AEC Awards - Partnership proposal

Hi Freetoners!

We are glad to present our event “Art Erotic Challenge” for a partnership programme with Free TON.

Art Erotic Challenge (AEC) is a massive, international online project that aims to unite growing community of creative people with common interest in eroticism. We see strong demand for such event, especially during pandemic time, and can assure massive participation and active involvement of very wide audience.

As part of the project, we want to offer cooperation to the FreeTON community in order to create an advanced event platform, which will facilitate all necessary functionality including registration, operations in TONs, participating in auctions and lotteries etc. All prizes and voting procedures are nominated in TONs.

Detailed partnership proposal is attached below.

Furthermore, pursuing the mutually beneficial partnership with Free TON, we would like to launch a limited crowdfunding for estimated 5000 TONs on following terms:

  • Minimal funding size: 5 TONs
  • If more than 5000 TONs is requested altogether, we can distribute proportionally, by limiting requested sums
  • We grant to all crowdfunding participants a VIP status of access to the AEC platform, according to terms of usage of the platform
  • The funds will be repaid in 2 months with a multiple of x1.3.

To make request for participating in the crowdfunding please fill in the form at

Actual date for funding payment and respective AEC TON wallet address will be communicated separately to your email address.

For additional materials, please refer to:

  1. AEC presentation with a detailed description of goals, objectives, event stages and activities for 2021: FreeTON-Partnership – Google Drive
  2. Temporary AEC site:
  3. Link to AEC promo video:

Also, we are considering to arrange a video call to present our event and discuss in person all possible questions - please let us know if you are interested to participate in the call. You will be able to speak to founders and jurors of the event. The timing is to be confirmed - presumably it will be in early January.

Thanks for attention!

We are waiting for comments, questions and feedback!

Alena Syrovatskaya, Project Manager!

Tel: +79660469120
Tg: @syrokevent
Free TON address: 0:7ebaf1d13ebdbf5f36e3227e12186fc3fd820ee810e916866973e0d837d18f57

Please find some additional details for our projected NFT functionality

Short description of on-chain NFT auction platform functionality:

Mission and Concept:

  • One of the first NFT solutions on Free TON
  • Aims development of user-friendly interfaces that would allow easy going addition of NFTokens from any other projects, even for technically unsophisticated people
  • Creation of tools for ‘two-click’ launch of new NFTs
  • Creation of standards of operations with NFTs
  • Creation of NFT database and wallets register
  • Support of integrations of NFT database with third-party applications, including wallets, such as Surf or extraTON
  • Supporting materials covering advantages of NFT system, as compared to conventional auctions
  • Development and testing of contract system
  • Built-in scalability for future development and expansion
  • Full support of Art Erotic digital products auction functionality.


  • MVP version: web application
  • beta version: July 2021

That’s the kind of proposal that should be submitted to the community right before the New Year :slight_smile: :+1:


We expect to see here the opinion of @XLR25t soon after yours ))) Seems to be a rule. I predict that this will be accepted without explanation.


I do not understand one single word you write here. What do you sell? Dildos? Cryptodildos?


Don’t get your point

Detailed project, almost no upfront costs. I think it deserves at least AMA session.

My questions are:
What’s the point in crowdfunding this initiative? It’ like “hey, I really want to support this event I never heard about before” or what?
What exactly are your planned NFT tokens? Awards? Pieces of art? Nudes?


Why should community “fund” anything?!
Everybody wants tokens for nothing…


Funny website :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::smiley:
Shaik and Litvinova were funny.
Fake prop.

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Need to see (images)

  • How looks same challenge
  • Example of goods that you will sell at auction

Need proofs

  • Natalia Vodianova, Renata Litvinova and other famous peoples join to the challenge. Post in Instagram or Twitter for example.

Need info about

  • Team
  • Founders

Need to know

  • What VIP give me except x1.3 tokens
  • Why you add crowdfunding if you ask coins by proposal
  • How to get people to use Free TON coins instead of selling them

Need AMA session and answers here on forum


Good evening! Our project has nothing to do with falamitators or prophetic sex. On the contrary, we are promoting the idea of ​​"erotica as art" and we are implementing socially important projects. More details about the project can be found in our presentation at the link:


Мне кажется вы ошиблись дверями )) орудие для криптодрочило в другом здании:joy::joy: молодца англичане ,хоть во FREE TON придут живые люди ,а не боты))


We will be happy to hold an AMA session and answer all your questions. Examples of perceived challenges and successes in the presentation and on the website. We are now negotiating with the above-mentioned people about information and media support


I think its a Wonderful proposal! its great to finally present something besides tech and fintech solutions and bring real people and diversify base of art, music and fashion lovers and professionals to Free TON.


Хорошо что хоть презервативы с надписью FreeTON не додумались еще выпускать :rofl:
Кто все эти вопрошающие?

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We, at FREETONSHOP fully support a project that brings social diversification to Free TON project and promotes not just unique technical solutions, but also the crowd that appreciates the beauty that this world has to offer.

Condoms, hm … great idea!


Useless fake or cut try.

You haven’t stated one sentence of criticism, besides dildos, fake and useless.

Please show something that you are doing for Free TON, something that confirms your qualification to make any negative statements

  1. Thank you, we are ready to conduct an online presentation of the project and AMA session, presumably on January 19-20. We will inform on exact date of the call

  2. In our case, we are not focused to get financing thru crowdfunding, crowdfunding is one of the ways to get the community involved in the project. We are launching crowdfunding for 2 main reasons:

  • to test crowdfunding approach within the scope of recent initiative PartnerTrack: Idea for onboarding & supporting partners, Broxus acts as an angel We hope that our experience will help to tune this approach and develop well-balanced token-based voting for partnerships
  • to establish core supporting community - for this reason we offer special (VIP) status to crowdfunding participants. We particularly hope that this group will help us with feedback on various developments that we are going to implement

We are very much sure that there will be a number of people who would like to join us at this early stage. We are open to answer any questions and provide any relevant information. The founders have spent substantial means and efforts on launching the project. Support us to get both TON reward (1.3 multiple) and VIP status!

  1. As part of the contest program, we will create an on-blockchain auction. The artists involved in the contest, after it is over, will have a chance to auction off their artwork. Each object to be put up for the action, will be tied to NFT token for authenticity. These objects could be artwork, photographs, clothing and other.

We are not asking to fund something that doesn’t serve the interest of the community and the development of Free TON at key of the project. We strongly believe that the project will have a strong positive impact on the diversification of the audience of Free TON which is important to a development of a truly decentralized network.

Art Erotic offers best ever approach for adaptation of Free TON technologies by very wide user base, beyond early adopters. Namely:

  • largest and unprecedented one-off campaign for new audience coverage - with estimated 70k new wallets opened
  • as a result of the campaign - 6 transactions per wallet with ~6.4 TON/wallet resulting balance
  • 0% risk of bot accounts - due to preliminary registration fee
  • long-term nature of the event - it means that initial investments will pull new TON accounts in the future with lesser cost

No doubts that this is the best possible new TON audience formation campaign across all Free TON partnership programmes so far


Thank you for your remark - we clarified the issue in the presentation - in accordance with generally accepted practice, we sent out invitations, and we hope that the candidates will accept them. We will make updates on the progress of jury and media person confirmation