Partnership proposal - global phone top-up

Worldwide mobile phone top-up with Free TON tokens


The world runs on mobile. The use of mobile internet data surpassed desktop a decade ago. Mobiles cost money. The vast majority of users don’t have contracts and use prepaid mobile plans that require constant top-ups. This process is a hassle since the user needs to have a credit card or must visit a vendor.

Nebeus was registered in the UK in 2014. It has clients in Europe and developing countries. Its main business is crypto-collateralized loans, but as an additional service, Nebeus provides a way to top-up mobile phones in 180 countries worldwide.

Nebeus is bringing its top-up service to free TON users - accepting TON crystals to top-up almost any mobile phone in the world. It is building a gateway to accept TON crystals via a Telegram chatbot and a proper DeBot in TON Surf.

Solution specs

  • Accept TON crystals.
  • Allow topping-up of any supported phone number in the world.
  • Exclude numbers in Russia and Kazakhstan, since a system that covers these countries already exists.
  • Redirect users of +7 country code numbers to the existing solution.
  • Cross-promote the new service to its users and the press and participate in mutual promotions with Free TON.

Community benefits:

  • Provide actual utility for TON crystals.
  • Present Free TON network as having real utility for its users.

Plan of action for Nebeus

  1. Set up a Free TON node.
  2. Interface with own systems.
  3. Create a Telegram chatbot.
  4. Using TON OS SDK, create a DeBot for use with TON Surf.
  5. Announce the availability of the new service together with Free TON.

Token distribution schedule

  • 50% tokens are paid upfront
  • KPI#1: Nebeus installs Free TON node, develops Telegram chatbot & DeBot, files a progress report. MVP is launched, submission is filed.
  • Another 30% is paid out.
  • KPI#2: After 6 months of updates and fixes for issues raised, a submission is filed.
  • The final 20% is paid out.

Total sum

120,000 Ton crystals. This also includes the collateral that Nebeus needs to provide momentary top-ups.


Neither Nebeus nor any of its founders are US citizens.



Today had a conversation with @cryonyx about this kind of interaction with Free TON like Partnerships! This is very interesting and important. Vlad is preparing a mechanism for launching such activities in Free TON.


Why do you think that the existing solution for Russia is ideal and no alternative is required?
(by the way, I don’t know what the solution is, could you tell me about it?)

Why exclude something or create artificial restrictions? Why not make an universal solution without excluding any countries at once?


We do not think that anything is ideal. We just want to give existing projects some breathing room and space to grow. Then there will be competition on all directions and the user will have more choice.


More choice appears when alternatives are available. However, you put some restrictions at the start and thereby limit these alternatives. This is a contradiction.

I think there is no need to introduce any country restrictions in your proposal.


Let me re-iterate. We do not want to stifle competition. Someone has already made a service. We want to give him some breathing room and reward his effort. This is a nice, neighborly thing to do. Think of this as a local store vs Walmart.


Very good partnership! We need bring more active users in Free TON Community!


Probably, I was a little hasty with conclusions regarding country restrictions, etc.
So I think this is a good partnership initiative and needs to be supported.
Let the green road. :handshake:


Have some experience learned from another community.
I can confirm that the solutions allowing daily routine payments made directly with crypto - are the easiest way to drive people to dive deeper into crypto-space.

mobile top-up solution is perfect use case:

  • close enough to end-user of any country,
  • used everywhere and every day,
  • easy to implement.

The question “where can I spend tons?” has no understandable answer. This partnership will give us the universal one. Not only will we have the answer, but we will sure that it works for any country at any scale.

Country coverage + TON tx per second capacity = :rocket:

Let’s move with this partnership as fast as possible.

P. S.
Free TON developer community is here to help with SDK interfaces for almost any language. I believe integration will be smooth and there are folks ready to help Nebeus devs in


Hello! Great idea! This will make it easier to get TON CRYSTALS! Will attract more active users!


Выскажусь таки и я . Это господа не конкурс . Это прошение выдать 60к бакинских за работу которая стоит 10 при уже как нас уверяет топикстартер имеющейся инфраструктуре .


I think you are totally missing the point - entirely! This isn’t a contest. This is a network partnership proposal that’ll bring in 10s of millions of users. Criticizing is easy. Understanding the value is something else. In fact I think for what they bring to the table, the amount of tokens is extremely fair.


Why are you so sure what will attract you? This functionality is integrated in dozens of bh, and today it has ready-made, simple and convenient applications, and not just millions of users, but thousands of them have not attracted. I have the crystals and I’ll sell them better, I’ll throw 100 rubles through the SB online, via SMS to number 900, get paid per second, grandmothers replenish through the offices of mobile providers or terminals, children are replenished by parents, what audience do you expect? And I will tell you that it is only geeks and it is not a fact that they will be interested in it. There will be no millions, not even thousands.

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The proposal has been accepted by on-chain voting


Прошло 3 месяца …

Что сделано ??? НИЧЕГО НЕ СДЕЛАНО !!!

Хороший партнёр нечего даже добавить

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Hi! Any updates on the project?


I think in our situation when no holds barred, this person just sold all crystals and left the project. Also it is very vague situation, because we don’t see any freeton adress in proposal, but proposal is accepted with 50% tokens are paid upfront (60000) where are they?

Smart contract has been deployed, they need help in writing debot.

Contract: 0:4456ca3f1d23e1bfe793f23b634eb6c06436eaa4d802c4ac5e5b5a63f5e396ca


Мне перевод статьи нужен

Гугл транслейт тебе в помощь . Но судя по всему от дохлого кота пользы будет больше чем от этого партнёра

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