TON Seed: platform for quick start of projects in Free TON

Hello everyone!

If you have partnership proposals, startups, ideas or ready-made projects and you need help getting started - publish them on TON Seed

In this announcement, we will tell you:

  • What can be done on the platform
  • How to create a project
  • How to vote for a project
  • For what purpose TON Seed was created

1. What can be done on the platform?

TON Seed is a platform for quick start of projects in Free TON. It connects the community and startups.

On the platform, startups and businesses receive support from the community in the form of tokens. Startups can use these tokens at the first stages of their projects development.

Community members can influence the development of the network by voting for the projects. Voters can get back 1.5 - 2 times more tokens than they used for voting if the project for which they voted becomes successful.

2. How to create a project?

Click on the Create project button. Fill out the form. It has four steps.
Each step reveals your project from different angles:

  • At the first step, you provide basic information: name, website, photo, etc. So that users can identify you.
  • In the second step, you tell about your project and how you plan to integrate it into Free TON.
  • In the third step, tell about the numbers of your project. These can be already existing indicators - the number of users, turnover, etc. Or assumed - what do you want to achieve, what results.
  • At the fourth step - indicate the amount that you need to start. It can be up to 20,000 TON. I believe that this should be enough for any team to show what it is capable of. You can also invite the community to join the team if you need specialists.

After creation, the project needs to be moderated. Moderation lasts three days. TonSeed administrators make sure that the project does not use obscenity or rude expressions, does not insult other projects or businesses, and that there is no 18+ content.

After moderation, your project will be on the vote for 21 days.

When your project has collected the required number of tokens. Use them to start realizing your idea. These can be audience tests, design development, and any first steps in your roadmap.

After completing the development of the first steps - publish the project and results at
Governance loves to invest in projects in which the creators have already done something.
In the request for funds, you need to indicate how many tokens the community has collected for you, so that you will be compensated.
Or, if your project generates profit immediately, you can return votes yourself.
To understand who to return and how much, there is a “List of Voters” on your project page, in the “Supported by” tab.

3. How to vote for a project?

To vote, you need to top up the balance in your personal account. Copy the address and transfer tokens to it from any wallet.

Next - choose the project that you like the most. Click Support button and select the amount you want to give.

A commission is debited from you because the transfer was implemented on-chain. This is done to trust the platform.

You can see all your changes in the balance: how much you sent, how much you received, what was the commission.

4. For what purpose TON Seed was created

The platform was created in order to publish ideas from community members, proposals from business partners and any initiatives that will be useful to the Free TON network.

Being useful for Free TON means that with the help of these projects a lot of people will learn about our blockchain or they will improve the technology, or they can conveniently use TON Crystal in their system. That is, all the things that help development and growth.

Another important goal is community activation where all participants can influence the course of events.

Therefore, on the platform, everyone decides which project to give the go-ahead and which not. And the fact that voting takes place through TON Crystal helps to make decisions in a balanced and rational way.

Ask your questions under this post, please) :raised_hands:

Next, let’s talk about:

  • plans,
  • how to get support for your project
  • how the votes that you gave for the project will return

:small_blue_diamond:Platform address:
:small_blue_diamond:Support chat address (ru): Telegram: Join Group Chat


Интересно ,думаю будет много партнёров


A workshop on the TON Seed project was held today)

I talked about how to create projects, which projects to create and what to consider when creating.
Everything is very easy)

If you wanted to create a startup or initiate a partnership - watch the workshop on YouTube and publish on TON Seed!

Состоялся воркшоп по проекту TON Seed)

Я рассказала как создавать проекты, какие создавать проекты и что учитывать при создании.
Всё очень легко)

Если вы хотели создать стартап или инициировать партнёрство - смотрите воркшоп на YouTube и публикуйтесь на TON Seed!


Analytical report TonSeed

This is our partnership analytical report prepared for the “Analytical reports about partners” contest.

