Wiki SG Token Request for Remaining Payments for the Finished #36 Contest


Due to the fact that Wiki SG did not pay part of the payment for the completed #36 Wiki Renewal Contest to the contestants, we are requesting 39 282.20 EVERs for this payment.


Due payment for #36 Contest: 65 178.20 EVERs
Actual payment: 25 896.00 EVERs
Remaining Payments: 39 282.20 EVERs

Wiki SG Address



Good idea, i support this


I thought everyone had already forgotten about it. justice ?

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I think it’s a kind of a debt and it better be paid
So, support this

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i am agree about itt. what we have been done must be paid. we have to support it

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A tremendous amount of work has been done, especially in terms of the Whitepaper translation.

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I think need to support. happy new year to all!)

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Definitely support this idea!

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I support the ideas :))Move ahead.

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