Xangle x Free TON Partnership Proposal

Xangle x Free TON Partnership

[About Xangle]

Xangle (https://xangle.io/) is the largest global crypto disclosure platform that accumulates, validates, updates, and distributes the latest progress made by token teams to the decentralized public, enabling market transparency and resolving unfair information asymmetry that plagues the industry today. Our mission is to make crypto more accessible and understandable to all.

  • Projects disclose their major updates to the platform, which is distributed worldwide

    • Works with 60+ global exchanges and 600+ global projects (2000+ profiles available)

    • Official channel that distributes the news to platforms with a total of 8M+ traders via the official platform, mobile app, exchange API displays, and telegram bot/channels.

  • Only the project team can make announcements and maintain the official profile

    • Speculators, competitors, and haters have no influence on what the team puts out publicly

    • Allows for clear communication on which anyone can make their own informed decisions

  • Data s tandards & criteria benchmarked from existing financial market practices

    • Local disclosure systems (US-EDGAR, Japan’s EDINET, China-GSXT, Korea-DART etc.)

    • International Credit Rating Agencies (S&P, Moody’s, Fitch etc.)

  • A comprehensive & visualized display to showcase all the relevant information
  • Business audit/ratings, referenced by individuals & institutions in their own due diligence

  • Regular research report/publications for traditional financial institutions (esp. Asia)


Decentralization is at the core of Free TON. We believe that decentralization was, and will continue to be, the catalyst for the innovation made possible by blockchain technology. However, we know that inefficient communication is a big obstacle for any truly decentralized operation.

This can be fixed. Operations can continue decentralized, voting and ownership also decentralized – but the way information is displayed and distributed can definitely be polished & made efficient. Xangle is the optimal tool for this purpose, and this proposal is in every way aligned with Free TON’s mission to drive wide adoption for its decentralized solutions by millions of users.

  • Distribute Free TON’s latest updates & progress to the general public on a timely manner
  • Promote and build presence in global markets by maintaining an official profile page
  • Get noticed by traders and institutions that have a keen interest in new crypto assets
  • Maintain a historical archive of all past announcements (futureproofing)


Xangle will provide institutional grade IR management services to the Free TON community in three approaches:

  1. Profile page management (search engine optimized)
  1. Token market development (primary market expansion)
  • Business audit report & ratings on Free TON
    Telegram: Join Group Chat (example of Credibility Rating Report)

  • Public summary report
    https://xangle.io/project/XTZ/key-info (example)

  • Target entry into Korean market

    • create contents described above in Korean and English
    • facilitate partnerships with key players in Korea
    • if successful, additional token request for developing other key markets such as Japan, China, Indonesia, and Vietnam
  1. Investor Relations (IR) management (secondary market development)


With the approval of this proposal, Free TON will have increased market exposure on all three fronts.

[Token Request]


  1. 75,000 TONs for the Primary Market Expansion Management service in Korea (~12 months)
  • Starting with Korean market
  • Covers all costs for the following services:
    • Full preparation for application documentations
    • Due diligence handling
    • Negotiation for processing market access in each representative players
  • Does not cover any other additional 3rd party fees
  • If no partnership is fulfilled within the first 90 days, Xangle shall refund 37,500 TONs, half the amount.
  1. 250,000 TONs for Secondary Market Development in Korea (~24 mo)
  • Full 2-year localization + content support

  • Disclosure (announcement) write-up, distribution

  • Quarterly data-driven contents generation (incl. progress analysis reports, quarter reports and etc.), highlighting Free TON’s core strengths

  • PR, local community management

    • Monitor local community to address urgent IR issues and take actions to release contents timely to meet their needs and avoid FUDs / misunderstandings against the projects (all disclosures translated in Korean / Japanese by professional translator)

    • With the contents generated above, we write and distribute to our local media partners (major economy / tech / blockchain media in Korea & Japan), customized to maximize the article pick-up

Subsequent Partnerships

When Xangle successfully helps close the first major partnership in Korea, both parties shall proactively consider entering into another primary market, China, for the service cost of 75,000 TONs.

Payment Schedule

  1. 75,000 TONs paid upfront
  2. 250,000 TONs paid in 24 equal tranches over 24 months.

Wallet Address



Contact Information

This proposal was created by: James Kim, CEO at @Xangle_disclosure (Telegram)


The first impression is more then positive! Adequate token request split into tranches!
Our analytic team must take a deeper look into.

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Full support! Great proposal!

Good proposal, you have my blessing

Very good proposal I think that Free TON Community needs such collaboration! Token amount seems relevant for such type of work. Fully support!

Also full support. Given the “fair launch” model of Free TON and full transparency we will look very good on Xangle. Will help perception of TON Crystal on the institutional space as well.

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Please comment what does this phrase in your proposal means: “Does not cover any other additional 3rd party fees”?
Do you plan to get additional tokens from Free TON for some 3rd party fees? Please explain details.


It’s an interesting proposal.
I hope there will be a good result. :wink:


Full support :fire:
I think that it’s a good partnership proposal for FreeTON!


It’s really great.
I look forward to more partnerships with Freeton.

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It seems to be very good and effective proposal. Payment shedule for results good idea for tokens. Support this proposal.

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Hope this proposal would see the light of day very soon. This is a great one.

Passed :point_right: Free TON Community

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Hello fellow Xangle people. A humble request to please provide a detailed report of what’s been completed so far. It’s been some time and everyone would love to see what you have done. It’s important for us to know before the next monthly vesting goes out.

Really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance and looking forward to seeing some good progress.


The project profile is empty, there is no information, they could not post information in 8 months and want to receive tokens?