#10 Wiki Contest Proposal: Members Selection [25.11 - 09.12.2020]


Updating the membership of Wiki Subgovernance with a total of up to 30 members from the Free TON community, ready to spend time and effort to make major decisions for the development and growth of the Free TON Wiki.

Members will also automatically be included in the Wiki Jury and will have to assume the duties of judging in all Wiki Subgovernance contests.



Contest period

November 25, 2020 00:00 UTC – December 9, 2020 23:59 (UTC time)


In order to decentralize processes within the Wiki Subgovernance, a wide and international membership of the community should be selected. This will help achieve the goal of decentralized sub-governance for the Fee TON Wiki.

Submission requirements

The contestant must provide curriculum vitae or experience that demonstrates one, all or more of the following:

  • Be a member of the Free TON community and sign the Declaration of Decentralization (necessary but not sufficient requirements).

  • Be an active member of the community and/or make a real contribution to the growth and development of the Free TON Wiki in accordance with the mission and goals of Wiki Subgovernance.

  • Be a loyal and friendly member of the Wiki community and help the Free TON Wiki work.

  • Have high marks in their native language at school or university, philological or editorial skills.

  • Show knowledge of IT and/or blockchain technologies, good understanding of decentralized governance.

  • If the contestant is NOT currently an active member of the Wiki community or has NOT made a real contribution to the Free TON Wiki, then the contestant MUST explain in detail in their submission what specific benefits they intend to bring to the Free TON Wiki.

Winner rights and duties

The winners will become members of the Wiki Subgovernance, and will automatically acquire the rights and duties of the Wiki Jury judges.

Members’ duties include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Participate in the life of the Wiki community, understand the ongoing processes within the Wiki Subgovernance, analyze existing problems and propose solutions.

  • Participate in major decisions for the development and growth of the Wiki Subgovernance and vote on proposals that members are authorized to accept, including decisions to change the membership or the Wiki Jury.

  • Vote in all Wiki contests as a Wiki judge. The rights and duties of the Wiki Jury are described in the respective Wiki Subgovernance accepted proposals.

Members will be rewarded based on their personal contributions, results, and the benefits they have brought to the development of the Wiki. There are no regular rewards just for having a membership.

The procedure for reward of Wiki Jury judges is described in the respective accepted Wiki Subgovernance proposals and depends on the volume of participation of judges in the voting.

Limited membership

Membership in Wiki Subgovernance is not guaranteed for any period of time and can be limited or canceled at any time by general vote of the members.

The rights of any member may be limited or a member may be excluded from the membership for the following reasons:

  • Lack or insufficient activity in fulfilling his duties as a member for 2 months.

  • Low loyalty to the Wiki community, lack of interest in the processes within Wiki Subgovernance, lack of results.

  • Hindering the normal operation of Wiki Subgovernance, ignoring or sabotaging decisions made by members or the community.

Voting for new members

  1. Each of the Wiki Jury judges will vote for any submission (contestant) to make the contestant a new member of the Wiki Subgovernance.

  2. Each judge will vote by rating each submission (contestant) on a scale of 1-10, or the judge may reject the submission if it does not meet the mandatory requirements, or the judge may abstain from voting.

  3. Each judge must provide feedback on each submission (contestant).

  4. For a contestant to become a new member of Wiki Subgovernance, the respective submission must receive 50% + 1 votes from those judges who actually voted for that submission.

  5. The current members of Wiki Subgovernance will retain their membership after this contest ends. They are subject to all rights and duties of members stated in this contest.

Procedural remarks

  • Each contestant must be a real person and can only send one submission. In the event of fraud and/or the use of multi-accounts, all submissions of this contestant will be invalidated and the winning in the contest will be canceled. In this case, the contestant will lose the right to be elected as a member of the Wiki Subgovernance.

  • Any winning bid may be canceled if the contestant (winner) does not provide the public key corresponding to the address sent with the bid within 72 hours of receiving such a request. In this case, the contestant will lose the right to be elected to the membership of Wiki Subgovernance in this contest.

  • Due to technical limitations, only 32 persons (maximum custodians in a smart contract) can be members and judges together. Therefore, if more submissions are sent for the contest than necessary, then submissions will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis so that the quantitative limit is not exceeded, including existing Wiki members and judges. Submissions in excess of this amount will not participate in the contest, even if the judges voted for them.

  • Contestants must correctly upload their submissions to the contest (in PDF format) in order for the jury to view it. If the submission is not available or does not meet the described criteria, the candidate will be rejected by the jury.

  • Contestants must send their submissions before the end of the contest. If the submission is sent late, it will not be accepted.

