Wiki Subgovernance Proposal: Changing the Wiki Rates and Rewards [PASSED]

General description

In line with Wiki Subgovernance’s goals of improving the quality of content on the Free TON Wiki and optimizing spending, we propose to make the following changes to the rates and reward system, which is posted on the public spreadsheet “Wiki Rates & Team Rewards”.

The goal of the changes is to encourage the creation of their own authoring content for the Wiki and to reduce the importance of poor quality translated content now being used to generate unreasonably high income from the Wiki Subgovernance budget.

Changing the Wiki Rates and Rewards

The proposed changes relate to the Wiki Renewal Contests (WRCs).

  1. For all WRCs, set a maximum reward cap of 5,000 Tons per one contestant if the WRCs is restarted approximately once a month. In case the WRCs restarts with a different frequency, then this limit must be changed proportionally.

  2. The Wiki Jury reward rate is set at 5%, which is a common practice in Governance.

  3. Accept the Wiki Rates and Rewards as proposed in the table below:

Content creation

Description Type of work Base unit Simple level Medium level Strong level
Own author’s text copywriting 1000 chars 30 Tons 40 Tons 50 Tons
Translation translation 1000 chars 10 Tons 12 Tons 15 Tons
Rewriting the text in your own words, creating a new unique text rewriting 1000 chars 10 Tons 12 Tons 15 Tons

• Simple – Simple text without complex formatting, such as an overview article
• Medium – Article with 3+ images, additional formatting such as footnotes, quotes, etc.
• Strong – Complex technical article, program code, large amount of formatting
ATTENTION for the technical authors and translators:
Counting characters in an article MUST NOT include the program code!


Description Type of work Base period Simple level Medium level Strong level
Wiki structure maintenance and improvement, support for language sections, helping users chief editing month 1000 Tons 1500 Tons 2000 Tons
Review and quality control of articles and translations, helping users review editing month 800 Tons 1200 Tons 1600 Tons
Helping authors, editing articles, fixing errors, helping users editing month 400 Tons 800 Tons 1200 Tons
Interaction with the community, helping users, supporting FAQ team support month 400 Tons 800 Tons 1200 Tons
Writing news, announcing new articles, AMA and other events around the Wiki news making month 400 Tons 800 Tons 1200 Tons
Technical service, Wiki website support and maintenance tech support month 1000 Tons 1500 Tons 2000 Tons
Miscellaneous improvements to the Wiki, in terms of appearance, functionality or settings. improvement service day 40 tons/daily (8h work-ing day)
Operational tasks, workflows, creation of documentation, user guides, and proposals, interaction with the team, members and jury, external contacts, partnerships and collaboration with third parties, community reporting and publicity. administrative support day 120 tons/daily (8h work-ing day)

• Simple – Performing work from time to time
• Medium – Regular work, interaction with the team
• Strong – Great involvement, commitment to working on the Wiki

Procedural remarks

Proposed changes are effective immediately and must be applied to all future WRCs.

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