Proposal: Surf Onboard [Not Airdrop]


Let’s make the life of the first million of Free TON blockchain users easier by using token onboarding, which will allow users to immediately activate accounts and try fast transactions with confidential comments available on the Free TON blockchain.

Surf – simple and secure TON blockchain communicator. All-in-one: crypto wallet, blockchain browser and secure chat.

Wallet for storage

Clean and clear interface without superfluous bells and whistles. All you need and nothing more: your token accounts, balances, transaction statistics and services available on the TON blockchain.

Chat for action

Send messages or tokens in the chat directly to achieve your goals here and now. No need to worry about privacy. It is a secure chat based on TON blockchain technology, protected from unauthorized access as much as possible.

The following features are available in Surf for all users:

For the mass adoption of Free TON, it is necessary to show users the possibilities of Surf via Surf Onboard.


To promote Surf in connection with the release in the framework of the Surf Onboard program (use cases), 1 250 000 tokens are required to achieve 1+ mln user Surf installs (See Program).

250 000 TONs will be locked for transaction costs (3 transactions per user, testing, other (See mechanics). In case ant balance is left over, tokens will continue to be distributed via the Surf Onboard program until they run out.




Proposal - Surf Onboard Campaign

Goal achievement toolset & Mechanics:


Referral system (Surf)

Smart-contract for distribution (Chain Rider)


  1. +0.25 tons for multisig deploying (wallet activation).
  2. +0.5 tons as a gift.
  3. +0.25 will get a referral for each user who will install Surf with their referral link.

3 transactions per user. The peculiarity of the blockchain is that first you need to deploy the wallet before you start using it.

Motivation & Goals:

Attracting new community members by performing an action - installing Surf.

Distribution of the native TON Crystal coins.


1 250 000 TONs to reach 1 000 000 (~1 000 000+) accounts (Android/iOS). Overall address creation would be obtained during the Surf Onboard campaign.

Benefits to the Free TON Community:

  • New users get the opportunity to try out first steps in the Free TON Blockchain via Surf.
  • Will attract more newcomers to the Free TON community and get them involved.
  • Free TON use case via TON Crystal adoption.
  • 1 000 000+ TON addresses activation.
  • Token distribution. See

Bot Protection

To prevent fraudulent use of bots to obtain tokens we are going to implement platform-dependent app protection solutions, based on relevant vectors of attack against mobile apps and recommended countermeasures for them, described by the OWASP international organization in the “Mobile Application Security Verification Standard” ( and “Mobile Security Testing Guide” ( projects.

Further plans

If the mechanics prove to be valuable in terms of token distribution then it will be necessary to repeat this cycle.


It will be so simple to write a robot for this proposal


Can you create a DeBot?)))

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iOS & Android. No Roots. No Emulators. Etc. are you sure?


We can create a Contest for the best idea for DeBot

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Sorry, didn’t get this point correct.

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Need more information how surf defends from emulators.
Need more information how it works in code.

Now it’s looking like a task for writing bots what drain all allocated crystals.



It will be expensive for them.
Do you mean open-source? It will be soon.

For DeBots there will be another contest in the future.


With no staking, I see it absolutely useless. You have a wallet but what can you do with it?

At least staking (and listing?) can attract the masses to the process.


Staking is a part of DePools. It will be soon too!

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When moon, Sir?

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:


I agree that such initiatives need some bot-protection techniques.

Plus, having this drop, we might also use new users to join official groups and social media.


Great proposal. :+1:
Is there a referral code/link for each Surf user now?


Didn’t understood this part, 1 million will be distributed amount 1 million new users.

What this 250,000 crystals for ?


And what about people that, for any reason, don’t want to use mobile surf app and choose for the web app? are we discriminating somebody?


See mechanics. Gas fee, testing. If there will left smth it will be distributed also.


No. On web, there might be bots farming.

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if you want to gift crystals, you have to do it for any wallet deployment, in some way


Will the Surf referral link (in Surf Onboard) be the same link in the future Airdrop?


The offer is good and the referral system is excellent, but can make it multi-layered, then people will have an incentive to spread the information virus. It is also possible to increase the gift crystals to at least 1.