Unicom24 / OYYS Partnership Proposal for FreeTON

About is a part of the international brand Unicom24 was founded in 2010 and is a financial marketplace, where each user selects the best offers, which include:

  1. Loans - consumer loans, mortgages, car loans, refinancing, microloans
  2. Bank cards - debit and credit
  3. MTPL insurance
  4. Credit history and credit rating calculated based on scoring data
  5. A crypto-financial market place is scheduled for launch.

The second direction of the company is a CPA network for advertisers and webmasters involved in the promotion of financial services. Advertisers include the largest Russian banks (over 100), including Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank and VTB24.

Features of Unicom24 / that helped to become the market leader:

  • own development of all technologies used (tracker, probability of approval, auto ranking)
  • ability to adapt to any needs of the client and partner in the moment
  • lack of analogues
  • working with a huge data set (big data)
  • obtaining capacious information about the client, increasing the level and accuracy of scoring and analytics

Company statistics

Unicom24 has become a leader in its sector and achieved the following indicators:

  • 1.5 million - the number of visitors per month
  • 2 million registered users
  • 100 million applications passed through the site in the last 12 months
  • 10 billion tokenized activities of users
  • 11,000 webmasters and agents in the CPA network

  • 121 employees, among which - 85 - developers
  • 2,000 support tickets per month
  • 12 major releases per year

In the last investment round Unicom24 was valued at 3.5 billion rubles (or $ 50 million).

Company Mission

The field of CPA marketing has long been in need of a revision of its operating model. The fact is that the entire system lacks two important components - openness and trust. If we transfer CPA to performance marketing rails, where a specific confirmed result is at the forefront, then all that will be needed to improve this promising industry is to choose the right tool, with which only one option of cooperation will become possible - an honest deal.

And this tool has already been invented. It’s about blockchain technology. It is for this purpose that the company has been engaged in blockchain technology since 2016. Over the past 4 years, Unicom24 developers have created their own private blockchain, on which all user operations are tokenized.

UNICOM is a distributed platform that combines the performance marketing model and blockchain technology for the first time. The essence of the project is to create a decentralized ecosystem, on the basis of which CPA services will be created, ranging from partner programs to partner networks and related products. UNICOM will bring advertisers, networks and partners together into a single platform.

UNICOM’s mission is to make the distribution of rewards in the online affiliate marketing market more equitable and to set new standards of transparency and efficiency, from which all conscientious market participants will benefit.

Therefore, the FreeTON blockchain attracted the company’s attention back in June. The Unicom24 team closely followed the development of the TON network and is happy to join its active development by implementing own developments, providing access to the user base and an active partner base.


We offer to divide the proposed partnership into 3 parts:

  • integration
  • development
  • marketing

Overview. Integrations

  1. Adding TON Crystal to Unicom24 Website

The Unicom24 system currently support balances in two currencies: Russian rubles and internal tokens (Unicoins). As a result of the integration, we will add a third currency - TON Crystals.

Each user, partner and webmaster will receive an additional wallet at their disposal, and their number will be measured in hundreds of thousands. This will lead to widespread adoption of TON Crystal among the members of the Unicom / OYYS ecosystem.

  1. Adding a TON Crystal to the project’s telegram bot

A large percentage of the Unicom24 audience uses the project’s telegram bot, which notifies users about new offers on the Unicom24 financial marketplace. It is designed taking into account the client’s scoring model for the most convenient decision-making on various products.

As well as in the first paragraph, this will enable wide distribution of TON Crystal for participants of the Unicom24 / ecosystem. In addition, this method significantly increases audience loyalty based on our experience and analysis.

In the future, we plan to add a bot in Vietnamese, Korean, as well as Hindi and Swahili.

  1. Implementation of TON Crystal into the loyalty program

The loyalty program has been developed on our portal. For the fulfillment of its conditions, the user receives a reward in internal tokens (unicoins). In the course of integration of this solution, we will add rewards in TON Crystal, which will run in parallel with the internal tokens. In the future, we plan to add the ability to receive rewards exclusively in TON Crystal.

Upfront (TONs) On results (TONs)
1. 1 Integration of TON Crystal with website 40 000 40 000
Integration of TON Crystal with Unicom24/ telegram bot 30 000 30 000
3 Implementation of TON Crystal referral bonuses 10 000 20 000
Total 80 000 90 000

Overview. Marketing

Unicom24 / is actively engaged in marketing and this can be seen by looking at the graph of users growth from year to year. However, at the moment the company covers only the Russian and CIS market.

In this regard, Unicom24 / plans to enter new markets. We believe that the most promising areas are the markets of Asia and Africa, including India, Nigeria, Iran and South Africa. In these countries, the extremely low technological viability of the industry and the technologies of our company will allow us to become leaders there, and the use of blockchain and payments using the FreeTON network will make work in the system seamless for residents of any country.