Present analytic report is completely based on the data available in the open sources. Due to ethical reasons, personal contact details are partially hidden. The report structures all the publically available information and flags potential interdependancies and inconsistencies. Present report should not be regarded as a verdict or proof of any kind. It is an initial open source intelligence: not all the information gathered or conclusions made can be regarded as 100% legit.





Я бы вам порекомендовал, начать взаимодействовать с биржами фрилансеров, в РФ это , в Европе, США тоже есть подобные глобальные сайты. Чтобы оттуда перетягивать разработчиков со своими идеями, которые будут их реализовывать на Free Ton.



This analytic report doesn’t contain confidential information, it is completely based on the data available in the open sources and intended only for the Free TON community.
All conclusions are subjective and cannot be taken as advice for action. The analytic team is not liable for any loss that you incur directly or indirectly as a result of or in connection with advice, data, information, estimates, projections, or forward-looking statements provided in the analytic report.


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Thanks a lot!


The power of decentralization is that everyone can come up with an idea and improve the community. Now you can improve the community even if you haven’t come up with your idea!

Promising and serious projects appear on the TON Seed platform! Over the past week, 3 new and technologically advanced projects have been added to the platform!

PaidSubbot is a Telegram bot builder (like sandbox) for automating paid subscriptions to private channels and groups, or any other purchasable content within Telegram.

They are going to use TON Crystal for payment and as a referral program. And create collaborative marketing campaigns!

A service with which you can create smart contracts and divide the amounts by specified time intervals.

The system will be a kind of guarantor to cancel transactions of smart contracts at any time. The service will be a protective pad, where any service will be divided in time and tracked in execution.

For example: to hire a developer for a month. And if the developer does not fulfill the established framework, then the funds can be returned at any time.

Developing @TonSupportBot and teaching him the voice assistant skill.

The bot is already present in most of the Free TON community groups. Any administrator can add it to their group on their own.
Please note that TonSupportBot is a non-profit project and will not be refunded.

See how cool our community can grow! Whom will you support? :wink:


I liked the Debiton project
Supported by 200 TON crystals


Thank you for helping the community grow! :handshake:


Who wants chatbot and application developers to choose Free TON?
So that they can accept donations and payments in TON Crystal, store data or create applications using our network.

:robot:Bot’s club is a project that came up with how to make it easier for developers to work with Free TON.

What is the meaning of the idea?
This is the future app store for creating chat bots. They develop a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes development faster and easier.

The project will provide opportunities for users and developers interaction, ratings, developer tools, and many more.

The guys provide an easy-to-use API for interacting with Free TON, accepting payment in TON Crystals.

They plan to attract over 1,000 developers and 50,000 users in 1 year.

Do you think this is a promising project? We think this is a fiery idea!

You can support the project here. There are only :two: days left for such instruments to become available Free TON.


Who loves good news?)

We thought we would just tell you about one of the promising projects. But it turned out that we will tell about the FIRST SUCCESSFUL PROJECT on TON Seed!

The project has collected more than 100% 5 days before its end! is an analytical service that shows analytics on changes in Free TON and TON Crystal.
The project already exists! And it has users!

We asked the author his plans for using the collected funds:
In June, they plan to release one of the updates:

  • each user after registration will be able to create their own charts using the service
  • database for any api
  • part of the funds will go to pay for hosting for a year, domain renewal, and transfer of rights to the free community (analyst groups, floodilka, etc.)

:exclamation:Refunds to investors are expected after the release of the updates, before June 25.

We also have promising projects with responsible creators - see who, in your opinion, needs support more?


How important is product PR?
It seems that much. Will the project take off if it is not advertised and not talked about?

Within Free TON, we organize many competitions aimed at disseminating information about our blockchain in external sources.

Another way to promote Free TON is offered - to write a book

:open_book:The author of the idea is Roman D:
“In this book I would like to tell the story of the creation of the TON blockchain, how Pavel Durov announced the launch of this project and began to collect the world’s largest ICO, his fight against SEC, and the launch of the project by a decentralized community till today.”

The book will include comments and short interviews with participants in the process.

The book Code Durov sold 4.5 million copies at the end of 2020. Our story with you has a huge informational coverage. We can try to reach a circulation of a million, and maybe even more, if we serve it correctly.

