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Hello everyone! This proposal has been in the plans for a long time, but we didn’t have time for it.


Not many new teams participate in FreeTON contests despite the huge prizes. Basically the same people and their friends/acquaintances participate in them.

I’m sure that there are a large number of participants who would like to compete in our contests, but unfortunately they don’t know about their existence.

Our proposal:

  1. It’s necessary to form a White list of platforms where contests on various topics are placed around the world.

  2. Assign hashtags to platforms - web-design, developing, analitics, blochchain dev, etc.

  3. STRONGLY recommend all S&G to assign hashtags to their contests and post contests on the white list platforms with a suitable direction (hashtag).

I understand that many will be unhappy :slight_smile: because all current participants benefit from the existing asymmetry of information. But let’s face it - the more the growth of new participants and, accordingly, the competition, the better for the development of FreeTON.

I propose to do the simplest action that doesn’t require any large budgets, separate contests, or something else. We only need community consensus, which will lead to a manifold increase in the number of participants in our contests.

We have compiled the first list of 52 such platforms for discussion and categorization. I will be grateful to everyone who can add additional high-quality requests for the white list or give comments on current requests.

The link is opened by copying to the search engine Brief description
1 https://godesigner.ru/ A very large Russian platform, which now has about 20 projects with prize funds from 6 to 45 thousand rubles.
2 Talenthouse Contests from well-known international brands with multi-thousand dollar and euro budgets.
3 Конкурсы дизайна - конкурсы веб-дизайна, графического дизайна - конкурсы на разработку дизайна Russian site with contests for websites, logos, signs and other design elements. Small budgets up to 15 thousand, but tasks are usually also simple.
4 https://freelance.habr.com Contests for freelancers
5 https://www.infodesigners.eu/ Foreign platform with contests from all over the world.
6 Все конкурсы - eÿeka Contests with serious budgets, there are awards of 12 thousand euros. There are customers from abroad, but everyone speaks Russian.
7 https://vsekonkursy.ru/ There is a contest for you, as a designer, and for your friends-photographers, and for your neighbor-journalist, and for his children. The resource is a large platform with links and descriptions of contests that are on the network.
8 Конкурсы дизайна, гранты - все конкурсы дизайна: графического, промышленного, одежды, интерьеров News, contests, events - everything for a design party.
9 https://99designs.com/ English-language platform, many contests for logos, illustrations and websites. The budgets are $200-1000.
10 Design Competitions This resource collects design contests from all over the world.
11 http://artnagrada.ru/ Here you can also find out about international contests, but their descriptions are in Russian.
12 http://awards.artdirectorsclub.ru/ Russian contest, preparatory stage for the international ADCE Awards. Many categories related to websites and graphic design. If you are under 25, you can participate in the Young & Students nomination, where even unrealized concepts participate.
13 https://www.awwwards.com/ Every day, the award is given to designers for creativity and usability, and developers for cool code. The winners of the daily prize compete for the monthly prize.
14 https://design.hse.ru/competitions They also keep a list of all types of design events: architecture, web, interior design and others.
15 Тендеры на веб-дизайн | Все тендеры России Web design tenders
16 Конкурсы для дизайнеров: полный гайд для веб и графических дизайнеров, сроки подачи заявки, стоимость участия, критерии победы - WebValley, Москва Contests for designers
17 https://www.webbyawards.com/ The most famous and prestigious contests in the field of web design and development
18 https://www.canneslions.com/ International Festival of Creativity “Cannes Lions”
19 https://thefwa.com/ Top Web Design Trends
20 The Best Mobile App Awards | Recognizing the best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Mobile Apps $75 - lifetime mention on the website, nominee and winner badges for insertion on websites, promotion of the winner on social media and mailing lists. Consideration of the request within 2-5 days. $125 - interview, badge, promotion in social networks and international press releases and approval of the request in 1-2 days.
21 https://www.cssawards.net/ Another daily reward is similar to Awwwards, but costs less to participate. The advantage is that you can submit a website for which you only drew the design, but didn’t launch it and write the code - this is a great option for designers.
22 https://europeandesign.org/ Design award with the Digital category, which includes nominations for an app and a website. Products are judged on quality and creativity, as well as usability and technical performance. Those who win the gold medal will be invited to its presentation in one of the European cities.
23 http://www.cssdesignawards.com/ The award is given daily, monthly and annually, and the winners receive respect, mentions and new interesting projects, and website guests receive ideas for their projects.
24 http://www.csswinner.com/ The award is given to the best websites on a daily basis. The requirements for the nominees are usual: the main thing is design, usability, functionality and content
25 https://www.globalmobileawards.com/ In 2017, the list of awards was replenished by seven positions, including the award for the best mobile app for virtual or augmented reality, for outstanding achievements in the transition from LTE to 5G and for the best use of mobile technologies within the framework of the «Smart City» concept. There are 39 awards in total, spread over eight categories.
26 http://2017.goldensite.ru/ Major Russian award with many nominations, including website design. There is a branch «Golden Application» with the same conditions and nomination for designers.
27 http://goldenhammer.eu/ Award in Latvia
28 https://www.horizoninteractiveawards.com/ The Horizon Interactive Awards have been one of the most prestigious interactive and creative media awards since 2001
29 http://mobilepremierawards.com/ The award was established in 2007 by Intel and is part of the World Mobile Congress conference
30 http://www.wsis-award.org/ Global award sponsored by the United Nations, the International Summit on the Information Society, UNESCO, UNIDO and GAID. The award is held among 178 countries, each of which has its own expert from the WSA
31 http://2016.goldenapp.ru/ The younger brother of the Golden Website award, which was launched in 2014. As the name suggests, the focus is on mobile development
32 Tagline Awards — высшая российская награда за достижения в digital-сфере: сайты, промо, мобильные приложения, social media Annual award from Tagline for achievements in the digital field. The winners are determined by an international jury and popular vote for the best innovative, interesting and high-quality projects with a high level of implementation.

