UNU Partnership Proposal for FreeTON

UNU — it’s microworks freelance platform, which helps in carrying out routine mass tasks: comments writing, testing software and services, social media promotion and any tasks to do regularly.

UNU in digits

  • 240,000+ active users (9600+ customers; 231,000+ freelancers)
  • 1,700,000+ completed tasks
  • More than 160,000 followers in our social networks accounts: Telegram, VK, Twitter.
  • 148,000+ subscribers in our mailing list and 187,000+ users of our Telegram bot.
  • 4,000,000+ page views per month

According to the data of the current month (Nov 2020), UNU performs an average of 7000 tasks per day and more than 500 new active users appear every day. We are now growing at about 15% per month and our minimum goal is to double our user base and triple the number of completed tasks during the year.


FreeTON as payment method

First of all, we would like to provide users a convenient payment method for deposits and withdrawals. For example, the most popular way to withdraw funds from the site is currently using fiat currencies, for which the user pays significant commissions to payment aggregators (sometimes more than 5%). Using FreeTON will help users bypass the commissions and get a convenient tool for their funds.

Estimated time for integration: 2-4 weeks

Rewards campaign

Distribution of awards to users with Crystals will help not only motivate them for useful actions, but also draw attention to the use of the FreeTON network. All these actions will help to add value to Crystals in the eyes of users and motivate them to create the wallet and start using it. Our goal in that block — bring new unique users to FreeTON. Hereinafter, “Unique users brought to Free TON” are essentially any users who have withdrawn their funds to an external wallet (like a Surf) or who have sent their funds to other users.

To make the reward mechanism possible, we need to implement a Stage 2 integration with the service: users will have a separate dashboard dedicated to the Crystal tokens (creating wallet, process of accumulating tokens and their input / output). Estimated time for Stage 2 integration: 1-3 weeks after first level of integration is completed

We plan to get these rewards:


When a user makes a payment, he receives 20% cashback in FreeTON tokens (with limit of 100 tokens per month for each user)

Duration: 2 months after full integration is complete

Reward for experienced users

We have several user levels on the platform: basic, advanced, high, professional. When the user reaches a certain level, he receives a reward in FreeTON tokens.

Duration: 2 months after full integration is complete

Loyalty points exchange

We have internal loyalty points that we call Cookies. Users can receive Cookies for active actions, and then exchange them for useful things: PRO-account, payment for tasks, etc. We would like to implement a mechanism for exchanging Cookies for FreeTON tokens. For example, 100 Cookies = 1 Crystal (to collect them, the user will need at least 12 days of active work in the service).

Duration: 2 months after full integration is complete

Information support

Information support will be organized on our social networks and other places of communication with the audience (mailing list, for example). We are planning a series of articles about FreeTON, the principles of decentralization, drawing attention to the contests in FreeTON network and important network events.

Duration: 4 months after full integration is complete, at least 2 articles per month.

Airdrop campaign

After the Rewards Campaign ends we will launch an airdrop campaign, which we plan to attract attention to through publications on third-party platforms and marketing activities on social media. For each user who registered on the site and completed or paid for at least 1 task, we will give a small reward in tokens if he also creates a FreeTON wallet.

Duration: 1 month after Rewards Campaign ends

Other types of activities

Because UNU have a large user base capable of solving any simple routine tasks, this can be useful for FreeTON. For example, we could organize support for activity in the social networks of the project or organize any contests within our platform with prizes in TON Crystals. We are ready to discuss this block with the community, maybe you will have some nice ideas.


Initial token request: 130,000

  • Distribution & rewards: 70,000
  • Integration, development: 30,000
  • Information support: 10,000
  • Marketing support for Campaign: 20,000

Subsequent token requests:

  • 100 TON Crystals for every 100 unique users (freelancers) brought to Free TON, capped at 200,000.
  • 500 TON Crystals for every 100 unique users (customers) brought to Free TON, capped at 100,000.

Total: 130,000 + 300,000 (if target is fully reached)


In our opinion, the partnership between UNU and FreeTON is beneficial to both parties and contributes to the growth of both projects. As crypto enthusiasts, we share the principles of decentralization and want to bring them together to mass adoption.


Aleksei Ponomarenko, CEO
E-Mail: unu@unu.ru, Telegram: https://t.me/lkk17

Ivan Kotelnikov, he helps us take the first steps in FreeTON.

Free TON Address



From myself I can say that this is one of the most successful projects or even the most successful on Minter. The guys have been working for more than a year and are only constantly growing. I think that this project will fit in with us very quickly and well. The sums requested are quite reasonable.


As use case good enough. But thinking about ethic aspects I’m gonna cry when I see paid troops spamming and juking the stats for money.

A good idea. Cryptocurrency for freelancers will be convenient.
I recommend adding information about reports. :page_facing_up:
A report is required for each completed item during the merge.

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Well, what difference does it make which exchange to use for this purpose, because here we are talking about the integration of this exchange with Free TON, a working project integration is fast and convenient for us.

Yeah, I understand what you mean. Sometimes customers prefer not to strain and after they get that effect in social networks. But there are also customers who act smarter - they warm up the audience, publish interesting content, and use our service as an utilty tool. In addition, UNU allows you to perform tasks about which you are unlikely to say “I’m gonna cry” :slight_smile: For example, applications testing or collecting real reviews about your product.


