Ton Surf Wallet vs Broxus Ton Crystal Wallet

Maybe this is a duplicate topic but I could not find a related answer in the forum
Can you please give a detailed description difference between the Ton Surf wallet (TON Surf. Blockchain Communicator: data browser, crypto wallet and private chat) and Broxus Ton Crystal Wallet (TON Crystal Desktop Wallet - FreeTON | By Broxus)?
From technical and end-user sides which one is better?
Found that Borxus’s wallet is simple enough, while surf has more options but it’s in beta now. Also Surf has web and mobile clients, but Broxus only desktop.
I found that in Surf there are 12 secret words but where Broxus’s has 24, is this mean 2nd has more secured?


As far as I know:

  1. TON Crystal Wallet is a fork of the Telegram’s Simple Wallet, which provides basic functionality for transfering TON tokens.
  2. Surf is an original product of TON Labs. The public version also provides a basic wallet functionality as of now, while the beta verstion also provides a debot browser. With a debot browser one can communicate with any smart-contract in TON that supports the debot interface, including DePools, multisigs, etc.
  3. Surf is based on the SetcodeMultisigWallet, which is a formally verified contract. The TON Crystal Wallet, while being pretty simple, was not formally verified as far as I know. It means there could be some protential bugs in that contract.
  4. Any password manager recognizes the security of password based on 12 random words as excellent. Same it would say about 24 random words. In practice managing 12 random words is just more practical imho. The theoretical “more secure” can be compared with the saying the “2 universes are more than one universe”. Both are so large beyond our imagination that it doesn’t matter in practical terms whether we are talking about the size of one universe or 2 universes.