Total reboot of French Subgovernance


Purpose of this proposal :

  • Despite a good start, activity of this sub-governance nearly stopped 3 months ago.
  • Initial members are not active anymore, totally disappeared from the scene.
  • This proposal is made to totally reboot the sub governance, initial members and jury, in order to restart it correctly and without ambiguity, with a new active team.
  • And last but not the least, to continue to promote Free TON, find partnerships and enterprises through the huge francophone community around the world, and to help other subgovernances to translate into french.
  • We propose to deliver every reward with a vesting stake through a DePool.


1st phase (3 months) : In order to “start on the wheel hats” (french expression), an estimate of what is needed to reboot and grow activities for the first phase of development is provided below:

2000:gem: Rewards for active members on Telegram (tips through a Bot)

31500:gem: Graphism contest for Free TON France , Logo and catchphrase (1st : 15000 Tons / 2nd : 7500 Tons/ 3rd : 3750 Tons / 4th : 2000 Tons / 5th : 1750) // 6 months Vesting stakes rewards through a DePool.

6500 :gem:Creation of t-shirts, caps and stickers with the Logo and catchphrase from the Contest winner, used as rewards for further contests (and to promote Free TON worldwide).

12000:gem: Administrative and technical tasks, contests organization.

Total : 52000 :gem: Upfront

2nd phase (3 months) : We’ll provide several contests and will grow the french sub governance by adding 5 new members, chosen inside the most active people.

  • Ambassador contest, “Qui sera la voix de Free TON France?” / The winner chosen by the community will be the French sub “porte-parole”

  • “Find the 5 new members” contest

  • Contest proposed by the community // 6 months vesting stake rewards through a DePool

  • Total estimated : 52000 :gem:

  • And More things to come

New Initial members / Jury

Telegram name, Public key, About myself:



Crypto enthousiast, french translator, Rust Cup competitor, Globe-trotter

  1. @MagicGame06


Websites creator, former Dune Validator, Crypto aficionado

  1. @ToNio87fr


FreeTon PR Juror, building content and community for FreeTon and Kalao, Former Dune Ambassador

  1. @cadaso


Maths teacher, former Dune validator, crypto lover.


Will be done when submission accepted


What about the old multisig? how many tokens are in there?

If I’m correct, still 1666 TONs .
But I don’t have access to that Multisig …

Thank you! Would be good to have A&S subgov to give us some hints, but I would personally very much love to see a genuine reboot of the French sub gov. Given Dune network integration there should be some very good chances for success. Can you give us more details? Are there more Dune folks supporting this?

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Hope it will be accepted, we have a lot nice things to do in order to democratize FreeTon to frenchies :blush: wanna be part of it for sure! See you soon


Je soutiens totalement cette proposition! C’est vrai que le sous-gouvernance existant est peu actif.
Les concours proposés semblent vraiment engageants et utiles pour l’écosystème. Les nouveaux membres initials sont très actifs dans le projet


I agree with the need to reboot the french subgov.
It sounds reasonable to me that France as a country where English isn’t common requires marketing and community building separately.
About the actual details I don’t really know so I’d leave it for others.

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I have a few opinions on the regional SG model on the whole, but if I were to choose a Free TON France dream team, it would be these guys.

Two suggestions, will need at least another couple of IMs (4 isn’t really enough people to make a group decision if ever you disagree on something). And the graphism contest could do with a little rethink, ie, this is your main stage 1 contest, do something big (there are too many logos and catchphrases out there, just choose one for now). Something which screams French passion and culture (art, wine, food, ?).

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C’est je pense le bon moment pour relancer cette sous gouvernance avec bientôt la finalisation de la fusion des réseaux Dune et FreeTon; de nombreux acteurs francophones suivaient Dune et ont besoin de mieux connaître FreeTon.

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