  • All submissions must contain the contestant’s contact information, including a Telegram username, by which jurors can verify that the submission belongs to the individual who submitted it. If not, the submission will be rejected.

  • If the submission has links to the work performed, the content of those links must have the contestant’s contact details and Telegram username, so jurors can match it and verify who the work belongs to. If not, the submission will be rejected.

  • Contestants must provide valid FreeTON addresses where they will receive their reward in case of winning (if it was provided by the terms of the contest). Make sure that you keep your seed phrase and private keys from your wallet in a safe place.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute TONs to US citizens or entities.


We need more jurors since different new languages are added on wiki and most important for me is hindi🇮🇳


Photo 25/10/2019. In the operation hall at National Bank of Ukraine past conferension with Ukrainian business respondents.

Overchuk Oleksandr Petrovych, born on February 20, 1980 in Kyiv, Ukrainian citizen, education higher.

After joining the Free TON Wiki team in October 2020, I immediately joined the translation of Wiki publications from Russian, which I have mastered since childhood, into my native Ukrainian. While translating texts, Wiki studied in detail the materials on the Free TON blockchain. You can view a detailed list of translation work at

Currently, I am actively researching the possibilities of implementing Free TON blockchain technologies into modern fintech services (banking, insurance, corporate voting, accounting for property rights to tokenized assets and their circulation, HR, etc.), about which I am preparing relevant publications.

Following the approval of these works by the Free TON Wiki community, I plan to promote them among my followers on social networks and my own blogs while creating content for Russian-speaking and Ukrainian-speaking audiences, for example, I have more than 13 regional Facebook accounts with more than 60,000 subscribers (mostly from Ukraine).


In 1995 he graduated from 9 classes of high school #156 in Kyiv.

In 1998 he graduated with honors from the Vocational Technical School #40 in Kyiv and received his qualification “Electrical Installer for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment” 4 category and received a complete secondary education.

In 2001 he graduated with honors from the Kyiv Industrial College, majoring in Stock Exchange Activity, got the qualification of “Accountant-financier” with the diploma of junior specialist.

In 2003 he graduated from the Ukrainian Institute of Finance and Economics (Kyiv) with a basic higher education in majoring in Economics and Entrepreneurship and earned a Bachelor of Science in Economics - Finance.

In 2004 he graduated from the magistracy of the Ukrainian Financial and Economic Institute (Kyiv) specialty “Finance” and obtained the qualification “Master of Finance” (specialization: “Financial Management”).


10/25/2004 - 23/02/2006 - worked in the branch #25 of JSCIB “Ukrsibbank” Branch “KIEV REGIONAL MANAGEMENT” in the position of sales specialist and specialist of small and medium business.

02/22/2006 - 01/06/2006. - specialist of category 2 of the sector of support of calculations and active-passive

operations of the Customer Support Division of the First Kyiv Department of the Kiev Regional Department JSCIB “UKRSIBBANK”.

2006/06/02 - 23/03/2007 - expert in working with light, processing and food enterprises, enterprises of transport and communication of the First Kyiv Regional Corporate Center of Kyiv the corporate center of the BNP Paribas Group, the Kiev regional department of JSCIB “Ukrsibbank”.

03/26/2007 - 03/07/2007 - Leading economist of the Credit Department of the “Pivdeny” (Southern) Bank Branch in the city of Kiev.

07/04/2007 - 08/15/2007 - Chief Specialist of the Documentary Business and Securities Division of the Office of active operations of corporate business of the First Kyiv Branch of OJSC “ALL-UKRAINE SHAREHOLDER BANK”.

08/16/2007 - 05/02/2008 - Head of the Documentary Business and Securities Division of the Management of Active of corporate business operations of the First Kiev Branch of OJSC “ALL-UKRAINE JOINT STOCK BANK”.

02/07/2008 - 09/07/2009 - Head of Corporate Business Development Division, Service Management Legal entities Branch “Kyiv Regional Department” PJSC (formerly OJSC) “RODOVID BANK”.

05/24/2008 - 09/07/2009 - worked part-time at LLC “MEDKO-AVANTAGE” (code 16477431) in the position of Director.

From 10/07/2009. and till now I work at the main place of work in LLC “MEDKO-AVANTAGE” (code for EDRPOU 16477431) as Director.

From 01/04/2010 and to date I work part-time in a PRIVATE ENTERPRISE “GROUP “KATRINIKA” (code 36830043) in the position of Director.

From 07/12/2009. I am a member of the “DIBROVA” FARMER’S FARM (code 22672243), and since 2012 I have been engaged in personal peasant farming in the territory of Kharkiv area.

Marital status: Married (2008), I have a son (2018) and a daughter (2009).

