Who are MOVETON and why are THEY here?

The guys came from Minter, penetrated the community and the jury. We will analyze all of them) Dear @Ronmillow and @chuck_bogorad I hope You read this message, I will make it public in any way. In Your team there are dishonest people, so de in your chats there are admins who are in cahoots with these people, I hope for Your honesty and care. Note the movietoon command , this is the entire command with Minter. Where all of them are blacklisted, they massively create a negative impact on those who they like, as well as they are included in the jury, thus it will very much have a bad influence on decision-making. I really hope that Your team will not accept them as members, or make an open jury where we can check each of them. For my questions, I was blocked in your chats, although the questions were substantive. On my part, to publicize this problem and spread it all over the Internet, I have plenty of resources and opportunities.

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Руская ветка ?) Создадим и на англ без проблем). Ждите новостей .