Web Free Promo Concept


To promote Web Free ideas, we need to notify people about it. This can be done through a large-scale PR promotion. In this proposal, we want to use the services of a specialist who is located in another part of the world and it is not possible to do this otherwise than described bеlow.


  • Preparation of advertising materials and subsequent distribution falls on the audit group.
  • In view of the fact that the effect turns out to be as viral as possible, information about it will be published after the specialist completes that part of the work that was agreed with him by the audit group.
  • This promo is positioning itself as a “hypothesis test” format.

What do we expect from it?

This PR promo should help popularize the ideas of Web Free and decentralized ideas of Free TON community.

Audit Group

The group audit group for signing the transaction will include the following members:

Alexander Filatov

Roman D


Darkwing Duck



Special notes

  • In case of force majeure, the funds in full (excluding gas) will be returned to the multisignature wallet.

  • After accepting this proposal, members of the SMM sabgov must initialize the transaction within one day (since the action is in the format of a situational promo and requires an urgent decision)

  • After the action, a report will be prepared.


Tokens required 44258 TONs



I support the idea, we must actively move in this direction

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I support the concept.


I fully support it, and at the same time let’s see how this proposal works


Hello. Good idea. We need to use all the resources.


Fully support this idea!


A very interesting and intriguing offer)

I wanted to clarify 2 points:

  1. Is there a need in this case to justify the amount of the request and describe the KPI?
  1. Is this the address of a smart contract or a multisig wallet?
  1. No KPI - it’s “hypothesis test” format as described below. After this promo will be available full report for the Free TON Community))

  2. No, just wallet))

Professionals will certainly do it qualitatively. And the effect will be great. With both hands for the offer.

Sounds like if very quick actions are needed. Detailed action plans are needed.

Current status of the project: Agreements in another part of the world have been reached. Materials are being prepared.


Great to hear such news!

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