Wiki Subgovernance Proposal: Changing the limit of reward [PASSED]

General description

In line with the Wiki Subgovernance goals of improving the quality of content on the Free TON Wiki and optimizing the spending budget, we propose the following changes to the conditions of future Wiki Renewal Contests.

Changing the limit of reward

For all future Wiki Renewal Contests, set a maximum limit of the reward of 22,000 Tons per contestant if the Wiki Renewal Contests is restarted approximately once a month. In case the Wiki Renewal Contests restarts with a different frequency, then this limit must be changed proportionally.

Other terms, conditions, rates, and fees not mentioned here remain unchanged.

Procedural remarks

Accepted changes are effective immediately and must be applied to all future Wiki Renewal Contests launched after the acceptance of this proposal.


its fair enough for each constestant ,no one will feel greedy to reserved all articles for him self.

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22k seems too big.
please provide at least a hypothetical example of a deliverable valued 22k that could be done by 1 person in 1 month (for wiki scope)
and what is an approximate hard cap for all wiki sg monthly budget if we imagine that each contributor is fully packed up with tasks?


This is a really big amount. In other projects, this money will support the wiki site for a year. Often these sites are supported on a voluntary basis.

Wiki participants have a hard job, so you need to brainstorm while writing high-quality articles. This takes a lot of time and energy.
22,000 crystals , that’s a lot of money even for such hard work.
I hope the author will explain in more detail.

This is a temporary quick fix and will be adjusted shortly after we close the current contest and pay out. Here’s the reason for this proposal, how it was discussed with the members:

Dear Members,
now we have redeployed smart contracts and are ready to restart the contest to collect submissions. Initially, we wanted to use the same contest parameters and did not plan to change anything.

Upon checking, we found that one of our authors (Evgeny Limonov) exceeded the maximum limit of the contest of 30K. To “get around” this condition of the contest, he asked his friend (Zhunda) to post part of the articles for him. From the history of the pages it can be seen that most of Zhunda’s report was made and uploaded to Wiki by Evgeny Limonov.

So, in order to eliminate this deception, we now propose to change the maximum contest limit to 22,000 tons (30K - 8K). Are you ready to vote for a short proposal that will set a 22K limit per contestant? We will discuss new rates later, now only about the limit.

If we accept this, then this max contest limit will be specified in the contest proposal, which we will upload shortly after this decision.

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Thanks for the explanation.
But it just says “we set a new max amount because someone found a way to workaround and abuse the workflow”.

I won’t comment on the issue itself and personal feelings after witnessing that this situation happened.

But nothing stops one from “splitting” 22k limit again in the same way.

I can’t see the reason how this proposal blocks both org team and wiki contributors from doing their great job.

I posted above just the reason for this proposal.
The evidence was posted on the Wiki chat.

Why do you think that this proposal bothers someone? The members voted for it by a majority, which means they found it right, they were satisfied with the explanation and evidence.

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