Contest: Global Community SubGov – Jury Selection


We are planning to create a decentralized Global Community Sub-Governance Jury with a total of up to 30 participants (including the Initial Members). That is, up to 19 willing participants from the Free TON community who are willing to put in the time and efforts to study, interpret, analyze, vote, and deliver qualified feedback to contest submissions from contestants will be accepted into the Jury of the Global Community Sub-Governance.



Application time:

23.12.2020 (00:00 UTC) – 10.01.2021 (23:59 UTC).

Voting time:

11.01.2021 (00:00 UTC) – 20.01.2021 (23:59 UTC).


In an effort to decentralize processes within the Free TON Global Community Sub-Governance, the Jury must be selected from the community. This will help achieve the goal of decentralized Sub-Governance.

Also, given the crisis of voting in the community and the frequent dissatisfaction of community members about it, we decided to increase the duties and responsibilities of Jury members. Accordingly, the motivational component of each contest will be taken into account, since voting is a difficult and responsible task.

Requirements for participants:

1. Candidates who would like to be Jurors should send a resume (in PDF format) describing their past experience, contact information, reputation, and a brief description of why you think you would be best suited for the Jury and why you should be selected.

2. Candidates must be members of the Free TON community and sign the Declaration of Decentralization. Preferably – active members of the Free TON community.

3. If the candidate is a current juror in the Free TON community and/or a Member of one or more Sub-Governance, candidate should be sure to provide this information with specifics.

4. If the candidate is a representative of the same company as any of the Jurors, a relative, or a team member of one of the Jurors, the candidate must disclose this with the Juror’s affiliation.

5. Candidates must include Free TON wallet address and Public Key to it on their resume. These details will be needed to enter them into the smart contract and into the voting interface. Otherwise, the submission may be rejected.

6. The candidate should have / be:

  • Understanding how decentralized Community work;

  • Conflict-free, objective view;

  • Free time for detailed reading and all kinds of verification of participants’ submissions;

  • Responsible and self-organized;

  • Sufficient knowledge of English to read, understand, and feedback to submissions.

Rights and duties of the winner as a Jury member:

Winners will get the right to be a juror for each Free TON Global Community Sub-Governance contest going forward and get the same reward as each contest describes for jurors. The award will be distributed in fair proportion to all jury members participating in the voting who have given a mark or “Reject” other than “Abstain”, based on the quantity of votes within a specific contest.

In order to get the jury reward described in each contest, the juror must consider the following:

1. Each juror should review each contest and its requirements under “Contests Free TON Global Community Sub-Governance”;

2. The juror should review each contestant’s submission (uploaded in PDF format) and determine if each submission is within the scope of his or her understanding to judge it, and then vote as follows:

a) If outside of juror competence, the juror should vote to “Abstain”;

b) If within juror competence, the juror should vote on a scale of 1-to-10 with 1 representing least and 10 representing most qualified submissions;

c) If the submission is inappropriate, the PDF file is unopenable or corrupt, is a duplicate etc., the juror should vote to “Reject”.

3. The juror should provide constructive and qualified feedback in the appropriate field describing the reason for their score.

4. To reject the submission, only 50% +1 votes from those members of the jury who actually voted for this submission work are enough.

5. Jury members who have not voted in 2 contests in a row are automatically expelled from the jury without notice.

6. Jury members who have not voted on more than 70% of submissions in each of the 2 contests in a row are automatically expelled from the jury without notice.

7. Jury members who voted in one of the contests for 70% of submissions or less, and in the next contest did not vote at all (and vice versa), are automatically expelled from the jury without notice.

8. Jury members must fulfill other duties and / or adhere to the rules that will be described in contests.

9. Systematic violations of the rules or non-fulfillment of duties (except as indicated in paragraphs 5-7 of this section) by a member of the jury oblige the other members of the jury to vote for his expulsion.

As any civic duty dictates, every juror must remain objective to the best of his/her abilities in regard to voting, i.e., stick to the facts and the facts only, leaving any personal feelings aside.