  1. We want to popularize TON for our active users. There are 230,000 of them out of 2,000,000. This is the B2C audience that actively uses our project. We will create FREE TON wallets for them on the project and replenish them. After that, the user can use the balance to pay for internal services of the Unicom / OYYS portal.
Upfront (TONs) On results (TONs)
1. 111 Attracting active users of the Unicom24 project to the FreeTON network users 300,000 to reach the first 75,000 (every 50,000 users / 200,000) total 920,000
  1. Next, we plan to actively attract users from new markets. We will achieve this by using our CPA platform. We will create an offer for the Webmaster, who will receive 2 TONs for attracting a new user and will also credit the user with 2 TONs to the balance of his wallet.
Upfront (TONs) On results (TONs)
2. 111 Attracting new active users to the Free Ton / Unicom / OYYS network 200,000 to reach the first 50,000 (every 50,000 users / 200,000) up to 2,000,000

TON Crystal will not only become an addition to the Unicom24 / system, but the center of the entire system. The coins can be used in contests that we regularly hold among webmasters and users.

In addition, they can be spent in internal stores, because Unicom24 is not just another CPA network, but a real financial marketplace.

Dozens of goods are already available in the store, including cars and equipment, but we will encourage users to pay in TON Crystal and will create a separate store at and exclusive goods and services for payment only exclusively in TON Crystal.

Overview. Developing / For the future

After successful integration and attraction of users, we want to get involved in the development of a full-fledged open source decentralized solution.

The main problem that arises in the interaction of CPA networks and advertisers is the transparency of operations and trust.

Let’s imagine that there are several banks that send money to the CPA network, and it must somehow bring customers to the services of banks. The CPA network turns to webmasters for help to bring users. In the case of an application from a user, the CPA network sends a request to one of the partner banks. In case of refusal, it redirects the request to the next bank and so on until one of the banks gives approval. In this case, all parties to the process will be satisfied.

In the case of an application from a user, the CPA network sends a request to one of the partner banks. In case of refusal, it redirects the request to the next bank. In this case, all parties of the process will be satisfied.

However, in practice, a situation often arises that the CPA network sends applications to all banks at once. In this case, the advantage is given to the bank that will process the application faster. And the rest will simply lose a potential client due to slower processing, unfair competition arises. As a result, all other banks lose money, since they pay for the application, but they have already missed the client. In this case, a conflict of interest arises, since the CPA network earned on orders from all banks at once, and not from one, and the banks lost money.

To eliminate such a situation, we are going to use the FreeTON blockchain so that every bank can track the integrity of the CPA network. Unicom24 has developed its own scoring system in which banks are ranked sequentially for submitting a user’s order. The more likely the user’s application is to approve, the higher the bank is in the list. We want to transfer this system to FreeTON.

In addition to this, new advantages arise in the form of a reduction in the holding period of funds. So, webmasters wait from 3 to 90 days to receive the earned money. In the case of transferring Unicom24 to the blockchain, they will be able to withdraw the money immediately.

To bring this project to life, we need to develop the following parts of the system:

  1. The core of the system for selling action orders for a specific platform

In this part, the user’s application will be tracked, what actions were carried out with it and how it all ended in the end. All of this will be fully automated using smart contracts. A user-friendly interface will be developed for the user and clients.

  1. Workchain launch

To process applications, a affiliate blockchain will be created in FreeTON with optimal settings for data integration with Unicom24. This prevents the main network from being overloaded with databases and slowing down its speed.

  1. Development of a service for collecting and caching data

Creation and storage of a database of all actions inside and outside the Unicom24 / project platform.

  1. API for collection and caching service

Creation of a convenient project API for collecting information from external sources.

Upfront (TONs) On results (TONs)
1 The core of the system for selling action orders for a specific platform 135 000 100 000
2 Workchain launch 80 000 80 000
3 Development of a service for collecting and caching data 50 000 50 000
4 API for collection and caching service 50 000 70 000
Total 315 000 300 000

We will create the system that we will transfer to open source.

On its basis, there will be a system open to the TON community, which can be used by any advertising systems, thereby supporting an open economy.

Wallet Address


Contact information:


telegram: @oyyscom


very high advance payment for future users and integration

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Thank you for your comment.

Let’s start with the users. The score for attracting - 4 TON / user coincides with the arithmetic mean of those applications that have been approved.

It is important to understand that unlike most applications (games, entertainment and news portals), our project has collected a premium audience that is interested in finance, which belongs to the economically active part of the population. Our audience leaves quite detailed information about themselves, undergoes KYC procedures, checks in the credit bureau, such an audience and the popularization of the network among them is exactly what the TON needs.

Answering about the cost of integration.

We are a very large project. With a huge volume of modules, 100+ employees and a high level of system security. Each module goes through a multi-level system of analytics, security checks, A / B testing.

This is due, in particular, to work with financial institutions, which are very jealous of the safety of the products that we provide, and of course with the 1.5 million attendance of our project, where we cannot roll out a half-done or unfinished project. Therefore, any new product for us is always a very good, high-quality implementation. Therefore, we made an internal assessment (which, by the way, exceeds the assessment that we gave the community and is exactly lower than most of the proposals for partnerships in this thread). And therefore, the cost of integration will allow us to pay part of the implementation of the project and possibly go to zero in terms of the cost of integration.

