TONs Distribution Proposal - Concept

Hi all, here is a proposal for a new technique of TONs distribution without risks of devaluation - via involvement real-world vendors (retailers, marketplaces etc). It also offers new scheme of involvement of community members in this process - via voting with his/her stake.

The doc is lengthy to reflect multi-phase nature of the scheme, but if you’d like to see its potential pilot solution - just jump to the end of the doc, you will find very short description of launch concept.

The concept was preliminarily discussed with some of Free TON people - in terms of technical realisation (Debot and Controllers) there is no concern, this can be effectively made through integration of smart contracts with conventional analytical and controlling systems.

You are welcome to make any comments!


Great proposal with detailed description, I am fully in support of whatever will develop the TON network and reposition it in the biggest seat in the Crypto sphere it deserves.

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Thanks, it really aimes getting strong support from conventional business society

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Thanks, Alexander

As discussed, the proposal is really great and is something really needed for FreeTON. However, please focus more on these points:

  • Long-term instead of short-term: please think of revising coefficients so that stakeholders and vendors are motivated to continue work on the collaboration for a longer period
  • Motivation: it is now not clear on how intermediary participants (panels, body, etc.) are motivated to perform their duty and what measures should be applied in case they don’t
  • Reward growth mechanism: it is now unclear how the reward grows over the time: are coefficients chained or there’s some other way

Thanks a lot for valuable comments - long- term motivation is crucial indeed, will work on it. And will add personal responsibility for members of governing bodies

A very long and a bit complicated doc.

To make mass adoption of the doc :slight_smile: I’d suggest writng down 3 to 5 simple and undertstandable examples of work. You can even imagine real brands/companies, thus, the example will catch the eye.

Say, Amazon or a coffee-shop or smth. Better to have different niches. In my opinion, such a doc will work better.

Keep up the good work!

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Good remarks! In fact I’m preparing a short and comprehensive version with specific business samples and respective TON flows. Soon to be released. And thanks for the idea to discuss separately on forum potential applicable business schemes - it can be a good excersise for all of us

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I like the proposal. It increases community engagement. Beginners will probably find it harder to get into the rules.
I believe that introducing new roles that maintain order will bring more clarity and trust.

How will elections for supervisory positions be held?

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New roles like Panels and Guarantors will help to establish due relations with vendors and organise control over their operations. There has to be developed overall governance - made it more horizontal and diversified, under general guidance.

Elections are to be made according to current rules - via contests.


It is a wrong direction to plan distribution with the intent to influence the price. Free TON is an open ecosystem aiming global adoption of decentralised backed solutions.

Free TON community must have to think about how we can encourage retailers to accept payments in TON Crystals.
Retail market adoption will be a game changer for Free TON to expand exponentially.

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TDP doesn’t foresee any instruments of price influence/manipulation of any kind. Instead, it creates off-take demand from vendors. That is the idea. I am working on shorter version to present social mechanics of the initiative - hopefully it will clarify the whole picture

Precisely, this is the main idea behind the TDP initiative. I will present another shorter version of the doc for wider discussion

Any member of Free TON community can convince retailers about benefits of TON Crystals as a medium of payments.
To attract more marketers for doing this job there should some rewards as a referral program.


TDP initiative offers alternative to referral scheme - participation in Vendrop - which is economically the same. Participants of Vendrop get payoff once vendor performs duly in terms of TON-related KPIs (ie TON turnover, or TON promo scheme etc). Such scheme implies active involvement of vendors by community members

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Want to add my 2 cents)

Document is too long to read - yes. Need a short version with basic suggestion. I think that this idea of distribution might be tested with lower budget (in some sub-g maybe). More brands and companies in ecosystem is good!

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