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Нафиг нужно, в украине ВСЕ знают русский


Все да, но это не мешает создать им свой раздел на форуме, хотят, пусть делают))


Все да не все :slightly_smiling_face:

Good afternoon. Of course everyone knows Russian)) But if Free Ton wants to become a global community, it is logical to comply with the laws of different states. In Ukraine, the law on the state language was adopted (back in 2019), this law has a lot of things, but I’ll quote 3 points:

  1. Websites and pages in social networks of companies selling goods in Ukraine and registered in Ukraine must be in Ukrainian (Art. 27, part 6). There may be other versions, but the Ukrainian version must contain not less content and be loaded by default for citizens of Ukraine . The same applies to websites of state and municipal enterprises, as well as media registered in Ukraine.
  2. Websites of foreign companies, which sell goods in Ukraine, should also have Ukrainian version loaded by default.
  3. Mobile applications of companies selling goods and services in Ukraine must have a Ukrainian version.

All site owners now have the Ukrainian version, otherwise they promise to fine, so far only a warning)).

For this reason, the creation of the category “Ukrainian” will be justified in the long term.

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