Free TON Airdrop to Surf users

Free TON Adoption Key

Adoption of Free TON is now mainely features in Surf Browser.
More wallet Downloads can explode adoption of Free TON.

Airdrop Scale

Airdrop 1 TON to every user of Surf is liable enough to support network and can be a fortuner for Free TON

Claim 1 TON

Surf user can claim 1 TON by submitting their Username and Surf Address at Contest

Topic is Discussion-Centric Only. Contest will be created after some changes as community demands only after sufficient support from the community.


Very good idea! I hope it will happen!

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New Contest for surf users is proposed to reward users of surf.

what is the initial value of 1 TON going to be at launch ?..

It depends on market demands of TON Crystal.