In case the juror, his/her relative, or a member of his/her team is participating in the contest, the juror must abstain from voting for this contest. In this case, the conditions specified in paragraphs 5 and 7 of this section will not apply to the next vote of this Jury member.

Voting for new jury:

1. Each of the Initial Members Global Community Sub-Governance (they are also Jurors) can vote on your submission (candidacy) to become a juror.

2. Each juror will vote by rating each submission on a scale of 1 to 10 or can choose to reject it if it does not meet the requirements, or they can choose to abstain from voting.

3. Jurors will provide feedback for every submission.

4. In order for a qualifying candidate to become a member of the Global Community Sub-Governance Jury:

  • The submission must receive points 1-10 from 50%+1 votes of those Jury members who actually voted for that submission;

  • The submission must receive an average point of 6.00 or higher after voting.

5. The Free TON Global Community Sub-Governance Initial Members that form the original Global Community Sub-Governance Jury will retain their Jury membership after this contest ends. All the rights and duties of the Global Community Sub-Governance Jury specified in this contest apply to them.

6. Jurors whose company, relative/s or team member/s intend/s to participate in this contest cannot vote, even if they are a sitting juror.

7. Each contestant that wins and becomes a juror will receive 100 TON Crystal as a welcome bonus.

8. An amount equal to 150% of the sum total of all total tokens awarded to contest winners (welcome bonus) will be distributed among jurors who vote and provide feedback. This percentage will be awarded on the following basis:

The percentage of tokens awarded to the jury will be distributed based on the number of votes each juror casts. For example, if one juror votes 50 times and another juror votes 5 times, the juror who votes 50 times will get 10 times more tokens than the juror who votes 5 times.

Feedback is mandatory in order to collect any rewards.

Procedural requirements:

Accessibility . All submissions must be accessible for the jury to open and view, so please double-check your submission. If the submission is inaccessible or does not fit the criteria described, jurors may reject the submission.

Timing . Contestants must submit their work before the closing of the filing of applications. If not submitted on time, the submission will not count.

Content . Please submit in PDF format. If all or a portion of the original content cannot be in the form of a PDF, simply submit a PDF with links to that original content. Such links must be to files that cannot be edited after this contest is in the voting phase. If the file links are editable after voting, the jury can reject your submission. This is CRUCIAL! The message in the topic of the contest, which you refer to when submitting, must contain contact information.

Contact. Each submission must have an identifiable contact that can be matched with your description. If you have not provided a forum description for discussion, then your application should contain links to your online persona, for example, a Telegram ID (preferred) or other direct contact information that can confirm that the submitted work is yours. In the absence of confirmation by the contestant of the authorship of the submitted work, the submission is rejected.

Multiplicity. No multiple submissions are allowed for this contest.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute tokens to US citizens or US entities.


Shared on the Free TON blog:


I would like to join but honestly I’m in conflict with that point. I am very concerned about my anonymity and privacy. How can I write a resume and remain in friendship with myself? :slight_smile:
Or anonymized resumes are allowed? :zipper_mouth_face: :thinking:

Update from 10.01.21

  • Resume submitted.
  • Wallet: 0:a087d81ab4c45086aae9ea07580a9d08f2d8a9b0693b20daca775503e77be68a
  • Pubkey: 53c97ef69d75641d455b620e0f57d4a56af55247fe25b82ea3fca3211e7e9147
  • Telegram: @aicracy

Hi! Anonymous resumes, of course, are not allowed. But, I think, designating your Telegram username, nickname on the Forum, other usernames in social networks, other forums (if there are any) - will not reveal your anonymity completely. Address of residence and country of residence is not required :slightly_smiling_face:


Global Community Sub-governance submission
Name: Sergey
ID Telegram: @elagai
Address: 0:91dc4ad407c8b6dc24f5d86a0a8cce45ca7da6aa41ed73ab99eeffe65c8eb4cd


