User-Centric Free TON

Referral Giver is a core leader in Freeton Infrastructure establishing a future of Freeton.
Users will have 85% stake in Freeton so everything so far will be more and more user-centric.

Are you understand userbase requirement for Free TON

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Hello! Describe in more detail what you wanted to say or ask.

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we want a more user-centric environment in free ton since we have a long term goal of 1billion users on the board.
think about free economy and it’s growing from scratch. It’s very essential to take users as along in free ton economy. We can’t hold users for rewarding them in future and distributing TON in a more centralized way.
Think in this way market manipulation possibilities are probable so we need more users and also giving them TON as early supporters so that in every stage of free ton distributing normal Zero-knowlege users economy should be 85% of total current supply.
If in any stage of free ton some 10 entity or people will have more than 50-60% of supply of TON then economy manipulation will occurs which isn’t in philosophy of free ton.
Hope you understand what I want to say and feel free to ask anything regarding decentralized economy I trust mostly.