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Hello all,
As you can see, all of the cryptocurrencies use unique abbreviations such as “BTC”, “ETH”, “USDT”,… for representing themselves. These abbreviations are used as signs to be used in exchanges and communities. I recently saw that an exchange listed TON coin and uses “TON_Crystal” as abbreviation. I think community should select a unique abbreviation, and make a certain policy for that. For example if community selects “TON_Crystal”, then other types of abbreviations are not allowed, such as “TON Crystal”, “TON-Crystal”, “TON_crystal”, “TONs”, “TON”, …

Which one do you prefer?


Below few opinions…

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Maybe would it be better to call it just TONs?


I prefer “TONs” personally.
But the more important issue is that how can we convince all the exchanges to use it ! For example, @ChatEx (a telegram exchange bot) uses “TON_Crystal” now. Maybe other exchanges will use other forms of abbreviations soon and, after a while we will encounter with many diverse types of abbreviation. At that time, forcing community to use a unique abbreviation is very complicated than now.

I don’t know why community avoids to speak about exchanges. I think a part of community should conentrate on exchanges. I suggest that a topic on forum titled “TONs Exchanges” or “TONs Tokenomics” or “TONs Market” be created. It can discuss below items:

1- List of current exchanges that have already listed TONs
2- List of exchanges that will list TONs in future (with detailed schedule)
3- Maybe, current price of TONs
4- Tokenomics information of TONs such as total supply, current supply, market cap, market dominance, market rank, …

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Free TON blockchain and the Free TON Crystal (or TON for short) as its native token.

The Free TON Crystal symbol will be (U+1F48E): :gem: