Forum Supporters Contest

Important Note:
This is a one-time contest (for previous activities only) and there are no plans for it to be repeated.


This contest is designed to thank the forum members based on (and proportional to) their past effective activities. Let’s be thankful for the activities which have been done without any expectations.


A new kind of contest


Sep 15, 2020 – End of Sep 20, 2020 (UTC time). You should submit your surf receive address within this time frame. Otherwise, no rewards will be provided for you.

Important Note:

The forum activity up to the end of 14th Sep 2020 (UTC time) will be considered only. To avoid spam activity on the forum, the activities after 14th Sep 2020 will have no value in this contest.


The reward of each participant will be calculated based on the following formula:
0.3*[(30 * received likes)+(1 * given likes)+(100 * topic created)+(10 * posts created)+(10 * topics viewed)+(1 * posts read)+(10 * visits)+(100 * time read in hour)] in TONs

The total distributed rewards will be 300,000 TONs, if all the forum members participate in this contest. Otherwise, it will be less than 300,000 TONs.

Motivation: ( Thanks to @C_Support050)

Please note that it is a new kind of contest and has some benefits including:

  • No voting is needed (note that some users are not satisfied from past votings)
  • Public reward to all users based on their past activities.
  • Having a solution for scam & fake activities
  • Great motivation to all community members.


Any supporter can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.


Good idea! We need to launch a contest

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Это тут деньги раздают ? Я уже кошелек приготовил )


This is a new proposal. After it gets sufficient supportive comments and attention it will change to an active contest. Then, we all can submit our surf address to get the mentioned rewards.


multipliers for each activity type and global multiplier should be better discussed and motivated.
will be great to extract current statistics and find out how to improve the formula

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It’s a pity that I’m a new member. I wish I had done more activities. Anyway, it is fair: More active guys earns more rewards. I guess it will be the first contest in which there is no loser :smile:. Am I right?

Guys please support this proposal. I make every moment count to earn my first TONs. :star_struck:


Ready to participate actively, I will comment on what I know and what I do not know, write what I can, create stupid themes, the main thing crystals on more give!



This is really a new kind of contest.

  • No voting (note that some users are not satisfied from past votings)
  • Public reward to all users based on their past activities.
  • Having a solution for scam & fake activities
  • Great motivation to all community members.

I support it and hope that community support this new kind of proposal.



The reward is for your past activities. This kind of activities will not help you.


and I am so sorry. I wanted to fool everyone.


Thanks a lot @C_Support050

I believe you have described the proposal better than me. With your permission, I would like to add your comments to the proposal.

Thanks in advance



I see. Wishing you the best

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You are welcome @MonaMahmoodi1

By my first knowledge, you are right. It will be the first contest that has no loser. All participants will get rewards proportional to their activities.

and today it is considered, let’s talk about it more).

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Thanks @isheldon

Unfortunately, I have no access to the statistics. I will be thankful If the forum admins can confirm, correct or improve the formula.

The main problem in the previous contests is that some guys are losers and this makes them hopeless. I have tried to get rid of this by proposing:

But up to now it couldn’t get sufficient support. Believe me. We need to keep all the members satisfied somehow because Free TON needs the help of all the members but not only a few good guys. I hope if we are going to correct this proposal, we will keep this feature (no loser) unchanged.


You are truly clever. Good for you :+1:t2:

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Only new participants?

No, that is another contest.

This “Forum Supporters Contest” is for all the members. Everybody is welcome. The contest is designed so that all the participants in this contest will win some rewards (the amount of the reward is proportional to the activity they have done in the past). I hope the community will support


Ok im support this contest :ok_hand:
But you should correct disclaimer: any NEW supporter

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Are you planing rewards for the forum badges?

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