TON API 2.0 Released

Hello, FreeTONians!

We have something huge here that will make you hold your breath.

Broxus has wholly revamped its famous TON API. We made it shine like a new Ferrari and drive the same as fast.

Get your cup of coffee, and we’re off.

:star_struck: That’s hot, be careful

:zap: No more throughput limitations

We have completely redesigned the tx sending mechanism. From now on, you can send as many transactions as you wish in parallel, with the average confirmation time under 5 seconds .

:rocket: Instant tx sending

Any transaction created is sent to the network before the end of the API call or returns an error.

:books: Wallet contracts selection

We added the ability to select a specific wallet contract when creating an address. There are also several solidity wallet contracts available (we reintegrated solidity contracts calls to original C++ TON Node).

:busts_in_silhouette: Multisig on the fly

API now supports multisig wallets with one or more custodians.

Yes, you heard it right : it is now possible to create wallets with one or more custodians.

Custodians can confirm any transaction created from multisig wallets on your side per your policies.

:computer: Custodian’s swiss knife

We have developed special software for your custodians to generate keys and confirm transactions for safemultisig wallets with two or more custodians.

Currently, it works only on Linux, such as Debian and Ubuntu, as it is built on top of the original C++ TON node.

Get it and its sources now:


We also invite community members to contribute and enhance the tool.

:loud_sound: Callbacks, baby

Any transaction status, be it a creation of a new transaction, incoming one, or outgoing confirmation, can be sent as a REST callback to your server. And yes, all the events are also available through the API.

:mag: Reactive network scan

We transferred the model of transaction processing to a reactive model.

It means that at the very moment transactions are included in the block, the API server will know about them, so any delays are minimized.

:id: Message hash

Now all transactions created through the API return a message hash.

It is easy to identify the transaction in case of any problems since the message hash is on the network, and you can find it in any explorer, e.g., in TON Explorer.

:capital_abcd: Transactions batching

Batching support now is a part of the API. You can send transactions with more than one output, and it is your choice to select the number of outputs.

:point_up: For previous version users

  • It’s an entirely new API, and you will have to reintegrate. If you need any assistance, contact us at @broxus_chat.
  • The old API is deprecated since now and will be stopped after New Year after we make sure that major users have duly migrated.

:handshake: Integrate now


Docs are now a part of the API server, and their validity is checked at compile time.

Check them here:


To get your API keys, contact us at @broxus_chat in Telegram or drop an email at