TIP-3 tokens supporting from initials

Proposal to list main Everscale TIP-3 tokens like BRIDGE and QUBE on our initials’ exchanges.

Kuna, CEX and others (if there are other exchanges in our initials), this is a proposal for you to list our main Everscale tokens like BRIDGE and QUBE on your exchanges.

Motivation: it will help tokens developers to test how the tokens will feel themselves in other centralized exchanges out of theirs native decentralized exchange FlatQube and fix potential bugs.

Also this move from our initials will increase their reputation among the community. Please, show us how you love our netwotk.

Realization: Initials that represent exchanges, please, contact to Broxus.com to receive the technical support how to list TIP-3 tokens on your exchanges. Let’s help each other.

PS: I’m not a Broxus or other initial representative, just a community member.


full support, @Tyler consider the offer


support the proposal

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100% agreed. And LEND token too.

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