Of course, we will publish progress reports.

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Guys, are you serious? I see people coming from UNU to Free TON community chats and youtube channels, but I do not see any value in this flow. Do we need even more of these people in Free TON at current stage of development? For me the answer is NO.


They going here likely because someone told them to and paid money for it.
@lkk, please confirm that UNU is nothing to do here. Someone used it inappropriately.

Someone who thought that “bring people to chats = bring value”.

Anyway, this partnership needs to stay on the forum for a while.
As @lkk said, this is the utility service. It may be of help for some another partner, for example. Or some existing community project which needs testers.

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Yes, we did nothing. Someone used the service for some known purpose. I wrote in a previous post that I don’t think this strategy is effective.

I cannot support idea of “freelancer” exchange. It’s like “SEO буксы” that came from 2000. Then I see airdrop. For who? For Russian audience only? 130k upfront? It’s over price for such project.

Btw, I remember this day when you platform approved spamming march in Free TON chats. We muted chats because of it, it’s bad. Why don’t you moderate such activities?

P.s Twitter seems dead https://twitter.com/unuru_official 200 members, no posts(

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The worst thing you could do was to put the blame onto your customers. I tried to put it mildly, but since it seems not to work, I’ll add few words. I think such services are the cancer of the Internet. No one can distinguish truth from lies anymore. I would not want FreeTON to be associated with such services.

Imho At the first sight it seems like a good plan to attract more people to the community.
However, bear in mind that we should focus on involving more people inspired by the decentralization idea itself, not by the cookies they get:)

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We don’t like the comparison with “SEO буксы”, which we are not. For example, unlike “SEO буксы”, UNU do not support spam and things like that. Also you can’t create adult-themed tasks or tasks of writing positive reviews on third-party sites if the user has not used what he writes about. Such tasks will not be moderated.

About Twitter: it really turned out to be not very convenient for our audience. Instead, pay attention to VK (130k followers) and Telegram (30k followers).

Hey, let’s get by without baseless accusations, okay? Neither I nor the UNU team created a flood in chat rooms. I really don’t know anything about the purpose of such actions and who carried them out. If you give me more information in PM about what happened, I can investigate and possibly provide more facts.

In addition, our Proposal does not have a plan to act with FreeTON with a similar strategy. Our goal is to generate organic interest to FreeTON among user base.

Yes, we fully understand this and therefore have a plan to not just “give out cookies.” An important part is information support for Campaign, user education and gamification as well.

First step. Integration of FreeTON as a payment method. I think nobody will doubt that it will be good for both projects.

Step two. Gradual warming up of user base for several months and motivation to take the first steps in FreeTON with the help of game mechanics and educational posts.

This sounds good.

  1. As I understand you have growing number of payments that Free Ton can easily “take up”. A win win model.

  2. Organic growth is great, in the long run it involves more and more people inspired by Free Ton ideas

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Hello team! As part of the tasks from sub-govermans analytics & support, we publish an analytical scoring report about the partner

Привет всем! В рамках задач из сабговерменса аналитика&саппорт публикуем аналитический скоринг отчёт о партнере

English ver:

Русская версия:


First of all, I demand that my personal data be removed from these documents. I did not consent to their publication, these actions are absolutely illegal. I did not hide my name and identity, but the publication of info like personal phones, addresses, etc. - it’s too much.

Next, I will comment on the data contained in this report.

Unfortunately, this “report” is not professional. The author clearly set himself the goal of depicting the project in a negative light. The author tries to show that the site’s indicators are not real, and his audience is schoolchildren who are of no value.

Immediately I will publish a link to the independent statistics system Yandex.Metrica - https://metrika.yandex.ru/dashboard?id=55696873 (I think no one can doubt the authenticity of this data), where you can make sure that our audience is only 16% consisting of persons under 18 years of age. You can also make sure that traffic is real and that there is no manipulation (just use reports on traffic and sources).

Some of the author’s statements make one think about his professionalism. For instance, “Dynamics and structure of the visitor indicators tell us that the indicators are 100% artificially simulated due to the fact that 76% of visits come from the direct link access and only 5.4% - from search engine.”. The actual number of direct visits can be found here https://metrika.yandex.ru/stat/sources?period=quarter&accuracy=1&id=55696873&percentage=ym%3As%3Avisits. They are not 76%, but 21.6% (according to the data for the last quarter). Visits from Search Engines - 27.8% (not 5.6%). In addition, even if the figure of 76% were correct, how can one conclude that falsifications are based on this indicator? This number can be said only of the percentage of users who visit the site constantly (regular audience).

Why was data about my wife published in the report, when she has nothing to do with the project at all? Why did the report contain a list of websites for clients of my advertising agency, which existed more than 10 years ago (and for some reason, the author concluded that these sites were created only for selling of links. No, these are regular small business sites: beauty salon, medical center, etc.). For what purpose do some digits in the “report” differ from the real ones by several times?

It’s clear to me that the “report” is biased. For what purpose this was done remains unclear to me. This is not ethical and I don’t think that it will accord with the ideology of the FreeTON community.