Volunteer and mentorship program tweak, renewal and continuation



This proposal aims to introduce a much needed tweak to the already existing volunteering and mentoring program.

From the forgoing we seek to improve upon what we had started by creating a robust vibrant Free TON Africa community through volunteers and mentors engagement with the general African population in particular, developers and blockchain career prospects. This program is intended to create interactive topics on blockchain, hold scheduled discussions by inviting various groups to the webinars and further engage our young population across various campus by:

  1. Holding contests to select the best suitable contestants to act as campus volunteers/mentors to promote Free TON within their institution.
  2. Getting involved in both on-chain and off-chain events in form of active participation/promotion/sponsorship of events that promote blockchain. This is to further bring traction and awareness to Free TON network.

Blockchain adoption has been on a spiral rise all over the continent, with various countries’ inflation rates becoming a major propeller to the significant increase. This rise in the number of people seeking to make use of cryptocurrencies either as a store of value or as a channel of payments has necessitated the need to properly educate new entrants about the enormous advantages and uses of blockchain technology. Therefore, the Free TON Africa volunteer/mentorship program is intended to act as a bridge for learning as well as general Free TON network promotion.

This proposal aims at garnering the community’s blessings and boosting active participation.

As stated from the first volunteer and mentorship program, the first phase has a duration of 12 weeks (3 months) and this proposal is directed towards the final 4 weeks (1 month) of the said program. The entire program span/timeframe of the Free TON Africa has taken a tweak and as such the mode of engagement of this program would be specified below.






Various blockchain entities have launched programs to first capture the cream of the African developers and engage them in the provision of solutions to the continent. The scramble for the continent’s resources is in high gear and as Free TON we need to carve out a large part of this niche market and expand our territory.

Similarly, in line with the ABI hackathon continuation, this proposal aims to further incubate and mentor candidates within the said hackathon. Various mentors are already engaged with the junior developers within the hackathon activity and a forum shall be necessary to coordinate and maintain these vital skill sets within the Free TON network

Our main aim is to explain the Free TON decentralized model and the blockchain role in the daily lives of new entrants to this field. As our research shows through our daily interactions with the community, a platform to introduce the blockchain topics in an organized fashion is necessary, hence the creation of this initiative.


  • An active member of the Free Ton blockchain or any other chain can participate.
  • Be passionate in the blockchain matters and training newbies.
  • Have a mastery in a specific field of a blockchain career/s.
  • External volunteers should have a structured platform where they are already educating people about blockchain and blockchain related topics.
  • External volunteers must have not less than 150 active members on their platforms.
  • External volunteers must also have a good understanding of decentralized platforms.

In summary, existing members of the FreeTON community can volunteer to come and mentor the participants. In this regard the member must possess a good knowledge of the Free TON network and other chains too.


  • Bearing in mind that Free TON is in its early stages, getting a high number of mass adoption is highly paramount to further advance the community beyond, and also expand the value capacities of the entrants to the Free TON network.

  • Offer a platform for mentors who already have a following and intend to partner with Free TON.

  • Creation of an intellectual platform within the Free TON Africa forum. The main aim is to form a discussion and learning forum.
  • Create a hub for ideas from the African community and deploy the same to the Free TON network.

MODE OF ENGAGEMENTS (modification):

  • Monthly virtual calls.
  • Design, editing and publishing of video sessions.
  • Identifying specialist in various fields within the blockchain network and tailoring curricula and topics of engagement.
  • Planning and scheduling virtual attendees.
  • Creation of an ihub to exchange ideas beneficial to the community.
  • Q&A Segment: To consciously engage the participants during the call. There will be a live question and answer segment where the participants would engage to win some TON rewards.


Program initialization * Run on a monthly basis.
  • Engage at least 80 persons weekly

  • Have engaged at least 320 people by the end of the third month.

  • Publicity (covers various outlets)

  • Personnel mobilization and extrinsic reward for Q&A segment.|Renewal Periodic/ KPI Based.|


  • Run contest

  • Monthly zoom call

  • Identify events in form of proposals and actively engage to promote Free TON


The Africa SG jury members shall vote for this proposal after discussions in the forums.



Some persons chatted me up in the telegram and asked when will this program resume. It is very exciting to see that it is resuming after a short break. This is a prove that volunteer and mentorship program is a drive in building up freeTON African community.


A well articulated and relevant program. It’s impact on beneficiaries livelihoods can not be understated! Keep up the good work!

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Great emphasis on education and enlightenment of where opportunities lie in the Blockchain environment. A lot to learn for all of us. Supporting fully.

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This is great program. Am not a juror, but am commenting to show my support. Let’s go Africa. Education is the key. Knowledge is power.

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