DeStats Award Distribution Q2 / 21

DeStats Award Distribution Q2 / 21


This offer offers rewards to community members for their previous activities and initiatives between April 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021. Community members who helped prepare and process payments for completed contests and offers. They created smart contracts for contests. They confirmed and verified transaction work tables and initiated transactions. It’s time for the community to evaluate and reward the team of these (responsible) contributors.


Remuneration based on past performance.


July 05, 2021 (00: 01 UTC) - July 11, 2021 (23:59 UTC). Participants must submit their materials confirming their activity. Otherwise, the reward will not be provided. The voting period of the jury is 7 days.

Candidate criteria for voting:

Time and effort spent during the contest payout period
Scenarios, working with pay tables, discussing and agreeing on payouts
Technical advice, creating smart contracts and launching contests
Checks, reconciliations, calculations with the winners of competitions.


To reward the participants, funds of 25,000 TON Crystal have been allocated, this motivation will be spent in full. Funds are allocated from the budget of A&S SG. The reward will be distributed among the participants who have proven their activity.

25,000 TON Crystal will be distributed as a percentage according to the points scored. The reward will be paid to all participants who have scored more than 3 points.

The calculation of the distribution of prizes by percentage will be made in an Excel table. The formula is given below.

Excel Formula for “Reward”:

=IF((PrizeFund/(SUM(Submissions With Avg. Score>Score Threshold)-(Score Threshold*(COUNTIF(Submissions With Avg.Score>Score Threshold)))(Submission Avg. Score - Score Threshold))>0;(Prize Fund/(SUM(Submissions With Avg. Score>Score Threshold) - (Score Threshold(COUNTIF(Submissions With Avg.Score>Score Threshold)))*(Submission Avg. Score - Score Threshold));0)

Static values:

Prize Fund = 25k

Score Threshold = 3 Submissions With Avg. Score >=3

Dynamic values: Submission Avg. Score

Link to the Excel table


Please send a PDF file with information about your work done between April 1, 2021 to June 30, 2021. The participant must provide information on the work performed for which no remuneration was paid in other competitions. The methods of sending are (but are not limited to) screenshots, clickable links, messages with a description of the actions you performed.

Jury Awards:

  • An amount equal to 10% of the total amount of all tokens awarded to DeStats participants will be distributed among the jurors, who will vote and provide feedback.

  • As per Procedural remarks on contests


Procedural Requirements:

Вам не кажется что это похоже на зарплату ? Вы голосуете на конкурс по награждению самих себя. Почему таких “конкурсов” нет в DGO, DevEX, DevOps, в main governance? Чем ваша деятельность так сильно отличается от них ?

Hello, please read the contest carefully.

Есть же процент от награды в конкурсе, зачем отдельно это все проводить?

Процент распределяется между жюри, теми кто изучает и голосует по конкурсам.
DeStats - предназначен для награды тех ребят, которые создают смарты, запускают конкурсы в блокчейне, сверяют таблицы и адреса всех конкурсантов (победителей) и жюри в каждом конкурсе всех SG, перепроверяют эти данные и суммы наград, создают смарты для подписи и выплаты всем участникам. Обновляют публичные ключи и проверяют адреса новых членов жюри, своевременно обновляют (продлевают) конкурсы по необходимости.
Сверяют суммы и адреса для выплат по партнерским траншам.

Понял. Спасибо за разъяснения