Hi all,

My submission in PDF
Telegram and Forum: @WuChi001X

With kind regards


Добрый день, уважаемое сообщество, меня зовут Владимир. Я хотел бы предложить свою кандидатуру в члена жюри. IT технологиями занимаюсь с 2001 года, в основном специализируюсь на системном администрировании, в том числе на технической поддержке пользователей и консалтинговых услугах. Криптовалютами увлекаюсь с 2017 года, являюсь активным участником нескольких комьюнити, одним из администраторов группы Принимаю активное участие в жизни форума Криптоталк. Мой профиль на форуме
Good afternoon, dear community, my name is Vladimir. I would like to nominate myself as a member of the jury. I have been engaged in IT technologies since 2001, mainly specializing in system administration, including technical support for users and consulting services. I have been interested in cryptocurrencies since 2017, I am an active member of several communities, one of the administrators of the group Take an active part in the forum Cryptotec. My profile on the forum


Hello friends!

I have signed the Declaration of Decentralization and am ready to go forward with Global Community SubGov*

Decentralized management can be compared to a locomotive that pulls the entire train, and I want to be directly present and contribute to the development of Free TON by becoming one of the jury members.

Telegram - @lesnik13utsa


The contest is already active. You can submit your resumes:


Urfan Sadigzade, an IT, mostly blockchain technology enthusiast. I am currently a university student, IT and International Relations/Business in Poland, Katowice from which I will graduate very soon, therefore I will have even more time to promote the wiki on an international level (European, at least. However my destinations include Canada as well).

I am a translator/rewriter (also starting to do copywriting projects) for Free TON Wiki and I like to believe that since I have demonstrated professionalism and good work ethic, I have recently been selected as a member in Free TON Wiki Subgovernance.

I have been following blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies for the past 5-6 years. I had interest in the Free TON project as soon as I heard about it, however, because of my work and study, I only got a chance to join this community. Now I have dedicated most of my free time to this project, therefore I can contribute more.

Since joining the community I have been actively translating the Free TON Wiki into my language, so I can share this project with my people through social media and attract more investments and people into this project, because I truly believe that Free TON is the future.

Here is my work since I have joined the community. I am working hard to let people know that Free TON is very well prepared and should be more than mainstream.

From my point of view, I am a perfectionist with the motivation to always achieve more. Therefore, if I were to be selected as a jury, I would do my best to develop and promote our community and project in the right way.

I think my education level, work ethic, responsibility and language level is high enough to contribute to this project. In these 2 documents I have attached, you can see my native language level and my english level.

To summarize, I hope I can be an even closer part of this community and project, therefore I can contribute even more.

Best Regards,

Urfan Sadigzade


You understand that this is not a Wiki Jury Selection Contest? Your duties will be to vote for the Global Ambassadors, Forum Supporters and other promotion events under Global Community Sub-Governance management.

Will you be able to understand the requirements at these events to do your best as a Jury and vote according to the specific requirements?


Yes, I included that because the original post asked for any past experience with the project,and if the contestant is already a juror in the Free TON community. I noted that I have been already working with the Wiki team of this project (that is why I have attached my works) and I am already member (which makes me juror too) of the Wiki Subgovernance. I would not apply for it again.

Since I am very invested in this project, I like to believe that I can contribute to the general, global community of the Free TON. I understand my duties and I will try my upmost in performing them so.


Hi guys, there is my submission.
It’s number is 7.
Want to join Global Community jury.

Telegram - @wishingonlytodie


Hello everyone, my Telegram ID is @DrWattson. If you’ll have any questions, feel free to ask.
Best wishes! With kind regards.


Hi guys,

My submission in PDF
Telegram @savdm and Forum: @ferox

In TON we trast


A juror submission to Global Community Sub-governance Contest
Name: Vladimir
Telegram: @weborsha
Free TON address: 0:de008aadf9c61c579b0946184572b56fe0f5b4b3c6cd9ba68c371c08d89b90f0


Hello everyone, and good luck to all

My submission in PDF
Telegram username: @feedose
TON Surf Wallet address:


I’d like to join Global Community Sub-Governance Jury.
Username: heyod
Telegram username: @heyodhewow
TON Surf Wallet address:


Учитывая описанную активность на криптофорумах, почему не подали заявку на Free TON activity and support on forums contest?

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12 и 13 заявки судя по кошельку обе твои, в 12 не открывается пдф. Что именно подавал, почему две?

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