Twitter Weekly FreeTON Trending Contest

I am writing a basic proposal, and seeking inputs from community, after that I will make a formal proposal.

Through this contest our goal is to create a buzz around FreeTON on Twitter and attract crypto enthusiast in the Community.

Criteria :
Make a good Twitter profile with real profile picture, with real details. Must have some initial followers, not just a new account with 0 followers. If you are making a new account, try to get some followers by following other crypto people and companies and interact in the ecosystem.
For this contest a account must have more than 50 real followers.

In a week 2 times you have to help in trending a hashtag related to FreeTON. Example : #Freeton #FreeTONisFuture #FreeTONvsBitcoin , etc…
A hashtag will be decided in the group in starting of the week, through voting.

Timings of Campaign:
Sunday : 12:00 - 14:00 UTC
Tuesday : 13:00 - 15:00 UTC

What to Post and Where to Post:

  • Any News about FreeTON, its benefit, it’s comparison with other cryptocurrencies
  • You can use freeton blog links, Freeton website links, images from social media contest, any other material related to Freeton.
  • Use these tweets in replies with Crypto influencers or crypto projects, and use hashtags related to cryptocurrencies like #Bitcoin to have a better reach.

Judging Process :

  • Account must be of a real person with profile picture and real details, any weird named anonymous account will not be accepted for this competition.
  • Account must have atleast 50 real followers.
  • Tweets must contains either one of three things: link to a freeton or any freeton project website, images related to freeton, a tag to freeton twitter account. This is to make sure that if someone reads the tweet they should be able to go forward and find more details about the project.
  • Tweets either are in reply to a crypto influencer or crypto project or contains famous crypto trends like #Bitcoin, #Ethereum etc…

Rewards :

  • All participants must submit their weekly report in an excel with all their twitter links.
  • 1 Crystal per Tweet will be rewarded to qualified participants.
  • A maximum of 50 crystals can be claimed by a person per week.
  • All rewards are calculated and distributed at the end of 4 weeks by jury members.
  • Maximum 500 people can participate in this contest, so first 500 person who submit their weekly report will be considered for crystal distribution.

Program Cost :

If maximum 500 people participate in this contest and qualified for contest.

1 week program cost will be : 50500 = 25000 Crystals
4 week program Cost = 25000
4 = 100,000 Crystals

Cost of Jury and Project management : 20% 0f 100,000 = 20000 Crystals

Total Cost of Project for 4 weeks : 120,000 Crystals

KPI of Contest :

  • Created a buzz about FreeTON in twitter crypto community and if got lucky we can also be able to bring FreeTON in treding section of Twitter 2 times a week.

  • If program run at maximum efficiency then atleast 100,000 Tweets will be created about FreeTON.

Please write down your suggestion in replies below.

Also suggest which sub-governance should execute this program, or we need a new sub-governance.

Thank You


I support the motion, Twitter contain crypto influencers, investors and traders, TON trend will pave way for its recognition by many people.
About the followers, since we want real trend and large audience, why not make restriction of participants to have 3000 followers before they can participate?
I know what I’m saying, opening a new twitter account to join this movement will looks like bot and will be restricted easily by Twitter.
3k followers for each participant will be okay for this trend.

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9.5 million rubles per twitter :+1:

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Why not just buy ads from a person or group of people with popular Twitter accounts?

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Do you think we will be able to attract 500 people with 3000+ followers for this contest and how can we be sure that all 3000 followers are real and not bots.

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I dislike this proposal, sorry. But if we change freeton to $ and just buy ads in twitter it should be much better and cheap.

  1. Almost all twitter marketing agencies use bot accounts.
  2. And if we hire any marketing agencies, they will just make trends not engage with audience as their employees have no idea about FreeTON.
  3. Also if we hire any agency ( if they accept TON Crystals ) it only goes to one account, while if we distribute Crystals using contest atleast 500 new Crystal holders will join the community.
  4. I believe 500 people tweeting about FreeTON for a month will create more buzz than 1-2 popular people tweeting about it ( if they are not Elon Musk :sweat_smile: )
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Instead of a weekly report, I would first select Twitter accounts and selected 500. If one of the selected accounts does not report at the end of the week,tthen next weekone be replaced by another.

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Of course, you do it the way other Bounty managers filter Twitter users by providing audit.
There is a popular one call
Very useful, popular in reviewing Twitter accounts and bots.

The budget is too high. You need to do it differently.
The hype in all the official social networks.
Repost of the contest ad.
For example :
Repost this message to Twitter / FB / etc.
Fill out the Google form (Link)
and Get The" N " amount of crystals :gem:.

You can suggest budget, please give some numbers what should be optimal budget and how it should be distributed.

I choose Twitter because I am aware that there is a very strong Crypto Community on Twitter. I am not aware of Facebook Community, I left Facebook years ago.

The contests will be like “Wiki Renewal Contest” where participants make their own report and submit an excel sheet link, and jury will approve or disapproved tweets from there.

Please help in formulating the budget.



Twitter and Facebook can’t be compared at all - I think there won’t be much sense from Facebook.

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Well, for example, the user will get for:
retweet +1 :gem:
Like +1 :gem:
Subscribe to official Twitter +1 :gem:
Comment +1 :gem:
Fills out the Google form, indicates a link to the completed work, wallet, checks that it is not a bot (there are subscribers and likes)
4 crystals to one participant from Twitter + how many participants do you plan to attract ? = result

Start with a small 10,000 crystals (the promotion will end when the crystals are completed or time is up) the Jury will see your results and in the future you will be able to improve the competition (make it more voluminous)

Perhaps someone else will comment on your idea and offer a different amount.


This is another interesting contest from the free TON project, though I will not participate because I am not active on Twitter. But I support this contest, it will give benefits to both participants and to the free TON project.

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good offer, Twitter will create Free Ton recognition

I choose Twitter because I am aware that there is a very strong Crypto Community on Twitter. I am not aware of Facebook Community, I left Facebook years ago.

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The reward pool is much for a social media campaign in my opinion. It would be better if it’s been shared with a writing contest. You will get spammed with those easy conditions (50 followers minimum). You should set it to something like 500 followers because this isn’t any project.
Consider price when giving out your coins

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Forum Poll : Do you have more than 500 followers on Twitter ? Let’s see how many people have more than 500 followers on Twitter
  • Yes
  • No

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good Idea to start promoting FreeTON in twitter. But i think 50 TON per user is to High price. As well experienced person in bitcoinTalk Twitter bounty campaines - I can tell you for sure that if you will make the highest possible reward 10-15 TON per week you will have like 1k+ submissions in first day :slight_smile: So you don’t need to pay 50 TONs.
Also you can start with the “Account must have atleast 100 real followers” or even 150 followers. Coz currently average rule for any Twitter campaine on bitcointalk is like to have min 200-250 real followers.


Please provide some link of any BitcoinTalk Twitter Bounty Program, I will see and try to adjust the proposal accordingly.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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