TON Crystal yield farming

TON Crystal yield farming

In this tutorial, we will look through the subsidized liquidity providing program for USDT-WTON trading pair on the Uniswap exchange.

Among all those who have provided their liquidity to this pair, 210 000 crystals will be distributed over three weeks. If you want to participate in this program, you need to follow these steps:

Receiving WTON and sending to Ethereum

  1. Install Crystal Wallet from and (or) update it to the latest version, if it is already installed
  2. Top up the balance in TON on the main wallet. This can be done by using exchanges ( or chatbots (Chatex).
  3. Select TON in the list of coins, click “Send”

  1. Enter the amount you want to convert to WTON, plus 1 TON for fee, send to the pool contract address: 0:d0936a9fc29b5175487208b1d07ab8042ce7ddbc2de7e271c4087ca833b865cc

Click “Send”, go through confirmation and check that TON Crystal has been successfully deducted.

  1. Wait for WTON to be deposited in your Crystal Wallet — the token will be added automatically as soon as the deployment of the contract is completed (within about a minute).

Tokens have been successfully converted.

  1. In order to withdraw WTON to Ethereum, select the token in Crystal Wallet, click “Send” and send the required amount to your address from MetaMask. Make sure that your browser supports connecting MetaMask to TON Bridge (you won’t be able to do this via Opera Browser)! After a short period of time, you will see in the list of operations “Swap back confirmed” and the button “Execute”. Click and go to the “Check and broadcast to Ethereum” page on Tonbridge. Select “Execute” and then pay the commission of the operation in MetaMask. Make sure you have enough ETH to cover the deployment on the blockchain.

  1. After confirmation, the received tokens will be visible in MetaMask.

An important point

Don’t forget to add the WTON token to Metamask. This must be done manually:

  1. Click “Add token”, the button is at the bottom of the list of your tokens.
  2. Select “Custom token”
  3. Enter this address: 0xdb3c2515da400e11bcaf84f3b5286f18fff1868f

Entering the WTON / USDT liquidity pool

In order to join the WTON liquidity pool, you need a Metamask wallet, as well as a certain amount of Ethereum itself to pay the network commission, as well as USDT and WTON as liquidity assets. You can buy USDT and ETH on exchanges ( or chatbots like Chatex.

Connecting Metamask

Let’s say we already have all the necessary tokens on the Metamask wallet, then we need to connect Metamask to Uniswap — go to the main page, click “Use Uniswap”, then “Connect to a wallet”. Choose Metamask from the list.

Adding liquidity to the pool

Now we are ready to join the pool as a liquidity provider. To do this, go from the main page to the “Charts”, in the search enter “USDT-WTON” and select this pair.
(Or just go to: Uniswap Interface)

Enter the required amount of USDT and WTON. Click on “Approve” to confirm that Uniswap can access the tokens on your wallet. Please note that you will need to have ETH on your metamask wallet.

In a few minutes you will receive a confirmation for the transaction. After that, the “Supply” button will become available. Click and confirm the deposit of funds into the pool.

In a couple of minutes, your funds will be successfully added to the liquidity pool.

You will receive LP tokens Uniswap-V2-USDT-WTON which will represent your liquidity pool position.

You need to add a token to MetaMask manually , similar to WTON.

Token address: 0x5811ec00d774de2c72a51509257d50d1305358aa

Farming TON

Received tokens must be transferred via Tonbridge in TON Crystal Wallet: Select “ETH-TON”, Uni-V2, and enter the number of tokens to transfer:

Click on “Next” and go to the TON wallet withdrawal page. In Crystal Wallet, select TON, click “Receive” and copy the wallet address (hint: just click on it to copy it):

Enter the address in the appropriate field on Tonbridge:

Click “Next” and go to the confirmation page. Choose the first or second option, in this case it doesn’t matter. “Infinite” will grant the wallet permission to write off unlimited coins. Press “Next” again and confirm the request in MetaMask:

After a couple of minutes, the transaction will be completed, you will be redirected to the “Check and execute” page. Click on “Transfer tokens” and go to “Open Crystal Wallet for next steps”:

At this point, a new token should appear in your Crystal Wallet. Select it and click “Collect”.

Non-obvious point:

To “collect” LP tokens in Crystall Wallet, your wallet must have at least 10 TON.

In the window that opens, select “Confirm”, then “Execute” and receive the coins on your balance:

Now you can send these tokens to the yield pharming contract address — click “Send”, select the amount to send and enter this address:


Send by using “Send UNI-V2-USDT-WTON”


To withdraw liquidity from the yield farming contract, send 1 TON (not UNI-V2-USDT-WTON token) from your wallet — go to “Send”, and enter the address:


Add a comment:


Click “Send 1 TON” and everything that has been farmed will be returned to your wallet along with LP tokens.

Migrate your liquidity
After updating Uniswap, it became necessary to transfer your liquidity from v2 to v3: go to Uniswap Interface, then click “Migrate v2 liquidity” and “Import it” on the page that opens. Choose WTON and USDT. After that you be able to manage your liquidity.


You can track the number of tokens received, as well as other information here:

Ton Crystal and LP tokens returned to the wallet

Ask a question: Telegram: Contact @tonbridge_beta_testing

Broxus website:

FreeTon DeFi Alliance:

Address yield pharming contract


Address pair on Uniswap

Address WTON Vault


Address LP token



Take advantage while Eth gas fees are low :smiley: ! Great work!


An important point
In Metamask, don’t forget to add the WTON token to Metamask. This must be done manually:

  1. Click “Add Token”, the button is at the bottom of the list of your tokens.
  2. Select “Custom token”.
  3. Enter this address: 0xdb3c2515da400e11bcaf84f3b5286f18fff1868f
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