W&D reorganization plan document

After the proposal to terminate and reorganize W&D subgovernance it’s time now to work on the actual plan of reorganization.

Below you can find a table kindly drafted by @maximmuzychenka

It’s in RU and in ENG, but I ask community to stick to ENG, as there are non-ru speakers among us and we’re striving to become global community.
Community is very much welcome to provide their insights on how should be new W&D subgov built.
As it was a pretty big storm of comments that are pro-terminating, hopefully, some of them will make it to the document.


When it comes to initial members, please do not choose those who are already involved in three or even five other sub-governments. No amount of mentoring can explain the desire of some comrades to be a plug in every barrel. It doesn’t matter how good they are - it just causes an allergy in the community seeking to decentralize when the same faces are everywhere. This practice must be stopped!
The division of labor once provided human progress. Let someone hunt here, and someone picks berries.
It is not forbidden for anyone to be a volunteer mentor without trying to get into a multisig like a control freak.


Is this the final version, or this plan will be supplemented?

If you read the document you will see that this is a basic draft just to start off the collaboration in creating final plan for the subgov throughout community. Not to keep it in closed circles, but to have it here on the forum

Good idea about " but to have it here on the forum"

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generally i agree, but there are some people that are very hard to replace, as they have particular set of skills and knowledge. if not in initials, they at least have to be in Mentors and then they should be rewarded for their assistance. Altruism is good, but the whole point of Free TON distribution is to get tokens into hands of the people who’s making things happen.

You are welcome to put your thoughts and suggestions into the doc

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What if someone says there is a validator, which is hard to replace? Would you explain more precisely, which skills do you mean concretely?


In some BCs there are actually validators who’s hard to replace, eg a single node that has full archive of blockchain, while other nodes are keeping Ledger-limit (let’s say, up to 1TB or 500GB). Not talking here about FT, just about your statement.
As I’ve already been a judge in previous W&D (not an initial, so was mostly observing organizational processes) I can safely say, that some people are very helpful in voting-organizing, multisig cooperation, contract deployment, pushing rewards to the blockchain, etc.
And as I said, subgovernance will need these people at least in the role of mentors. Maybe you’re the one of such people, I don’t know, just sharing my opinion on this. I’m just another member of the community as everyone else

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Has anyone (also you) from this subgov learned anything from this so-called mentors during these three months? If so, why are they needed again, if not, then what is this mentoring at all? For my taste that is just an attempt to build a hierarchy.

Do not understand me in the wrong way, but somehow that evokes associations with political commissars - politruk… if you understand, what I mean :slight_smile:


Looking forward to see your opinions and contribution to the plan in the doc.
You either not reading my messages properly or don’t want to understand what i’m talking about.
Hopefully you will visit next community call and we can discuss it in more details. There’s no attempts to build a hierarchy, there’s just a need to make sure that subgov will work properly and proposals/contests have necessary contracts deployed and voting quorum is reached, and i’m expressing it. You are free to draft a different doc with your vision or you can contribute to the current one. This is all a community effort, so looking forward to your vision how it all should be organized properly

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да все он правильно говорит, набирайте свежую кровь, незаменимых не бывает!

Politruk - in the Army :slight_smile: - zampolit :slight_smile: better call :slight_smile:

да кто и кого тут набирает? я напоминаю, что тут нет CEO который решит, кого набрать в инишиалы, а потом в судьи.
пожалуйста, напиши своё подробное виденье реорганизации сабгова в документе, либо здесь на форуме. возможно, это уже всё будет неактуально через пару месяцев с появлением гаверненса 2.0, но на данный момент работаем в тех условиях, что есть.

but who is recruiting anyone here? I remind you that there is no CEO here who will decide who to choose for initials and then for judges.
please write your detailed vision of the subgov reorganization in the document, or here on the forum. perhaps all this will be irrelevant in a couple of months with the start of Governance 2.0, but at the moment we are working in the conditions that we have.

Сделайте набор, определите критерии при отборе кандидатов и увидите, что желающих будет много, дайте возможность поучаствовать новым людям и вы увидите, что они не хуже старых (незаменимых).

Do the recruitment, define the criteria for selecting candidates and you will see that there will be many people willing to participate, give new people the opportunity to participate and you will see that they are as good as the old (indispensable).