TORUS Analytical report

Hi team!
There was AMA session on partnership Torus
We prepare analytical report

:speech_balloon:TORUS AMA session (ask me anything).

Today, December 21 at 3 p.m UTC (11 p.m SGT) time we are going to invite TORUS team to our AMA session. They are going to explain for the Free TON Devs about their tools and solutions.

Torus Network - it is a network of nodes that conduct a distributed key generation protocol that is operated by large ecosystem stakeholders.


(! If you cannot join this time, then you can drop your question in the chat using the hashtag #TORUS, and we will try to answer it on the Livestream.

P.S. If you want to get a link to the Zoom conference, write directly to @Dedicate_s

Feel free to come and ask any question!:raised_hands:

#TORUS #Freeton

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the “Analytical reports about partners” contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.





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