What do you think of this marketing move and its potential?
Read more about writing the book here


Как возвращаются голоса, которые вы вложили в проекты?

Проекты на TON Seed возвращают пожертвования в случае их успеха.

Вы выбираете сумму пожертвования, когда донатите в проект.

От размера доната зависит коэффициент на который умножается сумма при возврате:

  • Если вы инвестируете от 5 до 15 TON, то вложения умножатся в 1,5 раза
  • Если инвестируете от 50 до 150 TON, то вложения умножатся в 2 раза
  • Если инвестируете от 150 до 400 TON, то вложения умножатся в 2,5 раза

Когда поддержанный проект станет успешным, вы получите 100 TON, если изначально поддержали на 50 TON.

Токены вернутся на ваш баланс в личном кабинете на

Создатели проектов знают, что должны будут вернуть средства, если их проекты выстрелят внутри блокчейна.

Вернуть токены сообществу можно 2мя способами:

  1. С запросом средств из гивера. Участники гивера оценивают mvp проекта и решают насколько он полезен. Если проект кажется перспективным они выдают токены на оставшуюся разработку + возврат средств сообществу.

  2. Из прибыли проекта. Если проект подразумевался как коммерческий, то создатели могут вернуть пожертвования из первых заработанных токенов. Тогда им не нужно дожидаться одобрения от Governance.

Если проект не успел собрать сумму на, то токены вернутся инвесторам обратно. Но с удержанием комиссии за перевод ончейн. Средства снова окажутся на вашем балансе платформы.

Перед инвестированием нужно подумать какую сумму вкладывать:

Находите проект перспективным? Выбирайте сумму побольше. Скорее всего другие инвесторы тоже найдут его перспективным. Тогда проект вероятнее соберет средства.

Если проект нравится, но сомневаетесь, то поддержите небольшой суммой. Когда он начнёт набирать обороты и много людей станет его поддерживать, просто докините токены.

Можете написать создателям, если в чём то сомневаетесь или хотите убедиться в его ответственности. Над каждым проектом указан его создатель и ссылка на чат в телеграм с ним.


Классная идея! Верю, что @Roman_D сделает!
Я поддерживаю!


Спасибо за активное участие!

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Интересная штукенция ! Краудфандинг вещь ! Суппортую ! В рамках Free TON особливо , ибо помогает собирать средства на работу от последователей .

Сожалею что я не разработчик , и не могу воспользоваться этим сервисом .

Может на написание трека соорудить проект на Ton Seed ? :thinking: :hugs:

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We really love projects that bring Free TON distribution and active users.
What do you think of the project described below?

A short summary of the description, it turned out impressively

Telegram bot constructor to automate paid subscriptions to any content in Telegram.

PaidSubbot makes it easy to monetize your audience and make money from selling subscriptions. In 2 steps, you create a custom bot that easily does all the work for you:
:white_small_square: notifications
:white_small_square: analytics
:white_small_square: renewal of subscription

There will be no difficulties with connecting payment - the bot already has built-in payment options and, of course, payment in TON Crystal is supported! And the bot will help you set up tariff plans.

Why the project is useful

The creators have developed a referral program in TON Crystal, they plan to use our currency to return cashback, create PR campaigns for Free TON.

:+1:Providing monetization tools allows you to compete for content quality. More quality = more purchases of paid content. More purchases of paid content = more people will know about Free TON. It’s simple.

TON Crystal mentions and recommendations will be integrated into the promotional content during the marketing campaign.
It seems to be one of the best opportunities to distribute Free TON.

What can be concluded

The project can be trusted because the MVP is designed and ready to go.

Idea tested and confirmed:

  1. On the basis of the project, clients have already created 113 bots.

  2. The creators carried out several Telegram advertising campaigns among administrators. The results showed that a fiat gateway is needed to increase the conversion rate.

Read the description here. Questions about the project here. Maintain here :slight_smile:

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Планируете трек про Free TON?)

Planning a track about Free TON?)

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