Vietnamese Subgovernance secondary members adding proposal


This proposal will add new members to Free TON Vietnam Subgovernance. New members will receive the same rights and duties that Members (or Initial Members) have, including voting rights and the right to sign transactions in Free TON Vietnam Subgovernance. They will be called Secondary Members of Free TON Vietnam. They also become jurors.

The procedure for secondary membership

All funds from the current multisig will be transferred to the new one, where the new member will have the same right to sign it and vote as a jury.

Changes will take effect immediately after a minimum of 50% + 1 vote of the Subgovernance Members votes in favor.

Secondary members list:

  1. @merlinkory1987 - public key: 0x822cc59f22ce3d27e2b6a5231f9d82fa2976008b8694aae5f97ab55c3068ff95

  2. @Noonetwo - public key: 0x1c9ce94702f4ada6b75c6acdc05b43eae899880e7685045fe75aeef98dd53497

  3. @anshem97 - public key: 0xc372591d0dceb208ab6e8fee2f94d3de2028b231bd6e1f6ee4cf87dbac1886cd

  4. @maxmasmsk - public key: 0x60f91d6fe89cc1219eefe0b21a5d8c9f39158b0199f373cc252743a33fad000d


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to citizens or US entities.

what do you do? What’s the news on the Free Ton project in Vietnam?
Why don’t you publish the news?

we comprehensively carry out many types of work, which we will report on upon completion. Intermediate results are not deafening

can you tell us the main projects you are working on?

what was indicated in the proposal, the rest will be disclosed upon completion

During the creation of Vietnam Subgovernance, you responded more promptly and constructively!

It’s a pity that after receiving the tokens, the dialogue immediately disappears.

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