Wiki Subgovernance: 3-month Token Request for Ongoing Work & Growth [PASSED]

General description

Following and achieving its launch goals, Wiki Subgovernance is requesting a budget extension for the next period of its activity.

Statement of results

The Wiki Subgovernance states that since launch, all goals planned for the period have been met. Here are the main results:

  • 13 elected members
  • 230+ community members
  • 20 languages
  • 640+ articles
  • 20+ very active authors and translators
  • 39600+ Tons paid to authors

The Wiki now functions as a Subgovernance run by the community and Members. A customer support service is constantly working, communication between authors and translators has been created to resolve work issues, guides have been written for quickly applying for Wiki contests. A quality assurance service for articles and translations was also recently established.

Technically, Wiki is now a modern mediawiki engine (like Wikipedia) with a mobile friendly design.

The Wiki Subgovernance will continue to evolve to better meet the expectations of the Free TON community.

Budget estimating for the next period

Currently, the Wiki Subgovernance budget has spent ≈41% (balance 58,026 Tons). However, an estimate of the upcoming costs of the current Wiki Renewal Contest indicates that the remaining amount will be exceeded and the budget will not be sufficient to cover the required payments.

The Free TON Wiki intends to take action soon to optimize its spending budget, so spending in the coming months will be less than the unplanned over budget now. This is already reflected in the calculations below.

The Free TON Wiki asks for the next budget, including the missing piece for the current contest and the next 3 months of work.

Budget item Tons per month Number of months Total Tons
Excess of the current Wiki Renewal Contest budget (once request) 73,000 - 73,000
Teamwork including user support, editing, review editing, news making, Wiki’s improvement, tech support, etc. 12,000 3 36,000
Administrative support, including operational tasks, workflows, creation of documentation, user guides, and proposals, interaction with the team, members and jury, external contacts, partnerships and collaboration with third parties, community reporting and publicity. 15,000 3 45,000
Rewards for authors and translators 50,000 3 150,000
Jury Voting (5%) 3,850 3 11,550
Total Tons: 315,550

Funds unspent in the corresponding period will not be spent, but will be carried over to the next periods.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON does not distribute Tons to US citizens or entities.

Same Google spreadseet:


@p.prigolovko @XLR25t @Roman_D For your attention please :point_up_2:

At the moment we have 641 different articles in Review Editing table


I counted using Wiki statistics. Are you suggesting fixing this?

I know)) Yes, I suggest to fix, because real number is three times larger)

Okay, it fixed (cheating of the Wiki results :grin:)

Better to write 640+ because we didn’t include copypaste articles in this table (nothing to check for machinery translation)

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Thank you for your work! I guess we should let community to leave comments under this proposal for some time.


I’m totally agree with this proposal, the wiki team makes great work for all users.


The figures are self-explanatory.
3 months budget seems reasonable.

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i am waiting next rwc lauched,ready to work


We’ll be launching it soon.

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why administrative support is defined as the percent spent on other categories?

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This amount of 25% was determined in the initial budget of the Wiki Subgovernance and is the subject of the agreement.

In my humble opinion there is much more transparent way to reward wiki website administration and org team contributions.

the idea is to reward organization and administration task force according to approximate working-hours / week which team (or some part of a team according to level of tasks it performs) needs to spend on prioritizing the backlog, coordination, website support, evaluation of contributor’s articles and translations, etc (administration is exactly this scope right?).

some bonus may be added in this hourly rate. community used to consider this bonus when rewarding contestants and contributors, so it’s normal.

for example , contestant / org team member in devex work is rated 160 tons / day (agreed number in devex subg proposal)

pretty simple, but we came up with such simple solution only at this subg and nowhere else. the benefit is that community can easily look on the “tokens spent / amount of contributors” and have a “big picture” of subgov budget vs efficiency.


It will be transparent.
We will publish information about who and how much will be paid from the share of the administrative budget. Of course, this takes into account the contribution of the team members, in proportion to their efforts.

I will remain as neutral as I can, but I feel that a flat percentage doesn’t reflect anything measurable. It needs to be itemized with a clear support case on a token-to-expense basis. I think that if it is done this way it will a) show a more transparent expense outlook, b) end up being much less than 25%.

Just my two cents. Thanks.

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I agree. We corrected the budget in the administrative part, removed the 25% percentage and explained the administrative tasks in detail:

Administrative support, including operational tasks, workflows, creation of documentation, user guides and proposals, interaction with the team, members and jury, external contacts, partnerships and collaboration with third parties, community reporting and publicity.

Я тоже согласна. Добавлю свои 5 копеек (2 цента).

Административной работы всегда много. При любом бюджете. Например, в прошлом конкурсе бюджет был в несколько раз меньше и административный % - тоже. А работы мы сделали столько же.

Странно, но почему-то никто не пришел и не сказал – ребята, вы так много сделали, почему же вы получили такой маленький ревард? :thinking:

Так что, да, я полагаю, нам стоит установить фиксированные суммы. Отражающие количество работы, которую мы проделываем каждый месяц.

I also agree.
There is always a lot of administrative work. For any budget. For example, in the last contest, the budget was much smaller and the administrative % - too. But we did the same work.

Strange… but no one came and said - guys and girls, you worked so hard, why did you get so small reward? :thinking:

So i suppose we should set a fixed reward. Which shows the amount of work every month.

It’s my two cents :grin:


I have never worked so much as in this period. Last contest was totally different for me.

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