The Design category is in the Kraft and Intranet nominations. Both large agencies and freelancers can participate.|
|33|http://codenrock.com/|Zucker Studio has launched Codenrock.com, an international SaaS platform designed for participants and organizers of online and offline hackathons and contests. Registered users can create their own event, or join the already presented event on the website, assemble a team or participate on their own. The service allows you to hold events in Russia and abroad.|
|34|https://freelancer.com/|Contests for freelancers|
|35|http://www.weblancer.net|Freelance exchange, contests for freelancers|
|36|https://freelance.boutique/|Contests for freelancers

IT and programming|
|37|https://www.designcontest.com/|Design contests|
|38|https://www.crowdspring.com/|Join over 60,000 companies, agencies and non-profit organizations that use crowdspring to grow their business with high quality custom designs.|
|39|https://world-it-planet.org/|International Olympiad in Information Technology|
|40|http://www.logomyway.com/|A platform for logo lovers. First the contest, then the order from the client. There is high competition, but the customers are also quite solvent. Entrepreneur magazine ordered its logo there|
|41|http://awards.ratingruneta.ru/|Completed Internet projects aimed primarily at the Russian-speaking audience (except for the «Best website in a foreign language» nomination). Both developers and customers can participate in the contest.|
|42|https://www.konkurs.ru/konkursy-dizajna-i-grafiki|Another resource with contests for the whole family. There is a separate section for designers.|
|43|https://workspace.ru/|Tenders and work in digital style|
|44|http://clios.com/awards|From brand design to the best student work|
|45|http://premiaruneta.ru/|The founder is the Russian Association for Electronic Communications. This is a kind of TEFI in the field of the Internet in terms of the degree of formality, requirements for nominees and proximity to the state and large companies.|
|46|http://awards.ratingruneta.ru/|The contest was founded by CMS magazine in 2010 on the basis of the project of the same name. It’s known for its adequacy to assessments, which gives it added value. The award is presented in 25 nominations for websites and 5 nominations for mobile apps.|
|47|http://tagline.ru/awards/|The award was established by the important rating agency Tagline in 2011. In addition to websites and mobile applications, the jury accepts projects in the field of AR, VR, DooH, performance marketing and social media, awards for the development of chatbots, and evaluates progress in the field of AI and digital creativity.|
|48|https://konkursoff.ru|For students|
|49|https://www.isoti-it.ru/mediabatle|The Internet platform ensures that contests of various topics are held on a single platform, which are inextricably linked with the education system and media technologies.|
|50|https://www.fanpagekarma.com/facebook-promotion|Service for conducting contests on Facebook|
|51|http://giveawation.com/|Service for conducting contests on Instagram|
|52|https://randompromo.ru/|Service for conducting contests in VK|


классная идея! однозначно надо дублировать на всех мировых площадках по фрилансу конкурсы

It is desirable that there are more contests (all sorts of different ones) with different budgets on different topics (useful FreeTON). I have an idea to create a contest for “Enthusiasts”, Participants will need to plan, develop and maintain contests for different SG (offer ideas for contests)


Каждый конкурс нужно анонсировать как можно шире, полностью согласен!

