Token distribution (Payouts) Interface

We have a lot af google tables like that:

It would be great to accumulate all the data in one web Interface, please take into consideration launching a dedicated Contest for such purpose.


mate look for this contest held early.

Do you mean and similars solutions? This is another thing. Contest interface has data of contests only, it is necessary to see all payouts: Contests, Partnerships,Vesting, special Proposals.
I agree, that no need to create 2 different solutions, it can be one interface: Contests + all Payouts, the problem is that we need to raise an issue to add Payouts data

Yes you are right that need one place for all payments. Similar to payments explorer. But now to add other activities only possible manually.

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Can make a contest, but will have to fill in and serve it manually anyway. This can be done within the Workflow and at the same time keep statistics on all partners.

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