With respect and hope for cooperation,

Overchuk Oleksandr Petrovych

+380 (93) 745-43-12

+380 (68) 288-01-46

+380 (66) 963-39-84

Telegram: @olexandroverchuk

Photocopy of the Diploma of the Vocational Technical School №40 in Kyiv with grades:


I’m going to submit an application for the membership of Wiki Subgovernance.
I’m very familiar with the Free TON project and its revolutionary architecture with an aim of decentralisation.
I have well understanding of different blockchain protocols and have over four years of experience in blockchain technology.
I have well command on my native language Hindi as well as on some other regional languages like Punjabi.
I have good writing skills and also have an experience of Content Quality Examiner.

Contact: Telegram


Urfan Sadigzade, an IT, mostly blockchain technology enthusiast. I am currently a university student, IT and International Business in Poland, Katowice where I had and have both internships and work experiences regarding the IT sector.

I have been following blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies for the past 5-6 years. I had interest in the FreeTON project as soon as I heard about it, however, because of my work and study, I only got a chance to join this community.

Since joining the community I have been actively translating the FreeTON Wiki into my language, so I can share this project with my people through social media and attract more investments and people into this project, because I truly believe that FreeTON is the future.

Here is my work since I have joined the community. I am working hard to let people know that FreeTON is very well prepared and should be more than mainstream.

I think of myself as an achiever with eagerness to always achieve more. I think my education level is high enough to contribute to this project. In these 2 documents I have attached, you can see my native language level and my english level.

To summarize, I hope I can be an even closer part of this community and project, therefore I can contribute even more.

Best Regards,
Urfan Sadigzade


First of all, let me introduce my self. My name is Josi Kie, you may address me Josi. Iam from Indonesian. Iam 18 years old. Now, iam a student in 3rd grade vocational high school. I majored in software engineering. For information in my country, vocational high school is like senior high school but in vocational high school we learn more to do practice than learn theory. I always enter the top 3 in my class every semester. This is my last rapor in grade 2 :

I have blog, the blog is josikie.com , I started write from 2018 until now use Indonesian language. I often write coding tutorials, benefits of something, and reviews of something interesting. My blog has won several blog competitions, you can check in my instagram @josikie. This is a link to one of my articles which explains about FreeTON or TON using Indonesian : https://josikie.com/berkenalan-dengan-free-ton-blockchain/ . I ever participate in the TON early contest. I am interested in blockchain. It would be great if i can join wiki TON team.

Here is my social media :

Instagram : @josikie and @androidstep

Twitter : @josi_kie,

Telegram : @Josikie


Subbed: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qnHZPCKJePrNf9csxL68QOwaAebXfzhR2k9cENYAKEM/edit?usp=sharing

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing great!
I would like to express my interest in members selection contest according to wiki sub-governance. I hope that my diverse professional experience as well as life and social background will match all requirements. For the last two years I managed 2 teams in mobile apps development (I’ve completed 8 projects on IOS and Android OS) and I believe that I can make an impact in developing TON community especially in WIKI Sub-governance.
In attachments you will find my CV, thanks!


I am arizal ,member from Indonesia which is joining in crypto since middle of 2016 and still active as member in bitcointalk and also as investors in many IEO project that launched in many exchanges. My last education background was bachelor Information Technology ( document attached in PDF file )

I am active member in Free TON forum and ever joined in signature campaign that held in bitcointalk forum few weeks ago… In FreeTON forum i have some contribution to Wiki Subgovernance by translating into Indonesian language. Its really interesting could contribute in FreeTON project and help other member from Indonesian to know about Free TON. This is the first step to spread about FreeTON to Indonesian crypto community through any social media channel .

Another experience outside crypto market was as marketing in FMCG company for almost 7 years before finally resign and prefer work in this market as community manager, translator and many other job that available.
And in future , i will trying the best thing to growth freeton community from indonesian so more contributor will come to developt this project be better and get attention from market.

Telegram : @arizall
Wiki user : Strunberg


Hello, dear community!

My name is Nikolai.

I am an active participant of the Free TON community and particularly the Free TON Wiki community too.

I took part in all Wiki renewal contests and I want to add my contribution as a Free TON Wiki member too.

Telegram: @tg2020ukraine



My name is Andrey.

I am mainly engaged in development, and actively participate in DevEx Subgov as a contests participant and as a jury.

I have previously written and edited articles on Wikipedia and other wiki projects on blockchain and software. I have not yet participated in the development of the FreeTON Wiki, but I really want to bring a large amount of technical knowledge about the FreeTON platform to ensure easy entry of new people.

My submission: Here


submission address – > Sorry, unable to open the file at this time.

Hi! Submitted my proposal!

Good luck to other participants!

Telegram id: @soundsond