% boost in signups.

Solution specs

  • Will utilize Free TON as the main infrastructure element for all business processes: ad sales/displays, developer compensation, user motivation, cross-game asset transfer, etc.
  • Will motivate users to install and use TON Surf to securely transfer and manage their tokens and TON crystals. Will get rewarded only for those wallets explicitly installed by users.
  • Will cross-promote with Free TON the new service to its users and the press, also at blockchain and gaming events.

Community benefits:

  • QAN website/store will be a great showcase for the power of Free TON blockchain by demonstrating how easily the blockchain handles the load and real-time business logic.
  • QAN will bring hundreds of thousands of new users to Free TON every month by motivating its users to install TON Surf.
  • Additional exposure through the gaming industry.

Plan of action

  • QAN will develop the website/store
  • QAN will hire a subcontractor to do the development of smart contracts
  • QAN and its subcontractor will integrate smart contracts into the business process of the website/store.
  • Will announce the availability of the new service together with Free TON, and actively promote it to the press and via the blockchain and gaming industry events.

Token distribution schedule

  • 50% is paid upfront
  • KPI#1:
    1. QAN creates the website (store).
    2. The subcontractor develops and helps integrate smart contracts.
    3. The first 1000 games are published.
    4. The games are played 10,000 times.
    5. Submission is filed.
  • The remaining 50% is paid out.

Total sum

  • 1,900,000 TON crystals
  • Additionally, QAN gets, in batches, for each wallet created as a result of a developer/user transferring earnings/winnings out of the QAN system:
    • 300,000 TON crystals for every 100,000 new wallets.
    • Up to 1,000,000 users = 3,000,000 TON crystals

Wallet address for receiving funds:


Great app! We need more use cases like this one … welcome to Free TON guys!!!


One of best cases to use such a responsive and scalable blockchain - gaming. From my point of view games should use three important mechanics, based in blockchain:

  • accounts, identity
  • game currencies
  • game items (erc721-like objects)

Very important part is on-chain publicly verifiable randomness beacon, there is a lot of articles around this question. The one very useful, that can be certified (we’re using int on gaming platform based on EOS) is generation of random by 3-sides: blockchain validators, games provider, and player.

anyway - welcome to Free TON!


Thank you everyone for a chance to consider our Partnership Proposal! Please, feel free to ask any questions regarding this proposal.



I like this proposal. The first relatively big one. Estimated 900,000 new daily transactions is a strong addition to the network activity. Plus additional things that users can do in the Free TON ecosystem with tons. However, requested 1,9 million tons is a large number. Really counting on the partner not only to deliver quality product / integration with Free TON but also to “actively promote it to the press and via the blockchain and gaming industry events” as quoted in the partnership proposal. Maybe adding a KPI on this would be a good idea.



And what about starting with a pilot version? Say, just couple of templates for apps that will be available not in google play. Some core mechanics can be tested there, monetization etc.

The thing that is of concern - will this work or not - and having such a big up-front payment for a project that might not work, imho, is pretty risky.

You had me at the numbers. BIG case. Something like this is necessary for mass adoption. It’s not cheap, but it’s value for money.

A pilot is done when you need to test an idea. There is nothing to test here. It makes no sense to do any kind of pilot. The system has been up for a number of years, you can check all the numbers. The model is simple: developers do all the advertising themselves. Now they send their friends and acquaintances to an URL at Google Play Store. Once thins launches, they will send everyone to an URL at the new webstore. Nothing changes in regards to traffic.

But all the Apple users who were left behind can now follow the link and play. And since there is no Google sensorphip any longer, any types of ads can be displayed, a lot more profitable.

All in all, it looks like a no-braner.


What is done in our project:

  1. Created template for HTML5 games.
  2. Created section for managing and collecting gems.
  3. Created marketplace where players can select trivias.

What we are working on now:

  • Working closely with a blockchain team, figuring out the best way of employing blockchain for accounting/logging, user onboarding, etc.

Estimates ± 25 working days.

Hi, any updates on the status?

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Hello! Is there any update about this partnership?

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(message from the partner and developers)

Currently smart contracts, a smart blockchain onboarding tech, and Debots - all being developed. As agreed, all blockchain-related part will be Free Software. It takes time.

Подскажите. В рамках данного партнёрства , есть ли возможность реализовать мобильное приложение по запросу комьюнити с описанными игровыми механиками при использовании блокчейна ФриТОН? В связи с запросом самого комьюнити на необходимость подобного рода приложения

Здравствуйте! В принципе, мобильное приложение с подобной механикой реализовать можно. НО тут возникает проблема с дистрибуцией тк игры в которых можно заработать реальные деньги, Google Play запрещает публиковать. А без поддержки Google Play - будет очень сложно их скачать (для загрузки стороннего APK требуется отдельное разрешение в настройках Android).

Мы же дадим возможность играть в HTML5 (это существенно снижает порог входа в игру).

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Hello, dear community! Today I’m happy to introduce you to the beta version of our platform connected to the Free TON.

Please take a look :rocket:

In the created store now is 194,053 games in 32 languages.

All games created in the QuickAppNinja platform will be published on to Pay2K Store.

In QuickAppNinja now is 477,000+ game developers, and each day around 800+ new developers are registered.

All blockchain integrations are done for 90% and now working in manual mode.

The main idea is looking like this:

  1. Game developers register in QuickAppNinja to make games (for free), which are published to Pay2K store.

  2. Gamers will play these games on Pay2K platform and collect “gems” (Free TON tokens).

  3. Gem is a reward for each completed level

  4. Each day we transfer $10 to the person who will get the most gems (in the 24 hours)

  5. Weekly & monthly, we will launch a lottery with a reward $100 / $500.

All payments will be made in TON Crystals in the equivalent of dollars.

:warning: Please consider that Daily Leaderboard payments are now working only in the test mode. We will announce in a separate message when it will be LIVE and automatic.

Now you can play all games & collect gems).

Please join our Telegram channel for ideas & suggestions

:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:
As you know, Play-to-Earn in a HUGE trend in the blockchain community now.

“Axie Infinity” Market cap is = $2,623,783,035
“Decentralend” = $1,262,671,801
“The Sandbox” = $448,792,089

Our team is 100% sure that we already have expertise, resources and community attention to compete with these big projects and became #1 in CoinMarketCap category!


Hello friends! I’m here with an update.

  1. We switched daily leaderboard rewards to automatic processing. The system will transfer $10 in TON Crystal equivalent to the person who will collect the most “gems” (our TIP-3 token) during the day.

  2. To proceed to the “Soft launch” stage, we are still waiting for the blockchain integration:
    a) Opportunity to link player’s Surf wallet (this will allow players to withdraw the rewards).
    b) Process of raffle tickets buying.

I hope in the middle of next week we will finish this integration. When we do this, we will switch lottery payments to automatic processes and make the small promotion of our service to the QuickAppNinja community to see how all the systems will work with traffic load.

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Hello, community! We finished the part with development and already completed all the necessary KPI. Please reply, what we need to do to receive the next transaction of Ever coins.


  1. Сайт не работает
  2. Новых пользователей в сеть не привели
  3. Активности нет

Может пора вернуть токены ?


Чак, просьба прокомментировать данный проект


Fully agree, this is a scam! I ask all initial members to provide a report on this “partnership”. He sold 1mln tokens on the market. No KPI, no real game, no users.

Also, I want to make a note to Chuck Bogorad and his “partnerships”:

  1. Here no “activities”, no users, NOTHING!
  1. No results at all
  1. Nothing too!

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