Exclusion of Jurors from Global Community SubGovernance


When submitting entries to the “Global Community SubGov – Jury Selection” contest, all participants were acquainted with the terms and conditions of the contest and, accordingly, by submitting an entry, they accepted these terms and conditions.

This proposal is the exclusion of Jurors who have violated paragraph 5 of the section “Rights and duties of the winner as a Jury member”:
«5. Jury members who have not voted in 2 contests in a row are automatically expelled from the jury without notice » .

In the Global Community SubGovernance Telegram chats, however, all Jury Members were warned to vote before each contest. None of the following jurors informed in advance of a good reason for not being able to vote in a particular contest.




After analyzing all of the completed contests that have been held at Global Community SubGovernance, in two consecutive contests (#8 Contest: Free TON goes to TikTok; #7 Renewal Contest: Free TON Ambassadors (Stage 1: Ambassadors Selection)) the following Jurors did not vote:

1) @am_kira

wallet address: 0:a734f38122ffa7f4eb5086f5822225316e4edc6d48bee0d8993a9c5b9545e920
public key: 85655e78995c570fa8601ce99a3ed2c0b39816cd1023d65b4c3021fba7961d05

2) @ayatoslaw

wallet address: 0:704ef781dcb026774a3a3991812cbc41bdcdd75d2e4c6890b76fcd19a7b8ee75
public key: db516ce7d27a45a45cf01bd24a572a512c3fe09e4999f9f467063fd10c6ed231

3) @h_h_c

wallet address: 0:b37b25a780a99c55ad6186ab890c31efbfa2855e28179f264c906461d9670647
public key: 0e507a4a2a051e1df3cfe722200250105204626dff896b9384a065f960446574

4) @WuChi001X

wallet address: 0:6c22afd529fee19c9e639b8f1ef42bafe6aaadf65bd79363e48f92d7db9fab0b
public key: 91dc3ad261136e97c8587c945afa233e199704a5068488a856d674d5214d113a

5) @wishingonlytodie

wallet address: 0:f88d3b378574d5e46af3bf9b328e6ec16d93c624533ee429510429111ba12a94
public key: ead875cb149f0b84ae373a67469f05977744dbe21102f42e4a18d32efe0876a5

6) @lvv365

wallet address: 0:c1fb48d053117f2efb5d802c118b2ce1b9ce038a1e6da048679ef13d803afc68
public key: 012f4c4b29ad67936c63fff082699435d638024ef124b4b38d8eb2d112ea4d8a

7) @Artanovskaya ( she is also excluded due to her negative reputation in the community and inappropriate behavior, both as a juror and as a member of the community )

wallet address: 0:67d445e84934feeaea7409a5698b595cd531f1544ca5b91e231a82de1780f224
public key: 3b1109f065e1406b1dcaf42fc17971b434b8cc8a3d1337cdd48b1bd8050c345f

According to paragraph 5 of “Rights and duties of the winner as a Jury member” of the “Global Community SubGov – Jury Selection” contest, these Jurors will be excluded without notice. Therefore, they will not be able to vote in Global Community SubGovernance contests in the future.