Free TON Events Subgovernance

General description

This document explains the On-chain Governance implementation for Free TON Events Subgovernance.


Global popularization and promotion of the world’s first truly decentralized Free TON blockchain, which is built for community benefits and is fully managed by the community.


The objectives of Events SubGovernance are:

  1. Organization of online and offline events to implement the mission and goals of Free TON.

  2. Organization of events for Free TON participation and partnership in blockchain and cryptocurrency forums, international events.

  3. Organization of any networking events for Free TON community members and partners.

  4. Accompanying and organizing trips, business meetings, negotiations, and concierge service for members of the Free TON community and partners in any city of the world.

Procedural remarks

For Events SubGovernance, a separate interface should be added with functionality similar to the functionality of the current version of Governance. The interface should be accessible through an additional tab on (

Upcoming events plans for 2021

This section justifies the feasibility of creating Events Subgovernance and shows some examples of activities that can be prepared and carried out in the near future with the consent and support of the community.

  1. Organization and holding of the Free TON Anniversary on May 7, 2021. Suggested venue: Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana resort. Format of the event is “no tie session”: informal meeting, relaxation, birthday celebration Free TON, networking. Invitation of the press is supposed.

  2. Participation, partnership or speaking at the VI International Forum on Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and Mining (Blockchain Life 2021). Venue: Moscow, Music Media Dome. Dates: April 21-22, 2021.

Any other events can be held at any time at the request of the Free TON community.


Events Subgovernance Members (with public keys):

  1. Ilona amalfica (Telegram) – 60a8e16381568bbd92187ac353076c03115a5985a9447527a7d04afc2185c3b9

  2. Dmitry bitjudge (Telegram) – ae3ad6a97803b9e9d60896590cd877d8a044e611b5b07ab6bf73d631e64a7e1a

  3. Fedor Skuratov (Telegram) – b624092041b68554db7c011f08da7ae12fb8a3ccb69c907193d3335fe7b50691

  4. Anesthesia V. (Telegram) – 197656798230704adeac2ca991923a684242df6cc50533cafbcb43822a417d0c

  5. Alexandr Vat (Telegram) – 1b4ba60e09ba6323c4510c587f171a715cdfb81347d96556f5e3e14aba7cccd8

  6. Nina Elsbet (Telegram) – 1c4220d2cc02716af605642182c18881ab1a70e2a64e37162224f3856b76a467

  7. additionally recruited

  8. additionally recruited

  9. additionally recruited

  10. additionally recruited

and more members

Budget Estimate

No initial budget requested. The budget will be requested at the initial stage of preparation of each activity, after providing the corresponding cost estimate.

Individual events held within Events Subgovernance can be completely self-supporting. For such events, the budget is not requested, and the profit is distributed among the participants according to the agreements.

Members and Jury

Immediately after the launch of Events Subgovernance, a contest will be held to recruit a wide range of members from the international community. The selected members will also automatically form the lineup for the Events Subgovernance Jury.


Anyone can participate in any Events Subgovernance procedures, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or legal entities.


Post place reserved for next use

I ran my own events company for 10 years and before that was VP, Americas for the world’s largest event production company responsible for 16 offices and 600+ sales and production people (3,500 employees worldwide). I have quite a bit of experience with this industry.

One issue that I have, this sub-gov can only become truly functional once the COVID-19 issue is resolved. It has killed the events business. Right now almost 90% of this industry has moved to online events. This is important to note.

This sub-gov will require production people, marketing, design and sales. It’s not a simple task. I think it’s a bit premature.


The proposal for this SG is a good one, if you do not take into account the restrictive measures in connection with the pandemic, which can negate the entire mission of this SG.

It may be worth waiting at least for spring to understand whether the pandemic itself and the need for restrictive measures will be minimized…

Предложение создания этого SG хорошее, если не брать во внимание ограничительные меры в связи с пандемией, которые могут свести на нет всю миссию этого SG.

Возможно стоит подождать хотя бы весны для того, чтобы понимать будут ли сходить к минимуму сама пандемия и необходимость ограничительных мер…

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I have more humble experience :slight_smile:

I ran my own events company for 5 years and before I was CM in largest event company (Moscow) about 2 years. I have been organizing large events more than 3000+ people (including both private and urban events).


And also we can do online-events.

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With Tree TON Team we plan minimum 2 events in 2021. Spring planting (April 22-25) and autumn distribution (Oct 1-3). Both openair music & art fests, up to 500 Participants, Tverskaya oblast/region. I have 20 year experience of such events. Most recent - Pangalactic camp and art on Russian Burners events. Collaborate with 500+ artists and key festivals.
For 7th of May best Russian DJs can arrange)


Thanks for your interest, this is a great offer. We’ll be happy to add you as a member. However, this subgovernance has not yet been approved, but we hope to return to discussing this issue soon.

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useless subgovernance for selfish satisfaction

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We have a lot of ideas online-events (and other activities). For example, zoom-session on 14th of February, 15.00 msk (12.00 UTC) Join us :slightly_smiling_face:

Ilona, thank you very much for the personal invitation. I appreciate it. Unfortunately I was busy that day.

organize a Bike ride Free Ton


This is an interesting idea, thanks :+1: But now we are all waiting for the end of the pandemic.


:gem: Free TON Road Show :india:

Organising a Free TON Road Show on 7th May of 2021 with Free TON Logos at different geographical locations where Free TON Supporters are ready to participate in it will be a effective celebration for Free TON very first anniversary.


I will surely participate in it with a freeton banner :india:

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The pandemic is not over yet, so this year we will be doing “The worldwide meetup with the online broadcast of an offline meetup in Moscow”
Please join :slightly_smiling_face:

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