Full support, thanks for this great work! We should definitely increase the competition, it is good for everyone.

я в этом ничего не понимаю , но если это принесет рост монеткам - суппорт !

В большинстве случаев админы площадок против размещения непонятных им схем выплат и видят в постах спам. Сам по себе белый список хорошая идея, но нужна быстрая процедура добавления в него. Некоторые готовы размещать это как рекламу. Некоторые принципиально блокируют


To clarify, are you suggesting we post contests on forums/websites/job boards? Little confused because of the Webby awards link. If so what about all the subreddit groups, blockchain/crypto forums and platforms like https://laborx.com

I can also post ‘events’ (contests) on coindar/coinmarketcal.com

reverse-engineer: see where readers are getting tips from and driven to How To Make Money in A DAO | Hacker Noon and search for all the terms and questions that people are wondering when they researching getting involved with DAOs

*edit - Webby was autocorrected to Web


Будет ли польза от этого сообществу? Будет)
Но мне кажется, надо подходить к каждому конкурсу индивидуально.
Взять к примеру, Web & Design Subgov. На айдентику там заявок по 200. Если сделать масштабную рекламу какого-либо конкурса, (при этом не просто рекламу, а предоставить инструкцию, в которой, как для детсадовца, пошагово обяснено: что такое кристаллы и как их продать; без этого народ не придет) может быть наплыв, с последствиями которого будет трудно справиться, в частности

  • представьте не 200 заявок, а 2к (а такое вполне реально), из них 50% + в последний час конкурса
  • справятся ли с такой нагрузкой судьи веб-дизайна - тоже вопрос

Я бы предложила, тестить на каждом конкурсе постепенно: сделали рекламу на одной площадке, потестили, насколько прибавилось пользователей, каково качество их работ и т.п Добавили на следующий конкурс рекламу на другие площадки. И вся эта схема должна быть подстроена под каждый конкурс.

К тому же, когда привлекаешь массы, в условиях конкурса не должно быть “косяков”. Взять субгав аналитики (видимо, им навеяно). Сейчас 2е верифицируют партнера по корпоративной почте. Нормально ли это ? Нет. Термимо? Да. А если будут запросы отправлять не 2, а 22, партнеры подумают, что с Free TONом явно что-то не то )) И я думаю, такие мелочи, есть у каждого подуправления.

Из минусов привлечения не крипто-аудитории - это моментальный слив токенов. Кто выиграет, думаю, сразу продаст, потому что у многих до сих отношения к альтам, как к фантикам/ высокорисковым активам, не заслуживающим доверия.

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Вот завтра конкурс запустится, я хочу туда его добавить. как мне это сделать? Кто это будет делать? Если каждый самостоятельно, то нужен гайд, контакты и автоматизация. Там же куча ресурсов.

Идея супер, я за, но нужно это все организовать как то или автоматизировать

Коллеги, тут не нужно придумать никакой автоматизации. Регламентная процедура, которая делается при каждом конкурсе. С мини мотивацией для человека, который все разместит, скриншоты подготовит и возможно с аналитикой результатов. Либо даже без заложенной мотивации в конкурс, а компенсацией через DeSupport

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тогда нужен список людей к кому обратиться, кто будет готов делать

Да достаточно людей во фритоне, которые будут готовы публиковать информацию о конкурсах, прилагать скриншоты и после через DeSupport включать в список своих усилий и после получать вознаграждение. Достаточно клич кинуть. Просто сделать обязательным этот момент в каждом конкурсе. Что вы ищите препядствия?!

Я вам скажу сейчас, это будет делать Вася, Петя, Оля. Начнут сыпаться вопросы, а почему они? А если они не успеют, а если у них не получится и т.д.

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Я буду. Я хочу развивать фритон

Полностью поддерживаю

Да я за, я не ищу препятствий, давайте делать. На звонках в DevExp и DevOps SG я буду пушить это и будем включать в каждый конкурс. Давайте только формулируем этот кусочек который нужно будет добавлять к каждому конкурсу и вперед!

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На самом деле есть определенная проблематика. Так как на каждой площадке разные условия, где-то не впустят призы в крипте, где-то нужно покупать подписки, где-то договариваться. Мы в ближайшее время выработаем предложение ver 2.0

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