TON Crystal Price Prediction Contest (a draft proposal, it will be voted on after discussion)

Short Description:

The objective of the contest is to attract active members of the crypto community who understand cryptocurrencies and trade on crypto exchanges.




The contest is held with the aim of attracting the attention of the crypto community to the Free TON project and the TON Crystal coin, for analyzing trading volumes and predicting the course.

Contest period:

The Contest will be held every week on Friday at 20-00 UTC, according to the CEX.IO exchange, Kuna or some other (subject to discussion)

Contest duration:

15.03.2021 - 15.05.2021 (roughly, subject to discussion)


Participants will need to give the most accurate Prediction of the TON Crystal rate on the exchange …, the acceptance of applications stops two days in advance, i.e. on Wednesday at 20-00 UTC.

Each participant can only make one prediction in each cycle.

The distribution of prizes will be as follows:
1 Place - the prediction should be no more than 0.05 from the real price on the exchange.
2 Place - prediction no more than 0.08 from the exchange price
3 Place - prediction no more than 0.1 from the exchange price
4 Place - prediction no more than 0.12 from the exchange price

The predictions can be repeated, but the advantage will be with the one who made it first, except for the compliance with all the necessary conditions specified below, if the first participant did not fulfill all the conditions, then the right to receive the prize passes to the next participant who made a similar prediction.

All participants will need:

  1. Your Telegram ID: @…
  2. Your TON Surf address.
  3. Your TON Crystal Price Prediction in (X.XXX USD) format.


1 Place - 200 TON Crystal
2 Place - 100 TON Crystal
3 Place - 50 TON Crystal
4 Place - 25 TON Crystal

Estimated budget 1900 TON Crystal.


Each participant will register on the forum where the contest announcement will be made:
Each contestant will also have to join the Free TON forum.
Each member will make a post on the Free TON topic on all social media platforms where possible.
Each topic on the forum will have its own counter of unique visits, which will give us the exact number of people who received information about the project.
All participants will need to open their TON Surf wallet
The estimated number of involved participants is at least 200-300 people
The number of users who received information about the Free TON project is at least 2,000 - 3,000 people


There is no jury voting for this contest due to the specific conditions of the contest. Verification of participants, fulfillment of conditions, calculations, etc. will be performed by the initial members Influencers Sub-Governance.


Anyone can participate, but Free TON cannot distribute Tons to US citizens or US entities.

(This is a draft proposal, it will be voted on after discussion.)


Хорошее и своевременное предложение которое должно привлечь внимание к монете ТОН Кристал

An excellent offer that should draw attention to the TON Crystal coin and trading on exchanges.


Хорошее предложение. Но я думаю, что нужно ограничить количество прогнозов от 1 юзера

Good proposal. But I think we need to limit the number of predictions from 1 person


Хорошая идея) Учитывя что это будет опубликовано админами самых топовых форумов по крипте атт, ктт и бтт, ожидаю наплыва людей в наше сообщество)


Мы могли бы подумать над вашей идеей. В любом случае мы будем дней десять или около того обсуждать предложение, и если большинство юзеров ее поддержит, то почему бы и нет.

We could consider your idea. In any case, we will be discussing the proposal for ten days or so, and if the majority of users support it, so why not.


Тут даже не нужно этой поддержки, просто здравый смысл 1 прогноз - 1 участник. А то можно через каждый цент дать прогнозы от 1 до 100 или еще больше. Если быть первым заявителем то все призы ему по условиям.


Логично. Добавил. Спасибо.

Да замечание по существу, спасибо что подметили, много мелочей и не всегда удается все учесть.

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