Like we mentioned above, we strongly believe in the TON network and want to help as much as possible with its development and popularization, and we will be grateful if we receive compensation for part of the costs that the team will incur.


is your site a landing page? more like a startup

Our main website is a large project with a capitalization of 3.5 billion that operates in the CIS market and has a monthly traffic of more than 1.5 million people. is our new brand for expansion into the international markets of Asia and Africa, which we are entering, so now it leads to our section for webmasters.


Guys, what is your take on the new crypt-legislation, which be in force starting from the next year? It looks like that vast majority of your clients are in Russia and you represented by a Russian company.


As a large company, we follow the legislation very closely. Moreover, our representatives are actively involved in the work on these initiatives and roadmaps for blockchain in Russia. It is important to say that the initiatives are not destructive for the legal turnover of cryptocurrencies. Moreover, we believe that giving cryptocurrencies in Russia an official status will help to achieve even greater penetration into the masses.

It is worth saying that our current audience is represented not only in Russia (it is important to note that this is a high-quality and premium audience that is interested in finance), but in the CIS countries.

We are also now actively entering new countries with our international brand OYYS. We started in India and Africa, where we already have current partners and clients.


Guys, I didn’t give you any recommendations. I just posted another proposal in the biz dev chat that gave you some thoughts. Pls remove my name, could be misleading for folks. Thank you. Alexander Filatov

we apologize, we did not express ourselves quite correctly.
now it’s more correct) (comment above)
Thanks again for suggesting what might be useful for us)

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Hi! Would be glad to see you on AMA session!

Sure! we’d be so glad to do AMA session for everybody!
Can you please advice us how to organize it for the community? )

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Yes, for sure) Can you contact me in Telegram?

Of course!
@Dedicate_s - right?

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Unicom24 AMA session (ask me anything).

Recently, the Unicom24 team proposed a partnership to the FeeTON community (Unicom24 / OYYS Partnership Proposal for FreeTON).

On Wednesday (09/12) at 20:00 Moscow time, team members of Unicom24 will hold an AMA session to elaborate on their vision of a successful partnership between FeeTON and Unicom24 and answer all community questions.

Unicom24 was founded in 2010 and is a financial marketplace, as well as a CPA network for advertisers and webmasters involved in the promotion of financial services.

Unicom24 is the leader in its sector with the number of visitors around 1.5 million per month.
03/12/2020 - the company has broken another record:
more than 500 million rubles earned by partners thanks to Unicom24!
The company’s revenue for the year is about a billion rubles!

Questions can be asked both online on YouTube / Zoom or in the hashtag question format (see below).

:warning:If you cannot join this time, then you can leave your question in the FreeTON chat (using the hashtag # Unicom24 ) or here under the post and we will try to answer it on the livestream.

all the info (link to the video) will be published in FreeTON news chat (plus we also write it here))

Join us! It will be interesting🔥

#AMA # Unicom24



It is very interesting! Tell me about what developments you are talking about, please

As far as I understand, as a result of our partnership, each user is allocated an additional wallet for using tokens. This is a large number of users who will use TON Crystal! It also makes the entry threshold easier!

I love your suggestion! I really want the community to support it! :+1:

You’re absolutely right! many users join FreeTON!
as well as our current partners will know about it :partying_face:


From my perspective, there is a huge synergy between the CPA market and TON Crystal as a cryptocurrency. I mean that there is a high demand for a universal payment tool between an advertiser and a publisher since they are often represented by different entities with different payment option preferences.

The whole CPA/affiliate thing is a shortcut to a publisher network, which means a lot of promotion =)

The other good thing about your proposal is that you have a Telegram bot. I’ve checked it out - looks pretty neat.

@unicom Could you plz give me clues of how does that work? I mean money hold is a common thing in this biz…

Anyways, your proposal looks very promising starting with CPA + crypto synergy with provided figures in top of it! Its just cool and savvy. Glad that you see no obstacles in legislative and regulatory field!

Indeed, the CPA market is universally applying hold up to 90 days.

However, at the moment, our webmasters are already receiving payments immediately.

This is explained as follows:
We are in close communication with our community and the issue of prompt payments has always been the number 1 topic, since for most of them, freezing funds for more than 2 months leads to a huge hole in working capital. It is important to understand that for thousands of our partners Unicom24 is the only source of income and therefore at some point in the life of our company we put prompt payments to our partners at the forefront.

We have achieved this thanks to:

-A unique tracking system, which is built on microservices and understands the status of the request in real time.
-Arrangements with advertisers who receive an increased status of their offer with prompt payments. Our partners see it, and therefore they can choose such offers.
-Own reserve fund, which allows you to do payments to partners without a hold and later wait for funds from the advertiser.

The transfer of functionality to the blockchain will have an even more positive effect on the streamlined process, making it instant, more secure and reliable.