Wrong Voting by Jurors ( with proof )

Note: This is not a complaint against jurors. They are doing their job very well. The problem is caused because of just a misunderstanding.

I did participate for the ‘Free Ton Proof of Love Campaign’ contest ( Submission 88). You can see my work in Twitter using the below link.

Submission 88
Twitter link : https://twitter.com/Anjana48087353/status/1375844703858352130?s=20

The video as well as the edits was done by myself for this particular contest. But some ( specifically 3 ) jurors misunderstood that the video was someone else’s and I just edited it which is wrong. To prove that the video belongs to myself I did put the whole video of the shoot in Influencers Sub-governance Telegram group.

Link to the proof : https://t.me/freeton_influencers/3646

As you could see the video was shot by myself. But 3 jurors thought that the video belong to someone and they gave just 1 point because of which my average points have gone down and I may miss a deserved position in the contest. I did provide my telegram username in the submission. The jurors could have asked me for proof before they judge it as a plagiarized work. I didn’t think that they may misunderstand it as a copied work or else I could have included the proof in the submission itself. . Also it was not told to provide proofs in submission. Below are the address of the jurors and their remarks.
1) 0:a8c211ad8bbe716807db7cb8e95c1da3d9ceab8b2bdeebf21ef8ad24453734c0

Remark: I’ve already seen this video somewhere.

2) 0:a91ece411d5d794ada1d35c619572ef4d280d2f051ebfdd2aea5b3323bfc565f

Remark: someone else’s video with minimal additions is not for a contest

3) 0:3bae51536729a19d0096d1b586aac0e745b8eb88d03238258bef3587575a8558

Remark: if the idea belonged to the author, the score would be 10

I hope the jurors have understood that the video was mine by seeing the proof. Since the average have gone down due to these 3 votes I request the panel not to consider these votes when publishing the final result. I have put in a lot of effort in creating this video and its very painful to see such remarks. The 3rd juror (which I have mentioned above) have said that if the idea was mine the score would have been 10 which shows how good the video is.

Please do understand the situation and do not consider these votes for the final result.


Good day,
I’m one of the Article Contest participants, with Submission 13 was my article written by me but one of the Jury comment negatively on my Article say that “The link does not lead to a forum message.”

Which I am very sure he or she is wrong with the comment.
I’m writing to you in order to kindly review the comment again and reconsider my submission.
Here is my forum message link including my article Link and Telegram username: Free TON Article Contest - #81 by AzQam
I will be grateful if my request is highly considered.


@AzQam Don’t worry. Only the average score is taken into account. Your submission gets rejected only if more than 50% of the jurors reject it. You just got 1 reject. It won’t affect the final result.

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Thank you for your gesture

More than 20 judges voted, and yes, each of them is subjective in its own way - due to the fact that he (she) is an ordinary person, like everyone else around.

And that is why there are more than 20 judges, and not three, as is often the case in the real world in contests. A jury of 20+ people should reduce the influence of the subjective factor in the assessments.

In any case, the voting results of each of the judges are immediately entered into the blockchain, on the basis of which the average score of each of the contest participants is displayed.

The procedure was not violated, which means that no one has the right to remove the decisions of “unwanted” judges and thereby change the resulting score.

A bad “jury” or a “good” jury is just the opinion of some participants. In this case, the jury has completed the procedure and its decision is final.

@heyod I am not arguing. I understand that once something is entered into blockchain it can’t be undone. But here I have missed a well deserved prize because of careless voting by some judges. I have proved that the video is mine. At least in the final result it should have been considered. If the 3 votes which I mentioned was removed then I would have got 8.07 average points which brings me to the 2nd place. I missed it because of the fault of some jurors. Do you think this is justice?

I cannot use the categories “justice” or “not justice” here, because there is the procedure.

Each of the 20+ judges votes as he(she) personally thinks is correct, and at the time of voting of each individual judge the vote is entered into the blockchain - on the basis of which the contract displays the average score.
And that’s all, that’s the whole procedure.
None of the judges can change it or re-vote, just like the organizers of the contest.
The contract has produced a result for each of the participants, it cannot be changed.
“Good” judges or “bad” judges doesn’t matter in this case, they are chosen as judges and they do their job.

None of the judges or initial members can change the results already entered in this voting contact, can not remove any of the votes of the judges and thereby change the resulting score.

Проголосовало больше 20 судей, и да, любой из них по — своему субъективен из-за того, что он-а обыкновенный человек, будто все вокруг.
И именно оттого тут больше 20 судей, а не три, как это ежеминутно случается в реальном обществе для конкурсов. Жюри изо 20+ человек обязано понизить воздействие индивидуального момента в оценках.
В любом случае итоги голосования любого из Судей сразу записываются в блокчейн, для база какого испишется посредственный баранок любого из участников конкурса.
Операция не водилась нарушена, следовательно, никто не располагает полномочия аннулировать заключения “неугодных” арбитров и этим вероломствовать окончательный счет.
Нехорошее сиречь превосходное юриевенне более чем воззрение кое-каких участников. Тут-то о случае трибунал всегдашних закончил операцию и его решение представляется окончательным.